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12 Aug 2004 @ 21:15, by Salama Shaquana

It never ceases to amaze me how people come into your life just at the time that you need them. It can be people to support and motivate you, people to lead on your next journey of discovery, people who inspire you, people who challenge your thinking or people, who have vision and compassion.

I met one such person yesterday and he is all of the preceding. His name is Dr. Richard Hames and he was speaking at a conference I was attending. In fact I was chairing his session so had the opportunity to talk with him which was great. He is a man of great intellect and vision.

Back in the office today I was prompted to go the Hames Group website and was amazed at the information via web links that I found there. Thought you might be interested as well.


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12 Aug 2004 @ 23:01 by ov : Futurist
Great find Salama. Incredible library there. Do you know if there is an online community associated with it?  

12 Aug 2004 @ 23:15 by nemue : Futurist Society
There is a Futurist Society which I am thinking seriously of joining. This is karma for me because a number of futurists have entered my space recently so I feel this is meant to be. Here is the link


13 Aug 2004 @ 00:22 by ov : Old Group
Wow, I'd forgotten about these people. I had a subscription to the Futurist back in the mid 1980s, back when I was still employed as an engineer. Not sure why I let it lapse, one of those good ideas that I wanted to get involved with but then I think the 'career' starting sucking all my time and it kind of fell through the cracks. Thinking back though it is not surprising where they landed up, and with such a good site on the web. I'm still surprised that I haven't run across them on the web before this. With all of the different interests that they have converging on them I would have thought it would have been on lots of other pages of links. Nice to see a group that is so solidly in the future and at the same time not dominated by either the extropian or the mystical perspectives.  

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