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 The Musing Muse12 comments
picture18 May 2003 @ 01:32
(a free-style, free-play bit of reporting on and about NCN and its members and a gazette about creative writing), is one of the collaborative projects of THE MUSE, a room of/for/about Creative Writing that Invictus first launched as "Embryo" on April 15, 2003 and which has been allowed to grow (organically so) to its current setting where we feel it is now ready to be OPEN TO ALL who want to take an active part in it (or just visit.)

Our thanks go to Martha and Koravya for their active and sustained participation; to Jewel ("new-paradigm writing"), Catana and Jstarrs (thank you friends for joining in the early phase of the project); and to Shakti_ma and Swan (thank you both for your support and all the encouragements.)
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 Leave of absence3 comments
picture28 Aug 2002 @ 04:31

(08-29-02 through 09-03-02)
Quidnovi and i2i will be "away" for the next few days.

We are taking off for San Miguel Island

The picture herewith
(copyright 1996 Tim Hauf Photography)
is a shot of San Miguel Island extensive Caliche Forest. A relic of the times when the island---unlike today---was covered with large trees and shrubs. Eerie isn't it?
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