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 SIGNS OF LIFE - 3 : Consider this...0 comments
picture14 May 2003 @ 13:07
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 SIGNS OF LIFE - 2 : Every whisper...0 comments
picture14 May 2003 @ 11:48
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 Samhain0 comments
picture31 Oct 2002 @ 16:09
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 Dreams come alive on a bed of whimsy0 comments
picture27 Oct 2002 @ 19:02
"I love stories, tales, journeys, but I also love contrasts, incertitude, paradoxes, enigmas…
The Junebug symphony came to me as a pile of images and desires one can't keep in the attic anymore.

There's a room and a young man…
Who lies down in bed and dreams…Bad dreams?
So he wakes up and pursues his day…no he goes back to sleep and pursues his nightmare…
No he stays in bed and dreams his day, any how…Concretely, The Junebug Symphony is about singing, dancing, juggling, tumbling, flying, violining, saxophoning, contortioning and… mutating into rhinoceroses, dragons…

By the way, have you ever seen a Junebug?

Fall is here! Let dreams and nightmares blossom everywhere!"

---James Thiérrée
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 Out of Time...21 comments
picture7 Oct 2002 @ 16:53

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