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"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."
---Isaac Asimov, "Foundation"

Before time, before the big bang, we were nothing. What is nothing? Nothing is infinite potential. Nothing is pure creativity. Infinitely hot. Infinitely dense. Nothing is every possible quantum uncertainty. Before time, before the big bang, we were all one with God. She is us. We are Her, fallen into time, fallen into pieces. But before time, all of us were one. All of us Her. God is a gambler. And She played the ultimate casino---The Stairway to Heaven. It is the hottest casino you can imagine, a vast, elegant, and winding staircase. Each step is decked with flashing lights and playing tables. Players begin with a trillion dollars. And they are packed together on each step so densely that every point is a player. All are rolling dice dazzingly fast, every roll of the dice a quantum fluctuation.
---A. A. Attanasio

"New organs of perception come into being as a result of necessity..."
---Jelaluddin Rumi

Holistic meme
- starting 30 years ago
Worldview: An elegantly balanced system of interlocking forces
Mindset: Experience the wholeness of existence through mind & spirit
Manifestations: Holonic, intuitive thinking; global networks for global results

Integrative meme
- starting 50 years ago
Worldview: The world is a chaotic organism forged by differences and change
Mindset: Flexibility, functionality, responsibility, and spontaneity have highest priority
Manifestations: Integrative structures, systems thinking, "Third Way" politics

Communitarian/Egalitarian meme
- starting 150 years ago
Worldview: A human habitat in which we share life's experiences, feed from dogma
Mindset: Seek peace in the inner self and explore the caring dimensions of community
Manifestations: Human rights movement, communes, Woodstock, multiculturalism

Achievist/Strategic meme
- starting 300 years ago
Worldview: A marketplace full of possibilities and opportunities
Mindset: Play the game to win; cultivate optimistic, risk-taking self-reliance
Manifestations: The Enlightenment, Silicon Valley, Fortune magazine, corporate states

Purposeful/Authoritarian meme
- starting 5,000 years ago
Worldview: An ordered existence under the control of the "ultimate truth"
Mindset: Life has meaning, direction and purpose; enforce principles of rightful living
Manifestations: Puritan America, codes of honor, the Moral Majority

Impulsive/Egocentric meme
- starting 10,000 years ago
Worldview: A jungle where the strongest and most cunning survive
Mindset: Avoid shame, get respect, and do what you want
Manifestations: Feudal kingdoms, rebellious youth, epic heroes, "terrible twos"

Magical/Animistic meme
- starting 50,000 years ago
Worldview: A magical place alive with spirit beings and mystical signs
Mindset: Keep the tribe's nest safe and warm; observe tribal customs, seasonal cycles
Manifestations: Family rituals, shamans, blood oaths, magical New Age beliefs

Instinctive/Survivalistic meme
- starting 100,000 years ago
Worldview: A natural milieu where humans rely on instincts to survive
Mindset: Do what you must to stay alive, Food, warmth, sex, and safety have priority
Manifestations: First human societies, starving masses, African Bushmen, street people


Source: WIE: The Never Ending Upward Quest, an interview with Dr. Don Beck, founder and CEO of the National Values Center, and Spiral Synamics Group, inc.


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3 Jan 2005 @ 18:22 by astrid : Quite wonderful!
It is so nice, fun and important, I think, to create images of Energy-processes, to give us a better chance to grasp The Flow of Life-energy/The Holy Spirit! Thanks Francis fo these images!  

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