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 Tolerance2 comments
7 Feb 2006 @ 23:50
“Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression, in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population.”

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

Wise words indeed, however, what level of tolerance are we expected to show when the freedom to express is taken to an unacceptable level.

The events of recent days with thousands of Muslims around the world protesting (many in the most violent way) in response to the cartoons that were published by the Danish Press (in September last year) really brings home to me in the most graphic fashion the total of lack of acceptance and tolerance of the population at large. For me this is particularly worrying because this is symptomatic of how so many respond now to any number of issues that they do not agree with.

Expressing your opinion and the freedom to express your opinion is the essence of a responsible society. Many of our forebears lost their lives and others faced jail terms fighting for this right. Expressing your opinion and the freedom to express your opinion in a non-violent and responsible manner is not only the expectation of most of us but also the gift that we return to those who have gone before us. What we have witnessed over recent days and what we continue to witness in our everyday lives is not people expressing their opinion in a responsible manner but people rioting, destroying property, threatening death to innocent people, killing others (there have been a number of deaths reported as a result of the current protests) and whipping up hatred. The sight of young children carrying banners with messages such as death to all who insult Allah (and this is in London) are frightening and begs the question what are we teaching the young today.

Frenzy breeds frenzy.

One of the most chilling responses is that of British law enforcement operatives who have openly stated that they will not arrest people for inciting hatred and violence because it will only lead to more violence. They fear for themselves and with some justification. In see similar responses to a number of recent (what turned out to be violent) demonstrations in Sydney. So now we have a situation where radical Muslims can storm the streets whipping up violence and we stand by and do nothing.

“Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression, in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population.”

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

The more I think about this the more I am convinced that the ‘law’ firstly has removed the freedom of expression for the majority and has effectively placed the control in the hands of the minority. Death of tolerance…..

The legal system is now impotent when it comes to dealing with unacceptable behaviours of the minority. Trust me if I carried a placard with death to all Muslims and praise be to those who blow them up I would be arrested immediately and jailed for inciting hatred and violence and so I should be. But Muslims do this in the streets of London, and nothing happens. So why doesn’t it work in the reverse? Why would I be arrested and others now? But most importantly our spirit of tolerance and responsible freedom of expression is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

What a sad state of affairs and what a frightening future we have if we can’t stem the tide.  More >

 Should Blood Sports Be Banned?6 comments
3 Dec 2005 @ 03:49
Have your say.

If you believe we should be moving to ban blood sport that is the senseless killing of animals for sport then would you please respond to the vote contained in the link.

It is disappointing to see, that so far, the yes vote is losing by 3 to 1. Blood sport isn’t about killing for food, but killing for fun. Just plain senseless killing! Inflicting pain and suffering on innocent animals all in the name of fun. I often wonder how ‘man’ would respond if the ‘boot was on the other foot’.

Thank you for your voice and your help.

Blessings Nemue

[link]  More >

 We Are Diminished0 comments
1 Dec 2005 @ 22:46
Mankind has been significantly diminished today along with the legal execution of Nguyen Tuong Van in Singapore. Every attempt and approach to the Singaporean Government to spare his life was met a resolute no. At 6am Singapore time this morning he was hanged. From all reports Nguyen faced his death with remorse, courage and dignity, finding an inner strength. Whilst he had accepted his fate his concern was for his family and friends, which makes him a significantly better person than those who are the architects of his death. Yesterday, Nguyen was photographed posing in different outfits, and the pictures were handed to his mother as final keepsakes.

But this message is not just about the death of Nguyen. It is also about those who are left behind. It is about his Mother. It is about his twin brother for whom Nguyen committed the stupid act of carrying drugs to protect. It is about his friends and the rest of his family. It is also about all us who have been crushed by the barbarism of this act. Let us not forget that hundreds of people are legally executed each year in many countries.

It begs the question, how can we ever aspire to be an enlightened, compassionate and caring society if we stand silent and do nothing. If this one death results in one life in the future being spared because people stop turing a 'blind eye' and speak out and drive change then Nguyen will not have died for nothing.

May God forgive us and please spare a thought and a prayer for his Mother in particular. I will finish as I started. Mankind has been significantly diminished today and we are all part of mankind. It is up to us to seek change.

 The Abolition of Rights0 comments
23 Oct 2005 @ 04:19
How coincidental is it that we are hearing more and more with respect to the so called ‘spread’ of bird flu across the world just at the time when a number of governments are introducing new laws based on the lies of the threat of terrorism?

Is this a deliberate attempt to divert our attention from what is taking place in removing our freedoms? I suspect so.

Lets face it, we as individuals (on mass) haven’t fallen apart over the possible threat of being blown up. In fact most people are very philosophical about this issue. Many are also now questioning why we have to have anti-terrorism laws. As the voice of the people increases (over this issue) those who seek to drive the mission of the New World Order create yet another diversion – increasing the anxiety over the possible spread of Bird Flu.

Some interesting facts to ponder

Hundreds of thousands of people in Asia come into contact on a daily basis with birds. Yes affected birds at that. Yet the deaths from bird flu are less than that of normal flu. How interesting - does this sound like SARS all over again.

Over a 30-year period the IRA carried out numerous acts of terrorism across the world and in particular in Britain and Northern Ireland. Bombings and shootings claimed hundreds of innocent lives. The governments of the day at no time envisaged the abolition of habeas corpus (the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and the right to legal defence), so why now?

By what God given or elected right do leaders such as Blair, Bush and Howard have to start acting like dictators in abolishing the rights and freedoms (our ancestors) have fought so hard to gain and retain for us. Have they asked us what we want? No they haven’t.

Do NOT be diverted from the real threat. It isn’t terrorism, it isn’t bird flu it is our elected leaders of the ‘free-world’. Over the years we have one threat after another – and in recent history the PLO, Hitler, IRA and on each occasion we have beaten that threat. Why should it be any different now.

24 Apr 2005 @ 02:26
(This picture above was taken onboard a ship during transit from Australia to Asia)

I have been reading a number of horrific articles (and reacquainting myself with previous articles) this weekend with respect to the treatment of animals:

Animal death camps in Europe. When animals are put to death in the most appalling circumstances and where they suffer unbelievably cruel deaths

Live animal transport trade from Australia to many markets overseas. I urge you to NOT eat any meat that is transported live from Australia. Better still just don’t eat meat period...

Dog and cat farming in Europe. The vanity of people who think it is fashionable to wear fur

Animal testing. One of most vile exploitations and invasions of animal rights. The lies that are told about animal testing are breathtaking.

I thought this was a goodtime to promote the following. Until we learn to respect other forms of life we will never learn to respect human life. We are all connected and what pain and cruelty man inflicts on defenceless animals we inflict on our own kind.

Article 1:
All animals are born with an equal claim on life and the same rights to existence.

Article 2:
All animals are entitled to respect. Man as an animal species shall not arrogate to himself the right to exterminate or inhumanely exploit other animals. It is his duty to use his knowledge for the welfare of animals. All animals have the right to the attention, care and protection of men.

Article 3:
No animal shall be ill treated or be subjected to cruel acts

Article 4:
All wild animals have the right to liberty in their natural environment, whether land, air or water

Article 5:
Animals of species living traditionally in a human environment have the right to live and grow at the rhythm and under the conditions of life and freedom peculiar to their species. Any interference by man with this rhythm of these conditions for purposes of gain is an infringement of their rights.

Article 6:
All companion animals have the right to complete their natural life span. Abandonment of an animal is a cruel and degrading act.

Article 7:
All working animals are entitled to a reasonable limitation of the duration and intensity of their work, to the necessary nourishment and to rest.

Article 8:
Animal experimentation involving physical or psychological suffering is incompatible with the rights of animals, whether it be for scientific, medical, commercial or any other form of research. Replacement methods must be used and developed. Alternatives to animal experimentation should be prepared.

Article 9:
No animal shall be exploited for the amusement of man.
Exhibitions and spectacles involving animals are incompatible with their dignity.

Article 10:
Any act involving the slaughter of the animal is biocide, that is, a crime against the life.

Article 11:
Any act involving mass killing of Universal Rights Universal Declaration of Human Rights, December 10, 1948 Universal Declaration of the Rights of Animals, October 15, 1978 wild animals is genocide, that is, a crime against the species. Pollution or destruction of the natural environment leads to genocide.

Article 12:
Dead animals shall be treated with respect. Scenes of violence involving animals shall be banned from cinema and television except for human education.

Article 13:
Representatives of movements that defend animal rights should have an effective voice at all levels of government. The rights of animals, like human rights should enjoy the protection of law.

International League for Animal Rights

 More >

 The Violation of Our Children10 comments
picture 13 Mar 2005 @ 02:26
I have long held the view that Drug Companies are the scourge of the corporate world (yes there are others) but Drug and Chemical Companies in my view are the worst.

On reading articles of late on the topics of ADD/ADHD I question how long are we to stand by and watch our children being turned into a nation of ‘zombies’. If you haven’t taken the time to read up on this subject (and think of yourself as a caring individual) I urge you to so. This is frightening stuff.  More >

 Do We Have The Right…5 comments
picture 26 Sep 2004 @ 04:50
….to be treated and to expect to be treated any differently? Is our fate just that, our fate and what we need is acceptance of the eventual outcome?

I was reading a recent article by Richard Heinberg in New Dawn Magazine where Richard was expressing his views on Oil, War and the Decline of America. The wake up call for us is the depletion in fossil fuels and what that means for our future and the future of our children.  More >

 My Rant: Removing The Cancer – Is That The Solution?23 comments
21 Sep 2004 @ 23:37
Like so many around the world I pray for peace and harmony. I trust that negotiation; common reason and goodness will win out in the end. It appears however that belief and praying, trusting and reason don’t appear to work in all circumstances. What has promoted this rant?

The latest capture and beheading of the two Americans and what would unfortunately appear to be the same fate for the Englishman who is currently being held? This is nothing short of short of barbarism in the extreme. The perpetrators of these acts are not people who we can reason with. These are people whose sole wish is to plunge us back into the dark ages. Having said that I do not condone the many other acts of so called civilised people but I want to focus on the issue at hand and this issue alone.  More >

 OPEN YOUR EYES1 comment
picture 21 Sep 2004 @ 05:30
Given some of the discussion here of late, the following has some meaning and I think it is a wake-up call for all of us. Whilst the article was written 2-years ago it is just as relevant today.

We can continue to act as sheep (lovely, trusting creatures that they are and yes we continue to betray their trust in slaughtering them and treating them inhumanly) or we can stand up and say, we are taking back our control. At the end of the day, it is up to us.

Whilst this article is centred on America, the problem (or behaviour) is not unique to America and Americans. The same can be said for many countries and many people.  More >

 Please Help to Stamp Out This Trade0 comments
15 Aug 2004 @ 01:47
Bears in the U.S. are at great risk, as poachers have discovered that foreign markets, where bear stocks are dwindling, are willing to pay a high price for gall bladders, paws and other parts. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that 40,000 bears are hunted legally each year in North America. Along with this, an additional 40,000 are killed illegally each year, while poachers go virtually unpunished.

Most consumers are unaware that bear bile products can now be found in most major U.S. cities. The problem is significantly more severe in Asia. In China, bears are “farmed” and milked daily for their bile through a surgically implanted drain. The procedure is extremely painful and conditions are deplorable.

Please go to this site and register your vote to stop this trade. We need your help.


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