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28 May 2006 @ 02:13, by Salama Shaquana


This is a subject that most of us in the western world don’t want to talk about. Ritualistic sexual mutilation of females dates back to the fifth century B.C. This traditional practice is a social as well as a health issue that affects the physical and mental well being of the women who undergo it. Although practiced mostly in African countries north of the equator and the Middle-East, concern has recently been expressed that female genital mutilation is also being practiced in the U.S., Europe, and other western countries by immigrants from these countries.

It never ceases to disappoint me that whilst our leaders are only too happy to speak out about so many injustices in the world, on the subject of Female Genital Mutilation they are Silent.

Please help us bring this to the world’s attention. The women and children who are subjected to these barbaric practices deserve better and they need our help. Every signature helps.

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28 May 2006 @ 22:34 by nemue : Please think about signing
We are up to 319 signatures. If you haven't signed this petition would you please consider doing so?

Blessings to those who have signed. If you haven't I respect your right not to..but I have to ask. Hope you understand.  

1 Jun 2006 @ 16:19 by scotty : Thanks Nemue
I signed.
I'm looking forward to the day when mankind wakens up and the need for such petitions will be a thing of the past.  

1 Jun 2006 @ 21:32 by nemue : Thank you.....
I have been really surprised over the lack of interest Scotty. I have posted this petition on a number of sites on some people haven't even bothered to look. I guess it is much easier to turn away. My heart aches at times.  

4 Jun 2006 @ 13:36 by scotty : hmmm
I think maybe some people have become a wee bit numbed by all the heartache that seems to be going on in the world - either that they've become de-sensitized by all the crap they watch on tv and in films !
Perhaps too some have forgotten that what happens to one happens to everyone ... they no longer 'feel' the interconnectedness of life and have become so seperated that they don't 'feel' other peoples pain anymore !
The majority I think might feel that anything they try to do change things is simply not enough and have become disheartened !

Hopefully though things are changing ... people are begining to waken up - surely they are - otherwise petitions like the above wouldn't even be made ... so - there's hope yet eh !

: )  

4 Jun 2006 @ 15:48 by jobrown : Dear Nemue,
I've been keeping my eye on this article of yours-and possible responses...
The reason why I didn't say anything first was because I personally have difficulties in believing/trusting in the power of People- Petitions -as opposite to extreamly money-strong Special Interest Lobbyists' Petitions, where the AMOUNT of money is really what has the Power, not the petition itself!

Just the other day I put this little comment of mine on Jazzo's "Are The Democrats Poised For Victory?"-article's comment site and I still think this to be true. That's why I will re-print in slightly modified version the part of my comment that has connection to this comment: "Well.... I looked at the "Take It Personally"-link -not that I read it all yet... but what I saw right away was this "Sign the Petition" - s---- (Sorry!... I feel really bad to poohpooh it, but I really have difficulties in believing in the validiy and EFFICIENCY of the Petitions!... -certainly MOST of them are thrown in the trash -after the Reps have laughed their little Butts off -at our cost!....

We women need to sidestep entirely ALL Male dominant Energy and go for the FEMALE INDEPENDENCE ENERGY, by starting to take actions in that direction extreamly seriously in our own lives!
We have to show every Male (energy using individual) that this Planet needs a re-alignement in the BALANCE of Female-Male energies, in EVERYBODY's thinking, acting, behaving."

So much for my opinion on the Power of Petitions... at least for now. I really do believe very strongly in the power of just walking away from ANY polite paricipation-methods (that the Controllers/Oppressors of Mankind) has had in place for the last several thousand years to keep us with/through those RULES/"Methods" in "Darkness" (for short) and instead think out and choose and work OUR OWN HIGHER Consciousness -methods, of which one is go to the People and TALK /SHARE our own new/better, more Life affirming thinking and ways of acting/behaving!
In this particluar case of Female Mutilation: TALK,TALK,TALK to Women what WE think about such actions/ behaviour!... and overall talk/encourage women to take their own God- given Power(-skills, like Common Sense, discernment, intuition inspiration etc) back -instead of continuing to try to emulate the Male Rational/Analytical Thinking/ World View (BTW; "analysis" = breaking down into smaller & smaller parts!..... Now how can one ever ACT upon the Big Picture, when using a thinking method, that only BRAKES the Big Pic APART into ever smaller fractions!!!?!?!??!!?.... This has been one of the most major destruction tools that MANkind has used.... THIS very thinking method IS the One that RATIONALIZES Body Mutilation as "something Good", be it Male -or female circumscicion- both are equally wrong and to be blunt about it: OUT-DATED and really very SICK thinking -all under the guise of (Male) Rationale of Health -or worse yet: "religous or both these aspects combined to justify such cruelty/body BRANDING: "Now, you're marked for life; you belong to OUR group and have NO escape" !!!  

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