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15 Jul 2004 @ 17:23, by Salama Shaquana

What have we done to our youth that prompts such vicious and disgusting behaviour? Yesterday afternoon in a small Suburban Park in Sydney a 9-year old girl was set alight. She has 3rd degree burns to 30 to 40 percent of her body. As you would expect she is in a serious condition with months of hospital stay ahead of her. Her family are in shock, understandable. This little girl was just going to the park with her brothers and sisters and stepmother to play. Whilst this hasn’t been established beyond doubt, 2 young people were sighted running from the scene wearing Halloween masks. This isn’t a first, it has happened before in what we so smugly call the lucky country.

This isn’t downtown Bagdad, or some backward village location in a 3rd world country this is Sydney. I for one am starting to get sick and tired of ‘turning the other cheek’. Tired of trying to stay within my integrity and light whilst all around me I see the disintegration of moral standards, the erosion of values and increasing disrespect for the rights of others.

What drives this behaviour? Perhaps it is the outcome of cause and effect. The behaviour of adults often leaves a lot to be desired. The are some truly wonderful parents around but just as many who set a very bad example for their children to follow. Of hell, I forgot – it isn’t their fault because they had a rough childhood themselves, how silly of me. Abdicating your responsibility and blaming everyone and everything except yourself is becoming the norm these days.

Is it the courts that daily in this country and in particular this state of NSW let the ‘criminals’ off? You see the perpetrator of the crime is not responsible either because they too had a rough childhood or they were drunk but it wasn’t their fault. Silly bartender shouldn’t have sold them that one last drink. Drugs of course not their problem either, because they are depressed and prey to the drug dealers and on it goes. Losing your temper and shooting someone is the easiest option for many these days. Not the fault of the murderer of course, they will also have an excuse. Of course the word NO and phrase – ‘think before you act’ are not in their vocabulary – as probably didn’t go to school either. Not because they couldn’t go but because they chose not to go – that wouldn’t be their fault of course, it was probably the teacher.

On the off chance that those who inflicted such pain on this young child are caught, we can be pretty well guarantee that they won’t express remorse. They rarely do these days. They probably aren’t all that worried either, because they will probably get off – after all they aren’t responsible for their actions – everyone else is. Silly me.

Today I have made a decision – I am no longer turning the other cheek. I no longer believe that keeping quiet is the answer. What will I do about it? I am not sure as yet. I still feel a little numb over this last episode with this young girl. What I do know however is, that the belief’s I held about things being as they should be and acceptance regardless is crap. I am no longer willing to accept without question and without demanding that others pay their dues. I am angry and I am fed up and I make no apology for that.

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15 Jul 2004 @ 18:00 by bushman : Ya.
There seems to be a rash of people setting others on fire, 2 in the news here, one a family of 3, and another a family of 5, both did the deed in the car while driving. So bizarr, even for me to understand, I might blame it on floride, or sodas, maybe some odd solar flare, TV, geneticly engineered foods, that might have anti-depresant drugs and adhesives. But maybe it's all because there is nowhere left to run, no new lands to conquer, or discover. Too many rats in a cage tend to run amuck, they eat each other even if there is food and water, some just turn gay. Rats and humans are alot alike. For me maybe its money, since I don't have any and if I get sick or wounded, I know, I won't be getting the help I need, then maybe it just boils down to not having anything to loose. My only recourse is to heal myself or take my enemies down with me. They need to fix the education system to acomodate and teach spirituality, long before the academic stuff, they need to fix the system, so at least one parent can stay home and raise the kids, not the tv, not some socialy engineered education system, or even a church. They need to stop drugging the kids, they need to give them space to learn what it is to be an individual and part of the collective at the same time. The old saying comes to mind, " I brought you into this world, I can take you out." Humanity as a whole has stagnated, we need change, we need colonies on the moon and Mars, and incentive, no incentives that I can afford, the ball needed to keep rolling in the space race to give incentive to the young, the pace should of stayed in motion, and we would have outlets, and E ticket rides, to expand our minds. Now we just sit in front of the tube and get radiated by someone elses reality. Responcability is a learned thing, and there is no one doing that anymore, they just don't have the time, and don't want to look bad because they don't have nice cloths, and good teeth, because they can,t afford it, if they take the time off to teach the things they used to teach in the home.  

15 Jul 2004 @ 18:33 by spiritseek : Its good to rant sometimes
I feel it sometimes too. Releasing the pressure keeps your head from exploding.  

16 Jul 2004 @ 15:44 by scotty : I'm sorry
Salama !
I know how shocked you must be feeling.
When I was a nurse I used to work in the burns unit - I served some time looking after young children who were burned too !
It revolts us - we cry out in anger and frustration at the stupid injustice of it all - our hearts ache !
I don't know what the answer is - I hope you will find a way to appease the pain in your heart that this is causing you!
Love .  

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