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picture8 Mar 2003 @ 18:06, by Quidnovi

When we come to believe, we have no desire to believe anything else;
for we begin by believing that there is nothing else which we have to believe...
----Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullian (190-220 AD), De Carne Christi (ch. V)

"It was a large room. Full of people. All kinds.
And they had all arrived at the same building
at more or less the same time.
And they were all free. And they were all
asking themselves the same question:
What is behind that curtain?

You were born. And so you're free. So happy birthday."

---Laurie Anderson

A few perspectives:

1. Islam

2. Judaism

3. Jesus the revolutionary

4. Buddhism

5. Hinduism

6. Sacred texts
, a quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship

8. Lucifer (LRG)

A walk to the Dark Side (Sanity and Madness)

10. The Celestine Vision and its detractors

11. Wicca

12. Modern Paganism

13. Rage against Theism
(an Atheist perspective)

14. The Agnostic perspective

An Agnostic Witch asks "If we took all humans off the earth, would good and evil still exist on earth?"

16. More religious perspectives Metareligion

17. A Psychological perspective

18. The Hitchhicker Guide to the Galaxy
(and why 42?)

19. The eternal Tao

Jorge Luis Borges's Garden of forking paths

What is the meaning of life? Do you know?

Is there some meaning to life, no meaning at all, or do we create meaning as we live on?

Are we the eyes of "God" in the phenomenological world?

Are we meant to know? Do we want to know?
Do WE (some part of us unknown to us) already know?

Is "there" anything to "know"???

How does the saying goes?

Life is full of tricks.
Life itself might be a trick.

Do YOU really want to know?

Well, why the hesitation then?

Just take the pill and swallow.

Aaaah, but you do not really want that now, do you?

Not this way...

And maybe Life has meaning only if we live for meaning.

"We are made of distances. We are constantly going further, alone and predestined, learning slowly that stopping is not arriving."
---A. A. Attanasio (Radix)


I dedicate this post to my cyber-friend Invictus and to all among us, and before us, who found their way by "losing" it.

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore"
---Tibetan Proverb

"We are all vulnerable to the unexplored."

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9 Mar 2003 @ 05:57 by martha : paths
The human race sure is creative trying to point to the right path to take and which answer all our questions. Wish it was that easy...or do I?

9 Mar 2003 @ 11:30 by quidnovi : Francis phone home
[]http://www.newciv.org/pic/nl/artpic/232/000232-000050.jpg Glad Francis has comment on too, Martha ;-)  

9 Mar 2003 @ 13:51 by shawa : Hey-ho!
Thanks for the Links. The Metareligion one is a tunnel where I will surely loose myself, for a time! :-)  

9 Mar 2003 @ 14:37 by swan : Francis,
excellent resource you put together. Metareligion sight is a gem. I want the 49 Cent pill up there that looks the easiest way to discover the meaning of life.


10 Mar 2003 @ 04:29 by istvan : Thanks for this library of wisdom
I used to know the WAY, but now with all this knowledge only one question seems unenswerable "are we there yet?" and i am glad we are not.  

10 Mar 2003 @ 18:53 by koravya : Well,
That's a Deep question,
as in, Journey to the Center of the Earth,
wherever that's at, and back.
And the Library of Sources,
for Us
is welcome.  

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