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picture14 Mar 2003 @ 09:23, by Quidnovi

...a member of the peace movement?

Well, this might not be exactly word for word the question that McCarthy was asking, but the spirit is pretty much the same isn't it?

The ususal suspect:

"...the deluded liberals, the eggheads ... who can become heros overnight in the eyes of the left wing press if they will join with the jackal pack"

Sounds familiar? Hot-button pushing, strawman bashing, fact omission, context shifts... Take someone with whom you disagree. Find others who resemble him/her. Identify the most controversial character traits from one or two of the group's more repellent, and well-publicized members. Apply this resulting image to the whole group. Use rhetoric or smear to put the targeted person into the group, demonize all its members, and neutralize the person by association.

"Always to be right, always to trample forward, and never to doubt, are these not the great qualities with which dullness takes the lead in the world?"
---Thackeray, Vanity Fair, XXXV

"However the events of yesterday and the day before, have galvanized a world...has bought together people of different faiths/beliefs and cultures to stand united for a world of peace not death, not war...."
----13 Mar 2003 @ 01:55, by Jenese James, Message from the Heart

Thank you Jenese for that much needed breeze of fresh air!!!

"Emotional intelligence", isn't that a part of our "bigger challange" her at NCN and in the World at large?

"There is a way of breathing
that's a shame and a suffocation
And there's another way of expiring,
a love breath, that let's you open infinitely"

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14 Mar 2003 @ 12:51 by catana : Blast from the past
Unfortunately, guilt by association and smear are alive and well, even here at NCN. The openness to all kinds of opinions and agendas is good, but it's too bad there isn't someone with the authority to say "this isn't appropriate for this site." Of course, I'm just another "deluded liberal" and egghead. :-)

Maybe a good project would be to get the McCarthy lovers and the Stalin lovers together, give them their own little island nation and see how long they last. Fun!  

15 Mar 2003 @ 05:57 by martha : a liberal
I would rather be a liberal than a republican. I can't understand why bush wants the blood of many souls on his soul.
Canatan- can I add republicans to your island nation. Don't we wish. LOL  

15 Mar 2003 @ 06:03 by shawa : It´s simple!...
CREATE A WORKGROUP! ;-) (And then, GET OUT OF IT, real fast!!!!)  

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