Quidnovi: Zionist Rabbi Questions "Official" Assertions about Reborn Anti-Semitism    
  Zionist Rabbi Questions "Official" Assertions about Reborn Anti-Semitism 14 comments
picture27 Mar 2003 @ 22:28, by Quidnovi

"You don't know me, so let me explain that I am a retired rabbi living in London, England, and have been a Zionist since my childhood in Nazi Germany.

What prompts me to write is that a friend and colleague has kindly sent me a copy of your ten-page 'Letter from One Jew to Another' of October 29, 2002. It is a brilliant piece of sustained rhetoric, which expresses as powerfully as anything I have read the currently dominant attitude of the leadership of our people both in Israel and in the Diaspora. But though the facts you cite — as distinct from the generalisations you derive from them — are true enough, you omit a whole lot of other facts, inconvenient to your thesis. That makes your letter an exercise in demagoguery rather than a sober appraisal."

"Briefly summarised, your thesis is that there is a world-wide conspiracy to destroy the State of Israel and that in these circumstances it behoves all Jews to stand solidly together in unqualified support of the general direction of the policies of its present government. In my opinion that thesis is profoundly mistaken, and the policies that flow from it are hugely inimical to the best interests of the State of Israel and the Jewish people..." More

So writes Rabbi John D. Rayner in his open letter to David A. Harris, Executive Director, American Jewish Committee

We of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal strive to open ourselves to awareness of the sacred in all of existence. We strive to create Jewish paths of prayer and meditation, study, communal life-practice, and public action that embody this outlook.

We see ourselves in a crucial position at these times of paradigm shift and are committed to help develop a spirituality through which Judaism can transform itself to continued viability in the service of tikkun olam -- the healing and balancing of this planet. Together we affirm principles and values that flow together from the Four Worlds of Being, Knowing, Relating, and Doing.

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28 Mar 2003 @ 05:38 by martha : another view
Thank you francis for this informative view and one that makes sense. I'm not sure I would have read it except that you brought it to my attention.
Israel has such a wonderful lesson to learn and gift to give to this world when they make peace. And lets not forget Ireland - different history (or is It), same struggle.
(what the heck does Mr. Morris's sign say?)  

28 Mar 2003 @ 06:31 by catana : A voice of sanity
Thanks for this bit of balance against hysteria and bias. Nuff said.  

28 Mar 2003 @ 06:38 by jstarrs : Thanks for the balance....
...and shalom!  

28 Mar 2003 @ 10:23 by shawa : Yeah, Francis...
What does Mr Morris say ??? And who is that cat? ;-) Wait a minute! This is Ms Morrissette!  

28 Mar 2003 @ 11:45 by martha : shakti
I don't think that is Ms. Morrissette.
I believe it is Ms.Meowette.  

28 Mar 2003 @ 12:10 by vaxen : Mr Morris's sign...
says 'Shalom.' Read it from right to left. Shin, Lamed Vav and Mem Sofit (The hebrew letters.) The term 'Shalom' means more than peace. It comes from the root Sh-L-M whose intransitive verb 'LiShaLeM' means to fill up or make full especiall as regards payments from to...It means whole and refers to the concept of 'wholeness' so touted by the New Civ movements worldwide. So to fill up and or make whole. This, of course, generally brings 'Peace.' Hope that helps. The kitty, dressed as a Hassid, is rather cute. I speak, read, and write ancient and modern Hebrew and spent many years in Yeshivot in Israel learning Kabbalah, becoming MeKubal, and Yahadut...judaism. I was a Breshlaver Hassid accepted by Rabbi Gedalia Koenig and the Israeli Knesset. Enough of my glorious self. ;) Thanks for the great article quid.


29 Mar 2003 @ 06:13 by petavie : This is a sick world !
Thank you Francis for your article, but then this below link. Enough, This is sick, how much more blood?


29 Mar 2003 @ 19:08 by martha : Shalom
thanks vax for explaining the sign. Shalom has a nice sound and the idea of wholeness is appealing. I am ignorant of jewish terms. After finding the following quote on the Kabbalah I have a question for you.

"The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches a practical method to attain the upper world and the source of our existance. By realizing our true purpose in life, man attains perfection, tranquility, unbound enjoyment and the ability to transcend the limitations of time and space while still living in this world." Rabbi Michael Laitman


Vax, and anyone else who has studied the Kabbalah, Did the study help you find your true purpose in this life?  

29 Mar 2003 @ 19:31 by b : mmborders
"Vax, and anyone else who has studied the Kabbalah, Did the study help you find your true purpose in this life"?


30 Mar 2003 @ 00:14 by shawa : Martha -
The Kabbalah is for integration of ALL aspects of human life. It depends of course on how it is used.

Mysteries of the Tree of Life
and the Kabbalah

"The Kabbalah, or Qabalah (an alternative spelling) is a unique way of understanding all aspects of ourselves and is a rewarding guide for personal and spiritual development. It is at the heart of the Western Mystery Tradition, and is based on a map of consciousness called the Tree of Life."

30 Mar 2003 @ 10:40 by vaxen : Kabbalah...
Kabbalah is much more than a simple 'glyph.' Kabbalah means 'the received.' It especiall refers to the 'Torah Sh' Beal Peh' Which means the 'teachings or law' which come by word of mouth.' There is a common mistake that 'Kabbalah' is something outside of and seperate from Yahadut or Judaism. This is not so. It is rather the crown and culmination of the whole...It has also been called 'Jusaisms (Yahadut) Mystical tradition.' It is much more than the word 'mysticism' implies as the received tradition or Torah Sh' Beal Peh is the essence of that Ocean of teaching called Yahadut or Judaism. There is no 'ism' in Yahadut. ;) My answer to you martha is 'no.' Pardon the digression Francis.  

30 Mar 2003 @ 11:05 by martha : thank you
Well I have enjoyed this short discussion and appreciate the honesty and candor of bbee and vax and clarification from shakti and vax.
I believe it is no small task to find one's gift in their present life. And knowing there are many ways to seek I was curious about the Kabbalah.
For future reference Vaxen, if I may be so bold, Francis likes digression. It's part of the process and he recognizes and encourages it. Though sometimes he is slow to catch on. Think he is busy cooking at those times. Or playing on his computer putting makeup on Mr. Morris Bear.  

30 Mar 2003 @ 13:41 by quidnovi : LOL
...and sometimes Francis just likes to stand back and let others take over---especially when they are doing such a good job of it (I, most certainly, am not an authority on everything, you know :-)

And aren't digressions the very stuff of which NCN is made?

As those things go, this was a most surprizing and refreshing one---truth is I was holding my breath for fear of breaking the magic.

It is moments like this that serve to remind me that we all have much more in common than it might sometimes seem and are all a part of "THAT", which we create and which creates us and is bigger than us.

We are all strange here, but strangers we are not!

Here is to

{link:http://www.cosmicwind.net/800/Cmwl/Namaste/Shalom.html|the universal here...
the everlasting now...
everywhere & forever}  

1 May 2005 @ 19:32 by Safed @ : kabbalah
For those with the sincere intent to truly delve into the wisdom of the sacred Jewish kabbalah, here is an authentic "kosher" website for you all. www.kabbalaonline.org Start with the beginners section and see where it takes you.  

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