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picture 9 Aug 2004 @ 19:48, by Salama Shaquana

The balance between business recovery and personal lives!!

As a leader in business today we are often forced to make choices that have a significant impact on the lives of people we work with. Today was one such day for me. Today we announced that a significant number of people from two countries would be losing their jobs over the next 15-months and that we would be re-establishing out base in Asia. As a regional operation this makes ideal sense from a geographic standpoint as well as good commercial sense as we will reduce costs.

My organisation is not a company that is talking about setting up ‘sweat-shops’ or exploiting people in moving to less developed, lower cost based areas however it still does raise the question in my mind and that is –

Should our focus be on the world or the immediate area in which we live?

I struggle with this question and as I try to rationalise my thoughts today I find I am still not clear on what is best. I do not wish that statement to sound smug or conceited assuming that I have the answers to the worlds’ ills, merely trying to find a level of comfort and peace within myself. Are we doing the right thing?

We accept that lack of prosperity and education is one of the root causes of many problems that we face globally. We talk of acceptance and understanding – non-judgement and sharing. It is difficult to achieve prosperity if we who live in ‘richer’ countries and who work for wealthy organisations do not invest and develop. If people from developing countries are not encouraged to become part of the greater world stage. It is difficult to achieve acceptance and understanding if we don’t broaden our horizons and actively spend time with and work with people in other countries. It is difficult for smaller countries to prosper and grow unless they embrace the global stage but how do we make the transition so that every one wins – or is that an impossible dream.

I am a responsible and compassionate person and I will make sure that those who are impacted by the change are looked after to the best of my ability. I am also excited about the prospects of developing a new business in Asia. I know the people I am working with in Asia feel the same way but I feel responsible for the impact on the people that surround me now. So the question still stands for me –

Should our focus be on the world or the immediate area in which we live? I would like to think that responsible people and responsible companies play a significant role in helping to break down the barriers and in achieving a global society. A world, in which each of us can each live in harmony and achieve prosperity. Perhaps this is just a dream and we should just think about those closest to us and forget about the rest. My answer for me is no clearer..

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9 Aug 2004 @ 21:08 by spiritseek : Go with your gut feelings
seems to always work out for the best. Look at it from your highest ideals and goals you set for yourself. You can ask yourself questions like,is this move beneficial for my growth,spiritual path and learning? I wish it were easier for you.  

10 Aug 2004 @ 01:01 by ov : Globalization
Listened to an interesting interview tonight on {|The Take} the latest documentary by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis about how the Argentina workers have taken back the factories that have gone bankrupt because of globalization policies geared towards making Argentina an investors paradise. When things started to downturn all the factory owners took their cash and fled leaving havoc and ruin behind but the workers wouldn't let them take the machines and continued to work without having management and turned bankrupt businesses into profitable contributors to the community. They stopped protesting asking governement and business to change and spent their energies on creating their own solutions. Very radical and refreshing to hear about.  

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