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picture 12 Jul 2005 @ 11:48, by Salama Shaquana

Whilst there are those who serve to damage our world there are many more who are now standing up to counted. I heard about this site this morning and decided to take a look. As you can see the site managers’ state that 4-milloion people have stopped by to take a look. Many hundreds have also posted their message to the world stating they are not and will not be forced to hide in fear because of mindless terrorists.

Tomorrow I will also post my pledge – please come join me in getting the message out for all who wish to see. Blessings Nemue

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12 Jul 2005 @ 21:35 by astrid : I'll be happy
to join you. Every day I tell someone ( new person each day ) about the SCAM;1) the STRAWMAN, 2)the more than SIXTY MILLION 'Statues' -the s.c. "Laws"-that-We,the People-have-abide-to -or else" -Syndrome, 3) that the Elite loonies think they OWN not only you, but your children, your Home, your Car etc. 4)that they have the right (WHAT AUDACITY!!!!) to not only MEDICATE y/our children as it pleases them. 5)about all THEIR Terrorist Activities etc.etc.etc. Every day at least one more who knows the SCAM!!!!  

12 Jul 2005 @ 21:46 by scotty : Hi Salama !
That is one beautiful image !!!

I won't be joining the 'We are Not Afraid' site .. sorry !

I just feel that giving energy to what one doesn't want only adds more energy to it - thus 'attracting' it even more !
The only 'energy ' (or message if you like ) that I care to send out to the universe is I 'want' (or desire) a world that lives in peace love and harmony and joy!


13 Jul 2005 @ 07:28 by nemue : Hi Scotty
Thank you, glad you like the image. You know I have a slightly different slant as I see all of the people who have posted on WANA are saying what you are saying. They WANT peace and harmony and love and they are not afraid to speak their mind and say that. That said, I respect your view. Blessings.


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