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1 Dec 2005 @ 22:46, by Salama Shaquana

Mankind has been significantly diminished today along with the legal execution of Nguyen Tuong Van in Singapore. Every attempt and approach to the Singaporean Government to spare his life was met a resolute no. At 6am Singapore time this morning he was hanged. From all reports Nguyen faced his death with remorse, courage and dignity, finding an inner strength. Whilst he had accepted his fate his concern was for his family and friends, which makes him a significantly better person than those who are the architects of his death. Yesterday, Nguyen was photographed posing in different outfits, and the pictures were handed to his mother as final keepsakes.

But this message is not just about the death of Nguyen. It is also about those who are left behind. It is about his Mother. It is about his twin brother for whom Nguyen committed the stupid act of carrying drugs to protect. It is about his friends and the rest of his family. It is also about all us who have been crushed by the barbarism of this act. Let us not forget that hundreds of people are legally executed each year in many countries.

It begs the question, how can we ever aspire to be an enlightened, compassionate and caring society if we stand silent and do nothing. If this one death results in one life in the future being spared because people stop turing a 'blind eye' and speak out and drive change then Nguyen will not have died for nothing.

May God forgive us and please spare a thought and a prayer for his Mother in particular. I will finish as I started. Mankind has been significantly diminished today and we are all part of mankind. It is up to us to seek change.

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