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picture28 May 2003 @ 16:28, by Quidnovi

And one of the elders of the city said,
Speak to us of Good and Evil.
And he answered:
Of the good in you I can speak, but not of the evil.
For what is evil but good tortured by its own hunger and thirst?
Verily when good is hungry it seeks food even in dark caves, and when it thirsts it drinks even of dead waters.
You are good when you are one with yourself.
Yet when you are not one with yourself you are not evil.
For a divided house is not a den of thieves; it is only a divided house.
-----Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Fictitious Superiority
from The Collected Works of Lydia Sicher: An Adlerian perspective

"We do not always strive for genuine power, more often for the feeling of power.
We want not so much to be superior as to feel superior. Frequently, we attain the
feeling of superiority by following paths that lead us increasingly away from reality."
------Principles of Individual Psychology

An unpublished manuscript in the AAISF/ATP Archives

A goal of personal superiority is one in which the individual strives to overcome and be above others. This type of goal is pushed further and further out so that the person cannot be outdone anymore. These goals all go in the same direction: superiority over others, face-saving, prestige. All goals of personal superiority are unreachable, fictitious, goals of Godlikeness, of perfection, absoluteness, and many times are expressed in a specific form. Insane individuals live "as if" they had reached their ultimate goal of perfection, for example, they are Christ. Neurotics live their lives explaining to themselves and others the reasons they did not reach their goals of perfection. Personal goals of superiority should not be confused with Adler's notions of the natural human movement to overcome a feeling of inferiority and to move from a minus to a plus situation.

In general, security can be viewed as some situation of superiority, or assumed superiority. This can be a situation of knowledge superiority, position superiority, or whatever a person might consider the realm of superiority over others. The more inferior individuals think they are, the more superiority they will have to gain in order to think they are really secure. Eventually what can be seen in all these neurotic and psychotic patients is that security, in their opinion, can only be obtained if they themselves have reached a point where they cannot be outdone anymore. This would be a point where they would now think that there is no one higher than they are, or more advanced than they are.


Sicher worked under Adler when he was Director of the Clinic for Nervous Diseases at the Mariahilfer, Franz-Josef Ambulatorium in Vienna, which Adler had started. When Adler left Vienna for the United States to assume the chair of Medical Psychology at Long Island University in 1929, he appointed Sicher as his successor as Director of the Clinic (with Franz Plewa as her assistant) and of the Viennese Society of Individual Psychology. Sicher headed the department until it was closed by Hitler nine years later. More >


Encounters with the Soul
Active Imagination as Developed by C. G. Jung
----Barbara Hannab

"A little learning is a dang'rous thing
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring,
There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain
And drinking largely sobers us again"
----Alexander Pope

"The inner world is just as real as the outside world with which we are familiar; in fact, it is more real, for it is infinite and everlasting and does not change and decay as the outside world constantly does. To those who remember the world as it was before 1914, the present world is so utterly changed that it seems to be a different world altogether..."

"Jung once told me that the unconscious itself was not dangerous. There was only one real danger, he said, but that was a very serious one: Panic!

The fear that grips a person when something very unexpected confronts him, or when he begins to be afraid of losing his footing in the conscious world, can upset him so much that it is really no wonder that so few people embark on the task. Indeed, it is necessary to have secure roots and to be well established in the outer world before it is wise to make any such attempt. We must remember that Jung was a married man with several children, with his own house and garden on the lake, and with unusual success in his profession before he undertook his own “confrontation with the unconscious.” He points out in Memories, Dreams, Reflections that Nietzsche undertook the same journey when he wrote Thus Spake Zarathustra, and was blown away like a leaf because he had no roots nor obligations in the outer world."


In her book, Encounters with the Soul, Barbara Hannah explores Jung’s method of “active imagination”, often considered the most powerful tool in analytical psychology for achieving direct contact with the unconscious and attaining greater inner awareness.

Using historical and contemporary case studies, Hannah traces the human journey toward personal wholeness. This approach to confronting the unconscious is a healing process that applies to both men and women and deals in depth with the injured feminine as well as many powerful archetypal forces.

Barbara Hannah was born in England and went to Zurich in the 1920s to study with C. G. Jung. She remained in Switzerland where she was a practicing analyst and teacher at the C. G. Jung Institute.

More on Jung and Active Imagination


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31 May 2003 @ 17:12 by martha : roots
"Indeed, it is necessary to have secure roots and to be well established in the outer world before it is wise to make any such attempt." (to go inward)

Thought provoking concept Francis and one I have considered since my early twenties when I first started yoga. I believe secure roots are important for the inward journey. Also experiencing the ups and downs of living are needed to give depth to the journey. We go through inward journeys all our lives but on different levels depending on our evolution at that moment. One is helped by a desire to throw off all illusions, even "secure roots". Secure roots can have many meanings and in truth are also illusions. The only secure root is ... (others can answer this) (tis a test i believe)

IMHO Once started the inner seeking never stops and adds a greater meaning when connecting to the outer world.

Hmmm...that reminds me, I need to dust off my copy of "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" and finish reading it.


July 2
Now francis you are making it difficult for me to reply to some of your posts so i have to resort to this. Remember what happened last time? I believe LZ and swan got carried away and errr...umm...caused me to join in the fun.
July 14,
Francis I think we are coming to the end of the oil age and are getting ready to make the leap to more consciousness. Another step on the path towards enlightenment.

Well francis your topic on enlightenment has encouraged several log writers to give their perspective on the subject. Guess you are too busy playing in the waves and watching all the babes on the beach.
July 15
Now Francis of the Fries there is an interesting dialogue going on in swany's log about men and women. What's that you say...yes you are right...women are deeper thinkers then men.
Also Francis it can be dangerous to leave ones log unattended for too long on NCN. (gremlins you know) (what's that you say...hanging out at K Street are you)
And then there is the matter that vaxxy is afraid to start a log...oh you say he is not afraid but wise!! Too much responsibility.
July 16
Well francis did your kittys get away? I think they are running around in starry's basement.
Also you are missing an interesting discussion on EGO on the scots log. I'll try to keep you posted on the goings on here at NCN but sometimes I can't keep up with it all.
Did you know that shawa started a new log and vaxxy hasn't started his yet?
jmarc went fishing, swan is gliding on the lake and LZ is off working on work.
Nora has a new gardener and scotty is nursing babies. Also we have some new memebers who are really nice. Ming has run off to france (to be near starry) and marie is busy being psychic. Craig is chasing UFO.
I know I have forgotten stuff to tell you (my brain is getting old). Oh yes and bushy saw a tperaductyl (botched that spelling) and jazzy only comes back now and then to stir up...oh never mind. cheers
July 18
Much quieter today on NCN. All the growling happened yesterday and hopefully that is at an end for awhile and we can get back to more important matters like saving the word or working with HTML. Tis a sad story that happened in the market in your neck of the woods. Makes us realize how fleeting life can be sometimes and how important staying connected to those we love. Connection------>Enlightenment.
And Znnn...nnnggg to you.
July 26,
Another quiet week here on NCN. Think most everyone has gone on vacation. There has been some stirring up by nexav on s'mik log but for the most part everyone is in summer mind control.Maybe that is part of being enlightened?
July 28,
Well there is a continuing discussion on enlightenment in swan's log concerning zen masters. And less enlightening stuff in the asylum.
30 July 2003 @ 06:42 by Quidnovi : Who am I to disagree?
Everybody's looking for something ;-)


Hey! How zen of you. Zzznnnnnnggggg---------------->
August 11
Our lady liberty looks lost and forgotten by the Bush administration.
It is sad to know that our country appears arrogant and power hungry to the world.
September 7, 2003

Thanks FF for reminding me about small is beautiful (E. F. Schumacher). Just the wisdom we need to remind us as we shift.
September 17, 2003
Well I have spent more time then I should trying to figure out how that bad jazzy can comment when no one else can. Still can't figure it out.

You have done a fine job ff of taking care of the school teacher. gold star to you. (though I bet you would prefer apple pie).
Sept. 18,
Well it appears the teacher still has an ax to grind and he has choosen your log to complain on. Personally I think he could start up a log and do it there. After all the offending party no longer has a log here or participates at the moment. Just one big soap opera!! LOL
(errr...I thought it was a snail)

And I wonder what the heck a Vraiment is that jazz talks about (heck he will probably change the spelling to the proper word...wonder if he meant varmint)
Sept. 19,
Well Jazzy after reading your last comment I wonder why you would want to argue with anyone anyway. Does a heated discussion make life interesting for you?
It has been brought to my attention by the scot (naturally) that vraiment means "really , truly". I still prefer varmint. LOL
I can't remember the story of The Scarlett Pimpernel but I believe the french were involved?

That Jazzy is hopeless. I keep telling him to find the bobbing apples and he keeps getting side tracked. By the way ff, while walking in old pasadena today I snapped a couple of pics for you that I'll put in the muse later today. hahaha People kept looking at me while I was laughing while I snapped my photos.I told them it was francis's fault that I was giggling!
September 21, 2003
Oh dear it seems that Jazzy has fallen in the drink and lost his hat and shoes.
September 26, 2003
Well FF it has been a sad week here on NCN. I thought I might share the following quote with you to give you a sense of what has gone on here. You haven't missed much.

"Humiliation like arrogance is a defense mechanism. Anytime someone uses an arrogant technique and interferes with someone telling their viewpoint, they don’t want to hear the other viewpoint and it is disrespectful and without dignity." Patricia Sun
Francis it is time now to come back to ncn and start your log up again with comments.  

11 Jun 2003 @ 11:22 by waalstraat : Long path submerging into one's
unconscious....short path...being mindful...being present...being mindful...materializing imagination...being present...being mindful...

or Securing your roots as you go along and are learning....  

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