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picture 28 Mar 2005 @ 06:23, by Salama Shaquana

Reverse Engineering:

Extra-Terrestrial Deep Underwater Crafts..
the Floating Versions of UFOs

Staff Reporter Mar. 26, 2005

Oceanographers and Naval engineers are investigating certain phenomena that show evidence of the presence of extra-terrestrial deep underwater crafts – the floating versions of UFOs. These crafts are capable of sharp and efficient maneuvering, has the implacable stealth to avoid detection, can hover in the deepest parts of the oceans and are capable of going deep into the tectonic plate levels under the ocean.

The scientists and engineers are finding solid evidences that these crafts are present in many numbers under our oceans though undetected and invisible in regular human eyes. An electromagnetic flux also surrounds them and Sharks, Dolphins as well as Whales avoid these zones due to interference in their own electromagnetic sensors.

There are not many sightings of these crafts as very few people really dive into the depths of the ocean, which is really unexplored. A computer model has recently reveled the possible propulsion systems. The same anti-gravity principles apply though the model becomes much more complex due to buoyancy and other aquatic issues.

Some divers in different parts of the world have reported sightings of strange underwater objects that propagate on its own but there is no real evidence that these are really extra-terrestrial crafts.

Some believe, there are countries who have the knowledge of these crafts and are trying to reverse engineer their next generation submarines and under water crafts from these.

The biggest problem of reverse engineering these under watercrafts is their stealth. As such deep underwater part of the oceans is seldom explored. The super stealth around these vehicles makes them further difficult for detection.

According some UFO researchers, these extra-terrestrial crafts are busy changing the under ocean landscapes. The underwater accidents of submarines due to collision with unknown underwater ridges and mountains have increased steadily over the last five years. The Navy of many countries have reported this accidents regularly.

According to some engineers there are ways of interpolating and extrapolating the motions of these crafts through complex algorithmic models. The scientists slowly understand the technologies though most of it is completely classified.


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28 Mar 2005 @ 13:40 by sprtskr : ufo's
Oceans would be a great place to hide ufo's and not surprising they think they are there because over the years many have been sighted coming out of the oceans.  

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