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8 May 2004 @ 21:14, by Salama Shaquana

Over the period of the Wesak Full Moon 2004, a gathering of many intelligences, life waves, beings, systems and processes synthesised their knowing in anticipation of the grand new cycle for this universe which is awakening.......

Just as within our own bodies, at certain times there master glands within our endocrine system (which interface with our chakra system) that jointly review the current state of the organism then effect certain checks and balances upon the systems that they have the responsibility to rule over. This great event has been presented in recent moments as the Galactic Federation overriding the universal law of non-interference, this certainly is a valid perspective and reality model however we now seek to share another model for your discernment which perhaps will allow you to feel into the knowing behind and beyond this event.

Indeed there have been “Greater and Lesser Gods” within and upon the Earth in it’s development, these manifestations are in reality the eyes, ears and hands of the Creator Gods. When the Elohim (also known as Creator Gods) issue forth an evolutionary system, they fragment aspects of themselves into those evolving systems in several ways in order to provide a closed loop feedback system which operates in parallel to the normal Hierarchical reporting systems staffed by the Ascending Creatures of that system. Some of these Elohim Aspects are emanated with the other Monads (Spiritual Sources) to simply evolve with the other Creational Aspects chosen to evolve through that system. They tread the long weary path of their fellow evolutionary pilgrims, slowly ascending the return to source through the process of trial and error, they essentially work from the ground up. They seldom lead lives of notoriety except under special circumstances. Still other Elohim Aspects are spawned into the system at certain key evolutionary points to imprint certain new knowing (Virgin Source) into the system to enable new evolutionary templates to be installed and take the experience of that system to the next tier of the evolutionary spiral, these aspects are commonly referred to as Avatars. Other aspects serve a Life Carriers, seeding not only the initial coding for new inhabited systems but also new programming if the system unexpectedly ‘hangs up’. The Elohim often say that system anomalies are inevitable anticipated yet unexpected events. Still other Elohim Aspects serve as observers, representatives with a diplomatic function who interface as required with the various levels of a system as required and especially when a system anomaly threatens the viability of some aspect of the Creator’s Plan for that system. Such aspects are often known as Creative Regents.

In these moments, a pre-programmed review has detected that a certain ‘reversal of the choosing of humanity which has created this now’ is necessary in order restore harmony and integrity to the Creative Plan in this system. This will allow, Gaia, her Universe and the Universes associated with this chain of evolution to better meet it’s agreed goals and levels. As the ancient knowing of the Creator begins to intervene there is no judgment, rather simply the loving, nurturing ‘hand of GOD’ gently effecting a guiding influence upon her creation. This has become necessary because the choices made by human beings have become mutually exclusive to certain possible futures which the Elohim deem to be desirable possible futures for this system. Humanity here and elsewhere has backed itself into a corner in such a way that ‘we can’t get there from here’. You see, at primal soul level, humanity has been building an invocative decree for peace, harmony and wisdom to manifest in a Golden Age for some time. Most people are 'over' wars, fanatical patriotism, separatism and inequality. The problem is that the choices made in the process of the masses realising that this is indeed what they choose for the future has created a set of possible scenarios for our subjective futures which make such choosing almost impossible to manifest. So just as from time to time our own immune systems kicks in to override the control functions of certain organs and sub-systems of our own bodies, so too is the universes immune system going to gently ease the evolutionary flows here back into alignment with the evolutionary agreed goals and levels for our Beloved Gaia. This is a perfectly normal function within the evolutionary processes, a perfectly natural occurance within the wonder of nature.

How this occurs is that the soul probes (human beings) of certain cosmic intelligences will awaken to the role of holding and imprinting new frequencies into the biosphere here and elsewhere in key points within the universe. ‘Many will be called, yet few will be chosen!’ This is because only those vessels here on the ground that have achieved unbelievably high human-psychological clarity and spiritual connected-ness will be able to interface with the unbroken chain of consciousness between this realm and source to hold sufficient tension necessary to bring these ‘checks and balances’ into manifestation. Those who are proclaiming themselves as the greatest ‘this’, or only true ‘that’ most certainly are not a part of this respatalisation. More likely they are the prophets sent to prepare the way for the true vanguard. Those truly involved will always and in all-ways have held an extremely unusual vibration, they will be noted by their humility, their lack of outrageous claims to spiritual attainment and greatness, and the fact that that choose to live very ordinary lives, having relationships, rearing children, mastering all aspects of the human experience rather than just one area or a few, yet also obviously unusually gifted in the expression of all the ‘Great Rays of GOD’ whilst very active in their roles as bringers of change and genuine ‘new’ teachings rather than revamped old ones. For more understanding of the ‘Great Rays of GOD’. Click Here to enroll in our free course on the rays.

There are no roles within evolution which are better or worse than another, there are simply differences. As the spirit and soul ascend they move to new levels. For the finite human mind this is described as a hierarchy but in reality it is a hierarchy of equality, of unity of sameness, yet differences. Can you but see that in the 'IS', sameness and difference are one. Each can exist and does but all encompasses each one separately but united.' This is the understanding we share, the knowing of integrated mastery.

Welcome to Violet Earth - Welcome Home! Draw to the land and its living forms the power from the source through the love that is within. Let the love project into all matter and let the energy flow outward and inward creating one unbroken circle of swirling, glowing energy. Renew the old and bring the old to the new. For in so doing you will lighten the density and create a world that will fulfill all that you could ever need and love …

Initially a steering committee has been melded by representatives of many lifewaves including the Procyonians, Sirians, Lyrans, Orions, Arcturians, Alpha Centaurians, Pleideans, Ra-ans as well as certain more enlightened members of the Draconian Alliance. Click Here for more information about the main Extraterrestrial influences on Earth in these moments. This group will be systematically attempting to fully awaken the pre-seeded Elohim Aspects of their Lifewaves here and elsewhere, if those aspects but choose and are able to meet the minimum criteria for GOD Purity, Psychological Clarity, Ascension Activation and proficiency within their human expression. This will massively increase the intensity of the ‘new’ ways of autonomy, integrity, clarity, surrender to GOD’s Will, and equality. Over the passage of moments, all systems which do not resonate in sympathy with the ‘new’ patterns will no longer be supported by the system and will begin to implode upon themselves. True colours will be seen en masse, traditions will be seen for what they are and will fall away if they no longer serve the desires of the inner soul of humanity. Then it is the job of lightworkers to effectively mobilise to provide the necessary support and loving encouragement necessary to nurture the awakening and unfoldment of those who begin to awaken in waves. Now the real work begins my friends!

Over coming months I will be keeping you up to date in this newsletter, no doubt there will be other takes on what is occurring, I simply counsel you all to discern for yourself who is really ‘in the know’ and who is simply ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ or simply misinterpreting the events through lenses distorted with judgment, self righteousness and illusions of grandeur.

much love,
your friend and spiritual brother,
Michael King
Violet Earth Academy

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8 May 2004 @ 21:22 by skookum : Are you talking about this full moon?
the one that drove me nuts?  

8 May 2004 @ 21:30 by nemue : Beautiful moon
yes but why did it drive you nuts? I was fortunate enough to also view the moon eclipse which was wonderful.. blessings  

8 May 2004 @ 21:45 by skookum : it was ok
until the next days after... I have felt very edgy.. sometimes in a good way.. it is affecting my sleep...I feel a change in the air. I feel very watchful. I am sleeping ok now. I can't put my finger on things...but I sense a shift of some kind. Perhaps only in the group here...  

8 May 2004 @ 22:31 by nemue : Others Feel it As Well
Many are feeling similar things at this time. The earth is going through massive shift just now and this is manifested in so many ways - unrest, heightened energy fields, disharmony and this has an impact on us. Important us now to take time out for us, to draw energy from the earth and to turn to natural cures to help us through this. it will be worth it..  

8 May 2004 @ 22:35 by skookum : I had a most interesting
bithday this year... I won a raffle at work..and got a nice foot soaking metal tub full of spa stuff. time to heal within... I guess it was a pretty clear message to me.. I don't win raffles lol usually.

yes yes... natural remedies.. meditation.. music.. whatever it takes  

9 May 2004 @ 06:48 by ov : The Violet Earth Academy
was a very interesting website and I spent quite a few hours exploring it. Very well done and I sure liked what I read. It was filled with so much good advice that didn't really nead to be proven as being true, I simply felt like it was good advice. Thanks for the message Salama.  

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