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 The egoMETER3 comments
picture13 May 2003 @ 15:50
This egoMETER is a device for measuring a test subjects ratio of self-indulgence to communitarian altruism. Clinical trials were conducted by the Significant Ego Litmus Foundation (S.E.L.F.) of Geneva, Switzerland over a two-year period to establish the raw technology used in creating this proto-type device.

The egoMETER was developed with a generous foundation grant from S.E.L.F. to Tesla Neon (Chico) and AXO Design (San Francisco) in an effort to establish an international technical protocol for ego assessment.

The S.E.L.F. foundation works tirelessly to develop worldwide awareness of rampant self grandiosement of modern society leading humanity down a course of cultural and environmental destruction. The egoMETER is critical as a diagnostic tool to identify a test subjects latent tendency toward narcissistic ego development and give a sound diagnosis so they can seek immediate treatment from a qualified ego conselor. Inflated ego is a treatable disease, if it is diagnosed early. Tesla Neon encourages everyone to have their ego tested so they can get on a path of balanced ego development. Save human culture and the environment, get tested today.

This device met all conditions and standards established The International Center for Standards in Psychological Test Apparatus (ICSPTA) Patent Pending Kolorbar.com
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 The divine Prakriti17 comments
picture10 May 2003 @ 22:14
The Matrix, eXistenZ, The Thirteenth Floor, existential cyberspace-confusion or divine Prakriti, all of those bring on an interesting question:

If our reality is an illusion (let's suppose it is) and we can, one day, have the technological means of creating yet more (virtual) illusory worlds into that illusion (let's assume we can), one might ask, "has it happened before?" and then, "how many times?" And if so, "How many layers are there to those elaborate reality Nesting Dolls?"  More >