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picture 21 Sep 2004 @ 05:30, by Salama Shaquana

Given some of the discussion here of late, the following has some meaning and I think it is a wake-up call for all of us. Whilst the article was written 2-years ago it is just as relevant today.

We can continue to act as sheep (lovely, trusting creatures that they are and yes we continue to betray their trust in slaughtering them and treating them inhumanly) or we can stand up and say, we are taking back our control. At the end of the day, it is up to us.

Whilst this article is centred on America, the problem (or behaviour) is not unique to America and Americans. The same can be said for many countries and many people.

We Are Bred To Be Sheep
Carissa Conti c. 2002

An Overview of How We Are Conditioned to Become Sheep

Everybody goes through conditioning as a child, raised to adhere to the culture, beliefs and acceptable behaviours as determined by our parents, peers, and society. Unfortunately, in our modern Western culture, these beliefs usually involve the idea of limitations on what we can achieve, the concept of not questioning the powers above us, and limitations on the amount of power that we as individuals actually have. The idea of limitation is directly tied to power.

It's those forces above us with all the power who have the ability to impose limitations on what we can do, when we can do it, where, why, and for how long & thus, conditioning us to be subservient and become sheep. Everything from the government, religion, school, police, and parents helps to instil this concept in us. And the rest is taken care of by peers, who act as puppets to the previously mentioned powers, and who further reinforce the ideas of following the crowd, and not questioning the way things are.

For example, watch what happens when one displays independent thought and questions what we've been conditioned to believe of America ... quite often their family, friends, neighbours or co-workers swoop in around them and bully them into feeling guilty or shameful for saying such things. This is because right now, Patriotism is the trend in America since September 11th, with all the flag waving and God Bless America slogans.

That in itself is a Sheep Mentality phenomenon, as everybody jumps on the bandwagon of rallying around America and supporting whatever the government does in retaliation for September 11th ... never mind the fact that the government was behind the attacks in the first place and the Bush clan used to do business with the bin Ladens. Don't tell the rest of the population that, you'll be labelled "crazy". Right now it's not really socially acceptable in mixed company to criticize America, it's government, or policies, and stick up for innocent Muslims who are being wrongly harassed and persecuted in this country since September 11th.

I personally had a "mini-debate" with someone recently who was going off on a Sheep Mentality anti-Muslim rant, spouting illogical Sheep Mentality ideas. Like everybody else, I was in shock and extremely shook up after September 11th, but at the same time, I was disheartened by the fact that nobody around me seemed to question what was going on and were falling for the anti-Muslim sentiments that the incident was trying to provoke.

Most everybody seemed to be blindly and obediently jumping on the Patriotic/Believe Whatever Bush Is Telling Us bandwagon with these glazed over eyes, as his approval rating hit an all time high. But, this is a pervasive problem in general in this country, when it comes to anything, not just September 11th. We're a nation of people who are asleep. The following is an overview of how this came to be:


This topic alone could warrant a small book, but, for limited space reasons I'll stick to a general outline. The indoctrination of our public schools involves thirteen years of conditioning and mind control in the subjects that the school system sees fit to teach. This often times includes using outdated books and materials, teaching incorrect information, implementing censorship, and utilizing the "Memorize and Regurgitate" method of learning.

There is so much suppressed information regarding the subjects of biology, history, space and astronomy, health and medicine, the physical sciences, etc., that most of what the student actually gets to learn is useless. And the way in which subjects are taught is a travesty, because it forces the student to just blindly accept the information they're being fed, without question. Then add in the proliferation of useless "busy work" that's given to students solely to fill in the time, rather than teach them useful information. Mainstream education offers no room for creativity, free thought, or individual personality.

The American public school system is a joke and often fodder for other countries, but yet most people continue to parrot what they've been brainwashed to believe, which is that an education in our country is valuable, and something to admire. Education is absolutely valuable and necessary -- but not one that's received in any modern American mainstream school.

The entire conditioning/mind control process lasts thirteen years, and almost guarantees that by the time the student reaches adulthood, the majority will continue this pattern of non-questioning/blind obedience in the real world. As adults, the teachers and authority figures are replaced by government heads and politicians, and this blind obedience is now translated over to them.


For people being raised in a religious household, they are taught to

Most would probably admit that they prefer things the way they are, because it makes the world "safe." You can't miss what you never had, right? But the question is, is the world really a safer place with a government running the show? When the government wages war and kills innocent people on both sides and you disagree with it and don't want to do it, well, too bad. They're the ones in charge. When the government passes laws and implements mandatory policies that you don't agree with and you feel as if you're losing your freedoms and no longer have a say in how you live your own life -- well too bad.

They're the ones in charge. When the government dictates what you can and can not put into your own body and you feel that's unfair, because doesn't your body belong to YOU? ... well too bad. You're definitely not the one in charge here, not even when it comes to your own body.

All we've ever known is a world where others control us. This means we're conditioned to relinquish control over ourselves and deny that we have any sort of power over our lives and what happens to us. We then become a mindless powerless sheep, at the mercy of the sheepherder who tells us where to go and what to do. The fact is, most people prefer a world where we have higher forces dictating our lives, telling us what to do.

They'll tell you all about why we need government, and they'll tell you all about why we need law enforcement to back up the government ... but never mind that, many times, law enforcement behaves corruptly, framing and jailing innocent people for crimes they didn't commit, assaulting individuals who are being detained and/or questioned, breaking the law themselves and getting away with it because of their position, and running around on a power trip taking advantage of their position of authority. They seem to conveniently forget about those things.

Others prefer a world where we're controlled because those same forces that control us also give us the illusion of safety, and comforts such as food on the table, a house, lots of clothes and furniture and material possessions, entertainment, and a steady job to ensure that those comforts keep coming in. See, a world with luxury comforts is also a world where somebody else is taking care of you. Life is easier. It's a trade off.

But if we grew up in a world where all we knew was every man for himself, with no manufactured governments and control systems, we would be truly free -- but there would be no steady supply of comforts, no illusion of safety.

And that is not a world that many are willing to live in. The sad fact is that the average person doesn't seem to realize that this is how it is, and if they were confronted with it, they would most likely get very defensive and deny it.

Patriotic Propaganda
Perpetuating False Idea(l)s

From the time we're children, we're fed patriotic propaganda about the United States, how the country was founded, and what it stands for. This also includes bashing other countries who do not match with our ideals, i.e., Communist countries and dictatorships. American children are taught to frown down upon so-and-so country, because it's not like us, while that particular country is teaching its own children to do the same regarding the United States. But this is natural and to be expected, since any nation's
government wants its citizen to be in favour of it, not against it.

The process of brainwashing an American individual towards blind patriotism and support of our government without question happens in all areas of life, but a good deal of the process takes place in school. It's in school that we're taught about Democracy, and made to believe that we live in one because we have the right to vote and supposedly elect our officials. We're conditioned to the idea of voting and that our vote actually counts for something and really sincerely DOES affect this country.

We are reinforced over and over again to believe that "we live in a free country!" and that we have "Freedom of the press and freedom of speech!" We are shown examples of "bad" countries and "evil" leaders who weren't/aren't like us, while simultaneously being told over and over that "America is the best country in the world! America is #1! America is great! Really!" All this despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It is in schools that all of these concepts are reinforced, even though what's happening today in the United States reflects anything BUT these ideas.

But never mind that, we'll just ignore those little discrepancies and pretend it's business as usual in America, and we live in the same country with the same ideals that existed at the turn of the 1800's, just like we're taught in school. So year after year, young adults graduate high school and are set loose in the real world to continue parroting what they've been brainwashed to believe for thirteen years: that America is a free and great nation, "the best in the world", and it's a genuine democracy.

These young adults eventually become our neighbours, friends and co-workers. And if you were to suggest that the United States is not a free nation, and does NOT have its citizens' best interests in mind, these would be the same people who would look at you sceptically, dismiss you as crazy, or jump down your throat and bite your head off. The process of brainwashing to blind, non-questioning obedience has worked well on them as they are set loose in the world to squash down all who oppose.

The fact is, elections are rigged, we sometimes vote policies into effect only to have them later revoked, we have zero say in what our leaders decide to do, we have secret Shadow Government factions pulling the strings behind the scenes, using Bush and Friends as front stage façade puppets, and since September 11th, we have more and more unconstitutional policies being passed which strip us of our rights. We have a president residing in the White House who was not actually elected, and we have laws and policies being put into effect that we have no say in ... something is very wrong with this picture.

We are not living in a true democracy, by any means. But many people still parrot the idea that we are, just because they're so conditioned over their lifetimes to believe this. And as a side-note: Add in the fact that we don't even have a genuinely legitimate form of currency anymore, because the U.S. dollar is no longer backed by anything, whether it be gold or silver, and you begin to realize that this country is currently operating on pure illusion, in every way. But illusions can't last forever, which means it's only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. The process has already b

People are clinging to an outdated ideal of America, an America that no longer exists. We don't have freedom of speech because we are now living in an age where the government has passed laws to be able to openly tap our phones and monitor our emails, searching for dissidents, all in the name of Terror Prevention. So, just try saying something questionable now, you'll be liable to be targeted as a terrorist suspect.

And if you're somebody in a professional field trying to publish controversial material that goes against the grain and what is popularly accepted, you will be shut down, often times as your career goes down the tubes, and life becomes one giant obstacle. And just try to be a whistle blower, or somebody coming forward with information that the government doesn't want revealed and you’ll either be knocked off, or those closest to you will be knocked off, or you'll be severely harassed and threatened.

So I'm sorry, how are all these examples of our "freedom of speech" ? And when it comes to freedom of press, the fact is that the government controls the mainstream media. We only get to read and hear what they allow us to read and hear. And the version we get is whitewashed and skewed, usually painting America in a positive light. America is always portrayed as the Good Guy, and we never do anything wrong. (Never mind that the rest of the world hates us. What do they know, right?)

The mere fact that we find ourselves in a situation where we are "allowed" to do or say something means that we're not free. We are under someone else's control. Because who has the right to tell anybody on this planet what they can and cannot say or do? Unfortunately, there are those Powers That Be who have decided that they do possess this right. And most of us accept it and actually believe it's the best way to live, because again, you can't miss what you never had, right?

So, if you are "allowed" to speak your mind, then all it means is that someone else is calling the shots, and the situation is temporarily working in your favour. Other people in this world find the situation working against them, as they are limited in what they are allowed to say. And we may find ourselves in that position as well one day. We are already halfway there. So the idea of freedom and democracy is an illusion, as long as someone else is dictating what we can or cannot do.

So, the Powers That Be, who consist of government and the people who run the world, want you to be conditioned to accept the idea of loss of power and individual independent thought, and just go belly up and not rock the boat. They are the ones who created this system to begin with. They invented religion to implement control via fear, they designed our school systems to determine what we do or don't learn and teach us a pattern of obedience, they deliberately suppress information regarding health/medicine, history, and our planet, and they control the media, which means they control the information we receive about what's going on in the world, which thus shapes our views and what we believe. And all of this results in the production of a Sheep Mentality population.

How the Sheep Population Is Maintained

"... But don't be fooled by the radio, the TV or the magazines. They'll show you photographs of how your life should be. But they're just someone else's fantasies. So if you think your life is complete confusion 'cause you never win the game, just remember that it's a grand illusion. And deep inside we're all the same ...’"

That pretty much sums it up right there ... the T.V. and media, and the chase for the Grand Illusion. After the initial brainwashing and sheep conditioning is put into place, we're "maintained" through the T.V. and media. We're constantly pummelled with images of a life that we can never attain, losing ourselves in the fantasy world of favourite programs and movies, subjected to subliminal messages and manipulative advertising convincing us to buy more, more, more, and to never be happy with what we have, perpetuating the eternal uneasiness that we're not keeping up with everybody else, and creating a nation of people obsessed with their looks, trying desperately to keep up with the airbrushed and altered models in magazines.

For people who fall victim to this, they become so sidetracked with vanity and materialism and the pursuit of temporary pleasures in an effort to fill a manufactured void that they don't have the time to stop and look around and see the more serious and disturbing events that are happening in our world right now. John Ashcroft's detention camp plans? ... Um, yeah, so, did you see that American Idol last night?! ...The NWO is already happening, right now as we speak? (New World Order)

And the government is spraying chemtrails over our heads to poison us? ... Um yeah, I'd rather drool over Vogue's "Fall Collection" issue and obsess about fashion trends ...

Wait, we have an un-elected president in the White House and new laws are being passed every day that we have no say in, and which strip us of even more rights? ... Who cares, as long as we have our favourite programs which we watch faithfully every week and have the illusion of stability and security and comfort.

Fashion magazines, movie magazines, celebrity gossip, sitcoms, talk shows, the movies, professional sports, faked news, materialism ... distractions and illusions and fantasies, presented to us so we don't ever stop and take a good look around. When you live in world with fun stuff like celebrity gossip and T.V. and sports and the movies, who wants to deal with the serious stuff? That's no fun! We want a world where there's the illusion of safety and security.

We want a world where we don't have to think, and others do the thinking for us. Just give us our Budweiser and turn on the game, forget about everything else. Just give us our Sex and the City and Buffy and The West Wing. Load me up with all the latest techno gadgets for me to play with, otherwise known as toys for adults, give us the negative dirt about which celebrities are divorcing, who got busted cheating on who, and who wore the most hideous dress to the Oscars! Feed us faked news that blatantly lie about what's going on in the world and withholds valuable information. As long as we don't have to think about what's REALLY going on.

So Why Aren't More People Doing Something About This??

There are lots of reasons why people aren't questioning things, making a stand, or trying to wake others up. One reason is complacency. Life is easy and simple this way, we have all of our needs taken care of and plenty of extra money and leisure time. We don't have to think too much, we have our little routine, and our life is flowing along just nicely. We can coast along on autopilot, relatively stress free. A lot of people see and admit that something isn't quite right with the world's political situation right now, or society in general, but, they would rather float along than stand up and start rocking the boat.

The Powers That Be are now moving in and openly implementing their NWO plans, with no shame whatsoever. They're not even trying to hide it anymore, it's just out there, in the open, especially since September 11th. And why is this? It's because they know that Americans aren't going to do anything about it. The American public has proven itself, time and again, to be unquestioning and obedient. We have become so incredibly complacent and lazy and brainwashed over the past 50 years that they are now free to operate overtly rather than covertly. The American public has been caught with its pants do
Some people see what Bush and Friends are up to, and are seeing through the NWO veil, but overall, little is being done about it. Because as of right now, we still have all of our needs taken care of, for the most part. The situation isn't "dire" enough yet. Problem is, that complacency is going to bite us in the butt later on, because things are going downhill very quickly right now. And only the ones who are prepared are going to be ready and able to duck out unscathed when it all hits the fan. Everybody else will wither away with their pants down in the remnants of what used to be their luxurious easy living suburban neighbourhood.

Another reason why many people aren't doing anything is the idea of having "too much to lose". Somebody in their early 50's recently told me this. He was saying that the younger generation who doesn't make squat for a salary and who know that there isn't a future in America anymore have nothing to lose. But he has everything to lose. He has a steady job, a house and mortgage, and a family to support. He can't run around revolting and rocking the boat, even though he sees everything that's wrong right now and is very much aware of what the Bigger Picture is. He's just got too much to lose, and you can't fault him for that, really.

For others, the problem is just sheer denial. Which ties into complacency. They've been complacent for so long with their fashion magazines, movies, favourite television programs, celebrity gossip, shopping, beauty, techno gadgets, rampant materialism in general, and other trivial superficial matters, that it's created a situation of denial.

How could the world possibly be as bad as the conspiracy theorists are saying it is when they've got the latest issue of People, or they're watching Friends, or they're sitting in a movie theater on a Friday night, or they've got their big beautiful house in suburbia full of beautiful things and a Mercedes in the garage?? The world can't really be that bad when it seems like it's business as usual -- right?? This complacency-generated denial will ultimately guarantee that these people will be caught with their pants down.

How Come Some People Are Able to Reject the Programming While Others Can't ?.

Some people, despite the enormous effort that goes into brainwashing them, reject the programming and see through what's happening in our society and world. They question things, voice their opinion, go against the grain, and sometimes try to wake others up around them. Others however, seem completely unable to break free from the binds of the conditioning process. Why is this? I think several things could be going on. One theory, I've concluded, has a spiritual angle, and involves the concept of amnesia.

When we're born into this lifetime, we all experience amnesia in regards to who we really are, where we're from, and why we're here. If we didn't have amnesia, it would be pretty much impossible to tolerate life in this world, I think! Therefore, amnesia is absolutely necessary. If all goes well though, we'll slowly begin to remember what the deal is, awaken to our life purpose, and realize the Bigger Picture. I believe that some people have less amnesia than others, and come into this world with a stronger sense of self, and what their purpose is.

They seem to come into this world already knowing what the deal is, and seeing through the b.s. that we're surrounded by in life. They don't have to wade through a lot of muck only to finally learn the all important life lessons when they're at the end of the line. This minimal level of amnesia results in their rejection of the conditioning and programming process we are all subjected to.

Another theory ties into this, which is that some people may possibly be further along in their spiritual evolution than others. So again, they come into this world already understanding the Bigger Picture and therefore, are less susceptible to conditioning.

Culture also has much to do with the ability to reject the shallow ideals perpetrated by our Western world. There are certainly many other cultures in the world who don't promote the ideals of the Western world, including conformity, blind obedience to authority, materialism, greed, vanity, living out of synch with the environment, and a lack of respect for life in general. However, in the United States, these are the ideals that we're brainwashed to strive for. This could make it difficult for many to break free f

Psychological disorders, such as "Anti-Social Personality Disorder", "Sociopath/ Psychopath", "Attention Deficit Disorder," etc., are other reasons why some individuals reject conditioning towards obedience and sheep mentality. These disorders are all about disobedience and mayhem. On a side-note: While there are people out in our world who have legitimate mental illnesses, behavioural disorders and chemical imbalances, it seems to me that the field of psychology has gotten a bit out of control in their assessment of who has a "psychological problem" when it comes to not being obedient and passive enough.

The label of Attention Deficit Disorder is overused and abused, and many children are slapped with this label and forced onto medication who don't have a legitimate problem. I know about this from experience as someone close to me growing up was labelled as such. The real issue for him turned out to be Dyslexia, and a screwball family situation, not the manufactured bunk concoction we know as "ADD". We have a nation of children medicated on Ritalin, Paxil, Prozak, and the like, because they supposedly are hyper-active, or anti-social, or have low attention spans, or exhibit behavioural problems in school.rom this, if this is all that they know.

But I'm wondering, does anybody take time to look at what's going on in the classroom? Are teachers competent in doing their job, are they teaching effectively, and promoting a stimulating and creative environment? Oh, never mind -- that's right, this is the modern American school system we're talking about here. Or maybe the student has an undiagnosed learning disorder, as was the case with the above referenced person I knew growing up. Fact is, maybe there is a reason why so many kids today can't seem to focus and sit still in class. Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with a "psychological problem" on their part that requires medication but, rather, everything to do with what they are subjected to in the modern American school system, or maybe an undiagnosed learning disorder.

And from a sociology standpoint, all one needs to do is take a look around at the world we live in, the way families are today, and the way people have become, to see that there could be another very valid reason for an increase in children with behavioural disorders. It may not have anything to do with chemical imbalances that need medications but, rather, what's going on in their home lives, and the kind of world that we now live in.

Again, I realize that there are those out there who have legitimate chemical imbalances; however, I feel things have gotten to the point where if you go against the grain, speak out against the way things are, or don't buy into what we're conditioned to accept, then you're liable to be labelled as anti-social, hyper-active, or told that you have a "behavioural disorder", along with a host of other "psychological disorders" that may or may not exist. New ones are currently being concocted as well, so be on the lookout for new psychological disorders to pop up in the DSM manual which will serve to label all those who don't want to be an obedient passive sheep.


The bottom line is that America needs to open its eyes, and soon. I'm not suggesting that everybody jump up and go crazy with newfound realizations about what's going on in the world. Because the rabbit hole goes much deeper, and there's a lot more to the story than what I got into in this article. This article was created in the hope of being a wake-up call for those who are complacent and not taking active steps towards personal preparation for the impending NWO/earth changes related upheaval.

For additional information and insight into what's happening in our world, refer to any of Montalk's articles on the Matrix and the nature of reality. We can sit around behind closed doors grumbling about what the situation is with Bush and politics and our country, watching the NWO fall into place with every passing day as we sit ideally by, or, we can wake up and start taking personal measures to prepare ourselves and those closest to us. So when things hit the fan, we won't be caught unprepared.

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21 Sep 2004 @ 12:53 by spiritseek : Amen sister...
A good time to re-post this article. I really like this part below....

We can sit around behind closed doors grumbling about what the situation is with Bush and politics and our country, watching the NWO fall into place with every passing day as we sit ideally by, or, we can wake up and start taking personal measures to prepare ourselves and those closest to us. So when things hit the fan, we won't be caught unprepared.  

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