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14 Feb 2003 @ 21:57, by Salama Shaquana

I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts. I wrote this back in December 2001. It is true today as we continue to battle fires in this beautiful place that I call home.

The Burning of the Earth

The sky is shrouded in grey haze,
The air is thick with choking smoke.
The bush cries in pain as raging fires raze all before it.
We are helpless bystanders in our attempts to stem the flow.

Mother Nature is sobbing; her children have been taken from her bosom.
Trees once standing proud are left blackened and barren; their life flow has ebbed away.
The souls of many animals struggle to understand the violence.
Like all in the universe, it is a process of life and death, but it should not be this way.

My pain is absolute and unending, my spirit cries.
My heart is breaking and I feel the pain of the souls in distress.
How can we speak of love and forgiveness and wreck such carnage.
When will mankind learn compassion, love, and respect?

The sun is setting now and the sky is blood red.
From my window I hear birds still singing, they are calling to me.
Speak out for we have no voice of our own.
Tell those who will listen that violence is not the way forward.
Tell them we forgive.

Tomorrow is another day, another chance to heal.

Salama Shaquana (Nemue) - December 2001

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15 Feb 2003 @ 05:25 by shawa : NCN , for some of us.. an opportunity, a training ground. We are learning to heal. (((Friendly hug))).  

15 Feb 2003 @ 16:09 by nemue : The Earth
It is fantastic when we can find ways to deal with hurt and find acceptance - things are as they are meant to be.  

15 Feb 2003 @ 21:56 by sevenlamb : The mother
Is awake. She is listening. She is totally touching those who seek and protect her.

Something -actually new- is happening. Now.

Trust me when I say it will destroy religion, metaphysics, science, and philosophy. And replace them with new toys that are so different from the domains of our habit that many will intentioanlly die rather than even approach the Tree of Christmas.

But those toys come from a mother's adoration for her many inward scales of children.

And a Father's ancient promise, to protect the smallest best.

As confusing as it may appear...

this, I believe with the Word of the unityCell...

is happening now. In a way that will reveal terrains...

we have not yet come close to imagining even the most general shape of.  

18 Feb 2003 @ 01:03 by nemue : The Burning of the Earth
Sevenlamb, I know of what you speak and I too believe we are on the verge of maassive and enlightening change. We each have a path to play.

Thank you for your message. I hope we can share again.  

18 Feb 2003 @ 04:37 by tdeane : Salama...
This is so incredibly beautiful and sensitive! Thank you for sharing it with us. Love ~ Tricia  

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