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 The Path Less Traveled3 comments
picture26 Oct 2003 @ 23:31
Illustration: Scott Mutter, The Escalator

"Each entered the forest at a point they, themselves, had chosen, where it was darkest and there was no path."

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 The Undiscovered Country0 comments
picture23 Aug 2003 @ 17:14

Once you know everything, you're as good as dead—conceptually speaking. You can't grow.  More >

 Can Enlightenment Save the World?0 comments
picture13 Jul 2003 @ 21:39

What ails thee?

We're in a situation now that's very much like the development of a butterfly in a chrysalis. The caterpillar's immune system is still trying to protect itself as a caterpillar---and to me, that's what our insistence on clinging to the oil age is all about. From a biological perspective, it's the job of the old system to protect itself as long as possible. But it's equally the job of the new system to rally its forces until it can overcome the old immune system and build the new.
---Elisabet Sahtouris, The wisdom of living systems

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 All that is not given is lost0 comments
picture1 Jul 2003 @ 22:36

"In the fights in my life, I have always watched never to sever the fight for faith from the fight for justice and for the poor.
Otherwise, the deeds deny the faith and the faith is sterile."

---Father Pierre Ceyrac

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 Proxima estacion ¡ESPERANZA!12 comments
picture6 Apr 2003 @ 13:20


  Zionist Rabbi Questions "Official" Assertions about Reborn Anti-Semitism 14 comments
picture27 Mar 2003 @ 22:28

"You don't know me, so let me explain that I am a retired rabbi living in London, England, and have been a Zionist since my childhood in Nazi Germany.

What prompts me to write is that a friend and colleague has kindly sent me a copy of your ten-page 'Letter from One Jew to Another' of October 29, 2002. It is a brilliant piece of sustained rhetoric, which expresses as powerfully as anything I have read the currently dominant attitude of the leadership of our people both in Israel and in the Diaspora. But though the facts you cite — as distinct from the generalisations you derive from them — are true enough, you omit a whole lot of other facts, inconvenient to your thesis. That makes your letter an exercise in demagoguery rather than a sober appraisal."  More >

 Elegy for Rachel Corrie: the choice is Life!11 comments
picture17 Mar 2003 @ 16:32
[Photograph: Rachel Corrie *, 23]

There will be those who will want to politicize her death.
There will be those who will say she was an innocent victim.
And there will be those who will say she died because she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

But unlike the September 11 tragic and innocent victims of the World Trade Center,
Rachel Corrie didn’t die because she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
And Rachel Corrie was not innocent.
Rachel Corrie died because she was at the right place at the right time.

The place and time do not matter.
Nor does it matter to me for whom or for what she died on that day.
It is enough for me to know that she died because she cared.

She didn’t have to be there, but she was.
She was, because she believed a better world was possible,
And she believed in her part in bringing such a world about.
She was not innocent.
She knew what she was risking, she knew the danger,
Yet, she risked it all because she also knew that there are some forms of death
that are far worse and far more abhorrent to the spirit than death itself.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”
---Martin Luther King, Jr.


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 In every generation, Pharaoh4 comments
picture14 Mar 2003 @ 09:24

Today, in our generation, we all face global corporations and international economic institutions that clearly have enormous power. Some believe that they place themselves beyond public accountability, and that their policies endanger the earth, shatter the lives of children, enslave workers, turn the very water of life into a commodity too expensive for hundreds of millions. Others believe that their structures and behavior increase prosperity and freedom for most people.  More >

 One Story About Healthy Community0 comments
picture1 Mar 2003 @ 13:19

The following story is from a Wampanoag Nation Storyteller named Manitonquat (which means Medicine Story, or Healing Story), at a presentation he made to the Connecticut Storytelling Association conference in New London, CT.

At the heart of Manitonquat's philosophy is the notion of "give-away"---something about gathering from one's life all the awareness one can, and then to pass it out freely to those who are interested.  More >