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picture10 Sep 2006 @ 00:39, by Salama Shaquana

In one week we have lost two of our treasured sons – Steve Irwin & Peter Brock. To say Australians are stunned would be an understatement. There is a pervading feeling of gloom and loss. The outpouring of emotion is intense. We just cannot believe this has happened.

How poignant that both of these men died as a result of tragic accidents and both doing what they loved the best. Steve diving stuck down by one of the gentlest of creatures a Stingray. Peter behind the wheel of a high-powered racing car participating in a Targa rally in Western Australia.

Losing one icon is hard enough but two in one week almost unbearable. What is has done however is forced reflection and that in itself is a good thing.

Steve Irwin was only 44 years of age. He was the quintessential Aussie larrikin. I am ashamed to admit, that there were times when I felt intense embarrassment when I read of or witnessed Steve’s antics. In 2003 when the US President visited Australia, Steve was invited to attend a function in Canberra (our capital) to meet the President. Everyone turned up in black tie, as the event would demand, except Steve. Steve turned up in his customary khaki shorts and shirt. Many of us, myself included who like to feel we have a certain level of style almost died of shame. On reflection however who was the one with all of the style, it was Steve. He was being who he was. I have also been overwhelmed to learn of the impact that this ‘little Aussie larrikin’ had on some many people across the world. His impact on children is remarkable and his legacy will live on through the children he has motivated to learn about and to love nature. Steve loved his country, he loved is wife and his children, his family and the he loved wildlife. He influenced millions and was loved by as many. I am sorry Steve that I didn’t recognise your gift before it was too late but your legacy will live on.

Peter Brock (61) our greatest touring car champion and my hero. I spent many a Sunday watching Brock race. He was not only a great driver but also a truly great human being. His contribution on was many levels vast on only with regards the car racing community but also with regards to the various charities that he supported. He was generous of spirit. Peter although not as well know world-wide as Steve was none the less known widely within the car racing community. He also a wonderful ambassador for the country he loved dearly.

Rest in peace both of you. You will be greatly missed but you will never be forgotten. We will move on from our grief and our shock and I pray that the legacy you have left will be a constant reminder to us all – be generous of spirit, love with a passion, care about our world and our community and do this in the spirit of peace and harmony.

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10 Sep 2006 @ 00:48 by jmarc : Steve Irwin
We watched Steves movie again yesterday (we've owned it for a while on dvd) and it helped some of us put certain feelings of frustration and sadness about his death to rest. I hope his daughter carries on his work, if she is able, as has been rumoured.  

10 Sep 2006 @ 01:15 by nemue : ....
Steve's wonderful father has stated that he will carry on until Steve's daughter who is only 8 is old enough to take over. Steve's wife I feel will continue. Theye were a unique family. Blessings...  

24 Sep 2006 @ 21:34 by jobrown : Death is almost always
felt as UN-real and taken with utter disbelief! The healthier the person, the more accidental the death -or violent, the more disbelief we tend to feel. To me death NEVER feels quite right -as "the best possible solution of all possible Options".I always feel that ONE -the very best option eas overseen, by 'Fate' or us Humans -or whatever!...
Steve's tragic death brought up as much disbelef and astonishment in me as did JFK's in its day.
My most Heartfelt sympathies to All the Australian Peoples!/A-d  

3 Oct 2006 @ 15:15 by rayon : Steve,
We are recently informed by his wife, had a premonition of his own death. I know no more than this. And it is better to know and think that when the fateful strike came, that he at least had had some sort of warning. It was not such a complete and total shock as it could have been without the premonition. Some vital seconds of preparation.  

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