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17 Sep 2004 @ 03:19, by Salama Shaquana

I heard this story this morning. It was stated that the story is true but regardless if it is or not, it is still inspiring.......

A priest who had been called to the home of a woman who had been advised that she had 3 months to live told this story. The woman in question wanted to talk with the priest about her last wishes and in particular her funeral. They discussed what music she wanted and why, who she wanted to speak, where she was to be buried and that she wanted an open coffin so that her fiends and family could say their last good-byes.

The discussion finished on a happy note despite the news and the priest got up to leave. Just as the priest reached the door the woman said, ‘Sorry there is one thing I meant to mention. I want you to place a fork in my hand.” The priest, as you would expect was intrigued by this request and her asked the woman why she would want a fork in her hand. She said, “Whenever we have our regular church get togethers and dinners the ladies always whisper keep your fork, when they are clearing the dinner plates from the tables. When they say that I know there is a lovely surprise coming and that I have something wonderful to look forward to. It might be a deep-dish apple pie or wonderful chocolate layer cake but I am never disappointed so when my family and friends pass by my coffin to say their goodbyes to me I want them to know that I have something wonderful ahead of me and they will as well. The fork symbolises that for me.”

The message for me is to look for the signs and the symbols.

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