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 The Conflict of Man and Woman For That is What We Are - Not Gods or Goddesses4 comments
picture 24 Jul 2004 @ 19:20, by Salama Shaquana

The events of late that have resulted in the exchange between people with respect to behaviours have prompted me to write this. This is not intended as a criticism of anyone, that is neither my place nor my right, merely an observation. A wake-up call for me.

This is a gathering place for people with a desire to change the world and to create a new world based on harmony, respect and understanding. A world based on equality, honesty and not control or suppression. There are many here who see themselves as so called light-workers, healers, teachers and moral campaigners. I am one of those people. Yet, in reality as a group are we any different in our reactions and behaviours to the reactions and behaviours that we are so keen to eliminate?

To create a ‘new world’, the world we desire and yearn for means the elimination of distrust. I see a lot of distrust in the events of late. It means we do not prolong the drama and stress by involving ourselves in the discussion and taking sides. I see a lot of drama extension and side taking here. It means we do not attack people either physically or verbally. I see people being verbally attacked and terrible things said about them. It means not being flippant and posting smart comments, which can only belittle people. It means we try to understand why people react as they do in certain circumstances and to support them in resolving their differences – that means WAITING until they ask for our help. It doesn’t mean we all jump in and sling mud at each other and mock. It means releasing control and it means that one does not use their power or position to take away the rights of others.

On reflection and given the exchange of dialogue of recent days it should mean looking in the mirror and asking ourselves a question – are we REALLY any different? Can we in all honesty stand up and say we are the creators and guardians of the new world? From what I have witnessed and read, sadly I think not for if the truth were told when the ‘chips are down’ we behave just like everyone else. . I see hypocrisy, which saddens me. Perhaps it is time for a reality check

The truth is – everyone is where they should be…the truth is – everyone is where they CHOOSE to be…

Back to the drawing board…I think we still have a lot to learn.

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25 Jul 2004 @ 05:52 by jazzolog : Sharpening My Pencil
You're right, nemue. Some meditation/prayer time may be more important than thinking up the next witticism for a comment box. I shall try to do better at that.  

25 Jul 2004 @ 06:31 by shawa : Yup.
We´re all "on the way there", at best. At worst, we have a lot to learn. So right.  

25 Jul 2004 @ 07:29 by istvan : For what it worth
I reciwed a contact notice from "Goddess" this morning. It is always a good feeling to be contacted by souch entities, so I wrote her a repply. None of this to be taken I hope as any kind of mockery.

"I honor contacts even if it is only an expression of a recognition that there was some synchronicity with something I posted.
I have been thinking of leaving NCN lately for lack of real communication among members and a lack of sincerity within the network for much more than egobound chatting.
I state now and in all future communications my desire for focusing on the SUBJECT/OBJECT relationships of that yet dreamstate (in most of our cognitive minds) what a NEW CIVILISATION might be?, what resources we currently have?, what we need to research and implement? for it's livig, dynamic possibilities.
As an extension I also state my permission to you and all others to criticise,debate, expand my wiews and statements on any subject as you see fit. Do not worry I do not get insulted, nor feel put down, nor feel glorified upon compliments, if any, for that I reserve for myself. I also recognise Your right to be in any state of mind at any time, because states of mind are perhaps just mirrors to be used for further growth toward personal development.
When personal development reaches a certain level, it transforms the individual self into an expanded entity where no judgements of any kind can affect further growth and the way is open to become more than what we felt ourSELVES to be.
At that point,perhaps a NEW CIVILISATION is possible.

25 Jul 2004 @ 09:02 by spiritseek : well stated Istvan
each others views are just that our own views as we see it. Coming from each others lives mirrored from the outside of us and handled the only way each of us can see it. There is a difference in opinions but can emerge at any time from any direction. I see the need for us to get in touch with whats really happening and finding the way through,not avoiding and not shunning it but really finding what each of us wants to happen here and in the world. Tell it like it is!  

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