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4 Jan 2005 @ 22:17, by Salama Shaquana

This problem isn’t new to Asia (and many other countries and regions as well to be fair to Asian countries) but one of my fears was that this ugliness would raise its head and it appears it has if the following report is anything to go by. Unfortunately now the children have even less protection.


For any people who read this and who are based in Australia please support Youth Off The Streets and Father Chris Riley who is flying to Samatra today to establish a temporary refuge for homeless children. Millions of dollars have been pledged to the bigger charities but YOTS doesn’t have the clout of some and their focus is on children only. This will not be a short-term initiative by Father Chris. You can make a donation on-line by visiting the following link.


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6 Jan 2005 @ 06:21 by ashanti : Thanks
for the link. They actually covered this problem on our South African media last night, raising awareness of the situation here too. South Africans have contributed a lot in terms of money and food/water aid. There should be initiatives established here as well to focus on protecting the children from the vultures.

The interesting aspect is that this sick treatment of children is not at all new - it has been going on for centuries. What IS new is that this event has brought it into world consciousness. Brought out from under the darkness, into the Light for attending to, and healing?  

7 Jan 2005 @ 22:42 by newdawn : children
are our future, lets protect them now so they can be the future  

25 Jan 2005 @ 20:43 by astrid : When I grew up
in Finland, most every Community had their Community Hall and there was always a few big rooms for the Communities Children to come there and spend the after- school hours (2 or 3 o'clock to appr 9 co'clock pm ). They could rest there, snack there, play there, do their homework there, all with guided help from volunteering Grown-Ups from the Towns, people they knew well. Bigger cities had this same thing going, but by Districts/Neighbourhoods, so to speak.
All people in Finland love it! All thrived. All benefitted from it! Very few kids chose to be what was called "Key-kids" ; home key on a string around their neck. While some did exist (mostly by their own choosing) it wasn't the most prevalent situation. Kids love to be around other Kids! Kids love to have grwonUps they know and trust as their Mentors and overall Emotional support. WHY can't we have our Societies set up this way/ that work this way today??????... till we have an even better, more Life Supporting Lifestyle in place, this seems like a good Rainbow Bridge. eh?  

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