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 Economics as if People Mattered0 comments
picture7 Sep 2003 @ 13:49
Illustration: © J.P. Ferté
September 7

E. F. Schumacher observed
(1911 - 1977)

E. F. Schumacher was a prophet in the guise of an economist. He spent a lifetime mastering the principles of growth, savings, and the “invisible hand” of the market. Yet ultimately he became one of its most effective critics, alerting the world to the catastrophic consequences of the Western experiment in materialism. He wrote, “In the excitement over the unfolding of his scientific and technical powers, modern man has built a system of production that ravishes nature and a type of society the mutilates man.” And yet he was not content to denounce. He inspired hope that it was not too late to fashion an alternative society modeled on the human scale and responsive to the moral, aesthetic, spiritual, as well as material needs of human beings.  More >

 The Wounded Land15 comments
picture13 Aug 2002 @ 19:31
26 August - 4 September 2002
Johannesburg, South Africa

"Andelain I hold and mold within my fragile spell,
while world's ruin ruins wood and world.
Sap and bough are grief and grim to me, engrievement fall,
And petals fall without relief...
Teary visions come of wail and gore."
---The Forestal's song, S. R. Donaldson [The Wounded Land]

Our Planet is ill, VERY ill...

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