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12 Apr 2003 @ 20:51, by Salama Shaquana

Like many before me I became so embroiled in massing trophies, that I lost sight of what was really important in life. I cannot say in all honesty that I am still not a little too focused on the material side of life but I have come to appreciate the gifts that we receive daily.

The gift of a truly beautiful sunrise
The gift of an equally beautiful sunset
The singing of birds
The blue of the sky
The magic of clouds
The blessing of rain
The splendour of animals
The warmth of a hug from someone you love
The majesty of a beautiful tree
The struggle of a small sapling to grow tall
The blessing of flowers whose colour brightens even a grey day
The sounds of children laughing

No matter what befalls me these are gifts that are with me everyday. Gifts that money can not buy. Gifts that greedy corporations and governments can not take from me no matter how they try. They are gifts of love, of peace and abundance.

I treasure them more each day.

Written By Salama (April 2003)

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12 Apr 2003 @ 21:50 by jazzolog : A Gift
What a brilliant treasure this entry is---and your friendship!
A connection is here: to awaken to this beaming sunlight of wisdom.
Thank you.  

13 Apr 2003 @ 06:12 by newdawn : and
the gift of life to be able to experience all this and more  

13 Apr 2003 @ 10:33 by shawa : Thank you, nemue
Those things are the gifts, the abundance of the living Universe.  

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