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The Musing Muse
A collective production of THE MUSE, a room of/for/about Creative Writing open to all

1. ENQUIRING MUSE WANTS TO KNOW, a free-style, free-play bit of a reporting on and about NCN and its members.
2. A CREATIVE GAZETTE about Creative Writing


Do you have an article or an interview to suggest or something you would like to share?
Let us know or just join The Muse


So far in this issue:

Straw Paws [Martha Borders]

A reprint of the infamous Bearly Ponder Press articles by Loopy B Nosey

< Interview with Baalberith [Editorial]

Who is Baalberith? Enquiring Muse wants to know.

< Out of Time [Julos, "NoƩ"]

Past issue:

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