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picture 13 Mar 2005 @ 02:26, by Salama Shaquana

I have long held the view that Drug Companies are the scourge of the corporate world (yes there are others) but Drug and Chemical Companies in my view are the worst.

On reading articles of late on the topics of ADD/ADHD I question how long are we to stand by and watch our children being turned into a nation of ‘zombies’. If you haven’t taken the time to read up on this subject (and think of yourself as a caring individual) I urge you to so. This is frightening stuff.

To quote from a recent article by Bob Jacobs, PsyD, JD;

“There is no proof that ‘attention deficits’ in children are anything but normal human variants, yet medical practitioners are labelling more and more children with the diagnosis and giving them dangerous stimulant drugs to control their behaviour. ADD & ADHD is an invented disease for which there are no validate test methods.”

There does appear to be some truth to the statement that these so called ‘diseases’ result from politics and economics and that they have little to do with medicine. In fact the medical community and pharmaceutical industries state that they cannot prove the ‘disease’ exits and they certainly don’t know what causes it. On reflection it is easy to make these statements if the ‘disease’ doesn’t really exist and if the ‘invention’ is merely an exercise to control and print money.

Would it surprise you to hear that the most popular drugs for the treatment of “ADHD” are pharmacologically similar to cocaine! These drugs cause children to become more docile and compliant. Turning children into ‘zombies’. Children have actually died from cardiac arrest from taking these drugs and yet we continue to define children who are a little hard to handle as ADD or ADHD and pump them full of drugs to control them.

The truly frightening aspect of this diagnosis and treatment is the long term effective on children who are subjected to this evil practice. Any drugs and particularly stimulants pose a long-term risk because of their potential developmental effects and this is particularly relevant to children as they are still developing and growing. In one of the articles I have recently read they talk about ‘development toxicology’, which refers to the inimitable severe side effects caused by interaction between a drug and the lack of progression of growth and development in children. Children are not only developing physically but also emotionally and cognitively. The worrying connection was that if drugs, in particular stimulants, disrupt growth hormone production affecting children’s physical (height and weight) and emotional growth and development that there would also a corresponding negative impact on their developing brain. Therefore the logical conclusion would be that the drugs that are used to treat ADHD might cause long-term changes in the brain…In fact tests on rats have shown this to be so.

Stimulants such as Ritalin (one of the common treatments in Australia) have significantly harmful impacts on the brain. Chemically dulling or suppressing the child’s higher brain function causes the ‘zombie’ effect of this treatment. With the ‘out of control’ frequency rates with which this ‘disease’ is being diagnosed and treated there is a very possibility that we will raise a generation of children whose creativity, thinking and spirit are non-existent. That is a frightening thought.

Lets get to the real reason why we have this ‘disease’. Would it surprise you to hear that the market for stimulant medication specifically to treat ADHD exceeds US$600 million annually in the US alone!!!! Worldwide this is a multi-billion plus dollar industry.

There is an endless list of evidence that would lead you to believe that Doctors, Parents and Teachers also play a part in this appalling industry. Though, to be fair, it would appear to be driven from ignorance rather than true intent to harm. If you are parent and it is suggested that your child is suffering from ADD or ADHD PLEASE take the time to find out a little bit more and DON’T just bow to pressure. Your child’s future is at stake. Don’t just take the easy option.

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13 Mar 2005 @ 03:42 by sprtskr : thanks Nemue
This topic can not be written often enough as I have seen the effects in my sisters son over the years. Nutrition should be checked to make sure the child isn't eating or drinking things that are causing his problem and in most cases it is.  

13 Mar 2005 @ 09:26 by jazzolog : Increasingly
I am finding children in the schools with diagnoses of bipolar disorder, accompanied by heavy meds which need nearly nursing-type monitoring from educators. These students of course have learning difficulties, so they end up in multihandicapped classes. If you have only one challenge, you're designated either learning disabled or developmentally handicapped; if you have 2 or more you're MH. Most special ed teachers have some sort of training in "behavior management," but it really takes a nursing education to deal with activity that brims over into psychosis from time to time. Our laws in the United States now demand that public schools educate every child, no matter what disorder is evident. We understand the special school for severely retarded youngsters must shut down soon because there is no funding here anymore. These children require diapering and a few must be fed through tubes. Some of us have done this work before and will have no trouble with it, but most educators have no idea what is going to be involved. These matters are just a sign of the times here...and probably a prelude of things to come.  

13 Mar 2005 @ 17:28 by jerryvest : The Real Voice
Thank you for your important article and contrabution to our community, Salama. It is so true that our drug cartels are perhaps the most dangerous entities that we have operating in the world.

While in graduate school in the mid-60's, I read a book called the "Real Voice." It was written by one of Senator Kefauver's aides and pointed out the dangers of the pharmaceutical industry in this country. The Senator served as Chairman of the Crime Commission during this period. Seems that congress refused to investigate the monopoly then and it continues to be a "hands off" industry by our politicians today.

I believe that during these early investigations, Thalidomide, a sedative and hypnotic drug, was prescribed widely to pregnant mothers and caused numerous malformations of infants born to mothers using this drug. I believe that your post is representative of the lack of scientific controls and investigations that continue to harm children who are diagnosed with attention deficit disorders in this day and age.

I hope that we can contiue to keep this conversation going until our pharmaceutical industry develops a conscious and assumes responsibility for its products.  

13 Mar 2005 @ 17:43 by vaxen : Ah yes...
reminds me of old Rockefellers' statement that: "I don't want a society of thinkers. I want a society of workers." Behavior modification is done for 'money,' yes but the psycho civilized 'society' of the recent past, now, and near future is the dream of a small band of 'elitists' who think nothing of doing the most horrible experiments, not only on human beings, on all of life sentient dynamics for profit and ego assuagement. Educating John and Mary Q public is a difficult task, indeed, as well as dauntless yet the 'education factories' are echelons of the state and in place for the profit of creatures like Rockefeller et al so will not be telling the truth any time soon. A revolution in education is needed. That starts here with us. Perhaps to go forth as shimmering rays of color to vibrate the 'spheres' into enlightenment on the who how when where why and what of it all. Thanks Nimue for seeing through the sham, at least a little.  

14 Mar 2005 @ 13:55 by ashanti : Agree
Thanks, nemue. This is yet another assault on the minds and spirits of our children. Just because these kids are born with more advanced skills and abilities than we have, is no reason to drug the bejesus out of them to bring them down to our level. The Pharmers *are* really aware of what they are doing. No excuses, it is not ignorance on their part.


15 Mar 2005 @ 16:20 by jazzolog : Two Other Categories
If a student does not show signs of physical disability but has disturbing behaviors that erupt from time to time, (s)he can be referred for psychiatric intervention---which is when the meds get prescribed. Once this happens and the student is "identified," the possibility arrives for transfer to the SBH class. That stands for Severe Behavior Handicap. These classes usually are in remote areas of the school building. Students do not leave the room except with escort and do not eat in the cafeteria with others. Consider it a kind of solitary confinement for an entire group. It is very difficult to get out of that designation.

We also have now something called Alternative School in many states. I hesitate to compare these situations with Guantanamo, but there are some similarities. A student needn't be SBH to go to Alternative School. Principals can suspend or expel a student at his or her discretion...but the law says we still have to "educate" the kid: hence, the Alternative School. Many students I've talked to who have been sent to these places say they aren't so bad really, and often you aren't made to do anything except sit around quietly. Nevertheless little is done to solve whatever problems the children may have. In this country, school psychologists just test, identify and designate special status---something you should want NOT to happen to your child. There are counselors in schools here, but mostly they crunch the test numbers and help kids plan their schedules.  

16 Mar 2005 @ 00:00 by astrid : First, create
an artificial --cruelllly ARTIFICIAL-- reality for kids to actually UN-learn Life and if they get at all antsy about such in-humane treatment/regimen in a totally inhumane environment; DRUG THEM! FORCE DRUGS into them...n' charge their Parents for those TOXIC Mood / Personality alterers. Have the Parents pay through the nose!...
If EVIL towards Animals doesn't wake up us all, maybe this will. (BTW; THANKS Nmeue for that article as well. That nobody commented must be because it was too much to bear!... At least I hope so.... ) People who won't, are the SELL OUTS and then --at least-- we know who they are!... Of course, they also have their stocks to tend to!' what better stocks could be out there than the Pharmaceutical!... Life just doesn't get better than this, does it, eh?
How ANYBODY can defend the System (and) the s.c. Establishment, who is the "Power" behind all this shit, is beyond me... but hey,.... we know they are out there, n' they're here too!... among us...
May DIVINE JUSTICE RULE EVER MORE, for each passing day! Doesn't matter if you "believe" in it or not: ASK for DIVINE JUSTICE. Do it DAILY!!!... if not for anyone else; do it for our CHILDREN's ( and Animals' ) sake!
These are the two groups of Loving Beings (plus Nature/Environment), who "thanks" to the System today don't have a fighting chance without some serious help from us, a little older.
And finally; everybody, check this out: from today's  

18 Mar 2005 @ 05:01 by nemue : Greed and ignorance
Sometime I don't know what is the worst greed or ignorance. The greed of big corporations and their shareholders who will sell their souls to the devil for money’ or peoples ignorance and apathy. Don’t question – don’t question, don’t challenge just take the easy option – pop a pill. Time and time and again we read of deaths from prescribed drugs and yet is goes on. I despair at times.  

18 Mar 2005 @ 05:42 by astrid : In USA alone.....
some 400.000 /YEAR die from INCORRECT prescritpion drugs, written out to them by their Doctors!.... That nr is the Officially mentioned one! In real life it might be much higher.... We know that Statistics always presents numbers the establishemnt can accept -or tolerate... This is though, those Enities Lesson; to learn to take charge of their own Life/Health next time around!.... I know... sound callous to say... but it is true!  

15 Jul 2005 @ 14:51 by rayon : Certainly, with the natural system of
I learnt from India (ayurveda) there is a high personal level of control over one's health whilst in consultation with/without an expert, and this relieves other people who would otherwise be given cause for concern. Self control gives a foundation of confidence in facing a future, but there is a threat of giant pharmaceuticals, making a treadmill to maintain the conversation on alternatives. If one is optimistic lets hope - society is not structured for health, the structures are for function, and to their stereotyping of child, wife etc etc. which does not help.  

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