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19 Apr 2004 @ 00:09, by Salama Shaquana

This gem by Judy Carman is a keeper, a beautiful and comforting reminder of what is most important.

My Beloved Child,

Your very existence is holy and eternal. Your own divinity is etched upon the universe forever. You will make transitions from this realm to others, but always you will live within me and I within you as we dance and play together.

Without you, I would not be complete, nor would life, nor love. You are part of the One Divine Cosmic Family. Absolutely everyone and everything is connected in this great sea of Love. Without you we are not whole. You are needed and wanted and adored.

I am the power of love. Your cells and your breathing, your thoughts and longings all vibrate with that power. You breathe in my awesome love for you and all creation. You breathe out your electrifying love for all that is. You are heaven brought to earth.

I love you without boundaries or limits. There is nothing as vast and infinite as my love for you. There is nothing you can do that will dissuade me from loving you. You are made of my love, and nothing can separate us from each other.

Together you and I are co-creators. We birth energy into matter, light into form, heaven into earth, vibration into song. With every child you comfort, every stroke of your pen, every word from your lips and every kiss, you can fill the universe with more beauty, more mystery, and more love.

When you feel lost, alone, different, or full of faults, remember that you are perfect to me right now just as you are. I see only exquisite beauty and elegance and grace in you, Beloved. If the world seems to judge you or the path you have taken, remember there is no “right” path home to me. You are already here in my arms this very day.

There is nothing in heaven or earth that is not sacred and filled with me. I am in all that is, and all that is lives and breathes in me. I am life, and I am love. Your spirit sees me looking back at you from every face, every drop of rain, every stone, every gust of wind. When you look in the mirror, you see your face and mine. There, in you, rejoices the Divine.

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