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picture 12 Dec 2004 @ 04:20, by Salama Shaquana

I wrote recently about the potential risk to our culture and the impact of political correctness. My attention was drawn to the lack of celebration of our Christian heritage and the impact of the moral minority in sanitising our demonstration of who and what we are. Merry Christmas replaced by Seasons Greetings for fear of offending. The complete lack of outward show, no decoration (or limited decoration) and often NO outward show at all.

I am pleased to say that people power won the day in a small way clearly showing that we could all celebrate each other’s differences and enjoy the experience of doing so. In Sydney, hundreds of people wrote to the papers, rang radio stations and emailed people voicing their concern. I was one of those people. It wasn’t just Christians who wrote and rang but Muslims, Jews and the like. Their voice was united and those of different religious beliefs stated we love Christmas and we want to celebrate with you, we are not offended.

In fact in one of our larger shopping centres where a sizeable Lebanese Muslim community shops many, many small Muslim children had their photos taken with Santa Claus. I have never seen my suburb so colourful before. Many houses festooned with lights and messages of goodwill. Merry Christmas emblazoned for all to see. There are still some who resist but change is happening and whilst this year things started a little late, next year will be even better. That said, the ‘wake-up’ call did prompt many to act so the Christmas message is alive.

So you see, people can make a difference. It is just a matter of tolerance, goodwill and the joy of sharing. Whilst in the4 scheme of world events this is a little win, it is a win nevertheless so remember - speak up for what you believe in, you can make a difference. Do not allow those with a mission to divide to win the day. We don’t need wars to change things only those willing to speak out in peace. How is that for a wonderful Christmas Message?

Peace, love and goodwill to all. You CAN a difference.

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12 Dec 2004 @ 18:31 by spiritseek : Great News Indeed
I love to hear the news of great cheer being spread around the world.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  

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