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23 Apr 2004 @ 21:03, by Salama Shaquana

For many months now the message has been clear.. More and more talk of peace and harmony. Back to natural laws and earth connection. The following message from James Tyman is a powerful one...for us the reflect and keep faith, in understanding that "It Is Always Darkest Before Dawn" but we are on the brink of significant change..keep the faith...stay in the light....

Love and Peace Nemue

.......As most of you know, my recent journey to Baghdad, with leaders from many spiritual and religious traditions, was profound, frightening, and so very valuable. The people we met while we were there embraced us completely, despite the fact that garbage still fills the streets, electricity is a luxury, and the jobless rate is around 90%. Most people have faith that a new country is being created, one where peace will finally be a reality. This, combined with the prophecies that were shared by Chief Arvol Lookinghorse and Jose Arguelles, lead me to believe that they are right, no matter how things have appeared lately. Sometimes it is darkest right before the Light is revealed, and we have faith that peace is prevailing all around the world.

I was able to share these prophecies with around 2000 of you after my return from Baghdad through four conference calls. We have also received emails from many people on our list who were not able to join those calls, but still want to learn this important information. That is the purpose of this email.

I'll begin with what was shared by Chief Arvol Lookinghorse. The Lakota nation, as well as most indigenous people, look to nature to learn about life. Arvol said that there have always been stories about the eagle, one of their most powerful symbols. He said that his people believe that when the eagle leaves its normal place high in the heavens and begins moving closer to the earth, it is the sign that we are entering a new time, one where we will face new challenges and opportunities. Arvol has been observing this trend for some time now, and said that he had even seen eagles scavenging in garbage dumps near his home, something that never happens. This shows us that nature is out of balance, and since we are all connected to nature, we are out of balance as well. The fact that we are entering a time of great transition where we will have the opportunity to choose a new world, one based upon the laws of hatred and greed, or one based upon compassion and love, means that it i!
s time for us to pay attention to these signs. (Arvol said he first noticed these signs in 1990, which inspired him to travel to Baghdad before the Gulf War, along with other native elders. They were arrested as spies, only to be released four days later through the intervention of Muhammad Ali.)

Compare this to the information that next came from Jose Arguelles, an interpreter of the Mayan Prophecies and calendar. He said that a prophesy had been fulfilled that day from that tradition, bringing the ancient teaching of Maya back to the cradle of civilization. Most people don't realize that Baghdad is only an hour drive from the ancient city of Babylon, where civilization took root thousands of years ago. As Jose stated, from Babylon to Baghdad, from start to finish lies the alpha and omega of history - a span five thousand years in diameter, where beginning and end are back to back on the wheel of time. The events now occurring in Baghdad are the last act of history, which, by Mayan Prophecy, has its final curtain coming down in December 2012 and Jose said that we have now entered the final stretch. It doesn't necessarily represent the end-times, he said, but if we choose, a "new time." In other words, we have come full circle, and now it's up to us to decide which p!
ath we will choose.

Put these two prophecies together and he have a glimpse of the world we are creating, as well as the hope of the new world to come.

This journey to Iraq changed my life. I have traveled to so many countries where wars have raged without fear, knowing that God and the angels are with me. I feel it is important for me to be fully open with all of you about my true experience, since you are my spiritual family, and so I want you to know how challenged I have been since my return. Each one of us is being called to "show up" in powerful new ways, and to do so with courage. For me that means often risking my life to jump start the peace process, but to do so following my own sense of inner wisdom. We recently changed our plans to travel to Israel in late May because of the increasing tense situation there. I'm sharing this with you as a way of asking for your continued prayers for all these peace missions. I have no intention of being a martyr, for I feel we need more people in bodies living this teaching. I, for one, intend to be around for a long time doing this, and I hope you will be with me.

Keep the faith!
In Peace,
James Twyman

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23 Apr 2004 @ 23:19 by vaxen : Thankyou Nimue...
for sharing this message with us. 2011 or 2012? In either case it is we who must make the change beyond all present world systems which have and are failing miserably. I guess the real battle going on is between the decrepit old, still hanging on to their paltry visions of power over others, to the new heavens and new earth prophecied as well wherein everyone will know 'God' in their hearts. The law will be there and not written on stone or on paper and everyone will know. Thanks again. Blessed be sister.  

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