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picture21 Feb 2004 @ 21:33, by Salama Shaquana

I was reading a message from Stuart today, which made me take stock and think about how important it is to tell those we love and care for, how much we love them. To tell them how proud we are of them. Our failure to do so can leave many scarred for life.

It is difficult for some people to tell others that they are proud of them but it so important that we do and in this day and age even more important. Many, particularly the young are faced with so many pressures these days. Their role models are often those whose lives they could they could never expect to emulate and because they can’t they are left feeling inadequate. Their families are often so busy just surviving that they fail to notice the impact they have in not taking time out to share their feelings.

The education system also places so much pressure on our young to be the ‘top of the tree’ – well not everyone is an 'A' grade student, not every one will be rise to the top of their profession. There are many more important things that people do that should make us proud. Just being a loving and caring person is enough.

So tell someone close to you today that you love him or her and that they make you proud to have them in your life. I am, before it is too late.

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