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 The Best Day of YOUR Life 0 comments
picture 22 May 2006 @ 00:46
"Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary." (Margareth Cousins)

Today, when I awoke, I suddenly realized that this is the best day of my life, ever! There were times when I wondered if I would make it to today; but I did! And because I did, I'm going to celebrate!

Today, I'm going to celebrate what an unbelievable life I have had so far: the accomplishments, the many blessings, and, yes, even the hardships because they have served to make me stronger.

I will go through this day with my head held high, and a happy heart.

I will marvel at God's seemingly simple gifts: the morning dew, the sun, the clouds, the trees, the flowers, the birds. Today, none of these miraculous creations will escape my notice.

Today, I will share my excitement for life with other people. I will make someone smile. I will go out of my way to perform an unexpected act of kindness for someone I don't even know.

Today, I will give a sincere compliment to someone who seems down.

I will tell a child how special he or she is, and I will tell someone I love just how deeply I care for her and how much she means to me.

Today is the day I quit worrying about what I don't have and start being grateful for all the wonderful things God has already given me.

I will remember that to worry is just a waste of time because my faith in God and his Divine Plan ensures everything will be just fine.

And tonight, before I go to bed, I will go outside and raise my eyes to the heavens. I will stand in awe at the beauty of the stars and the moon, and I will praise God for these magnificent treasures.

As the day ends and I lay my head down on my pillow, I will thank the Almighty for the best day of my life. And I will sleep the sleep of a contented child, excited with expectation because I know tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life, ever!

Whatever you appreciate will appreciate. Whatever you do not appreciate, will depreciate! Think about all the people and the things in your life that you appreciate or could appreciate. How does that make you feel? Put it into words and share it with the ones you love.

 A Beautiful Message2 comments
17 Dec 2005 @ 06:03
I have been so full of doom and gloom lately I thought I would change tack and post something lovely for a change. Hope you like it..and may the flame of HOPE be with you always. May your Christmas be full of joy and love and may 2006 see the start of real change and enlightenment for all mankind. Peace..

Blessed be..Nemue

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 The Light Movie2 comments
16 Oct 2005 @ 01:40
I found this inspiring and yes a little emotional. It touched my heart and today of all days I needed to receive this message. Thank you to my froend who sent this to me. Now it is my turn to share with you.

In these troubled times when it is so easy for us to lose our way to be remindered of the value of our connection to light is so very important. It is what life is about and it is the very essence of our being. Blessings Nemue.. [link]  More >

 Illusion2 comments
picture 24 Jul 2005 @ 05:23
Not sure why this resonated with me particularly today but it did so perhaps it will also resonate with you.

"You are Multidimensional Beings, functioning within many life contexts at once. Oneness is your touchstone, a place of reset and renewal. You have the ability to make each reality seem like it's own "objective" world. When you are invested within some frame of consciousness, it almost seems as if that world is All That Is! This is the gift of physicality, neatly administrated by your ability to hermetically seal each "movie" with an appropriate beginning, middle, and end. But really, there is no end. Every story plays on and on, forever! Each Cosmic Video can be checked out and enjoyed by anyone, anytime. And they are all YOU--home movies of the Oneself, recording each stage of Our soul's eternal exploration.

Many there are who would like to dismiss physical reality as mere illusion. But this is only partially true. What is seen in physical context is quite real, and it is also eternal. It just isn't complete, that's all. The "illusion" of physicality is its implication that what is seen in any reality context is ALL THERE IS that exists in that particular space. It suggests that what is transpiring in front of you is moving toward some end, a "conclusion" that will give meaning to the experience. But, in the expanded sense, there is no beginning, and there is no end. There are only individual patches, that are sewn together into a wall-hanging--tapestries of experience that you hang upon the walls of your mind and heart. You take a piece of reality, and you sew its seams onto another piece. And SO IT SEEMS to be moving and alive. And for you, it does live! Do you understand this?

If the world that you know was a custom-made coat, it would be the stitch work of a Divine Tailor. If the infinite possibilities of All That Is and All That Could Be were laid out like fine cloth--your eyes and your ears would be as His shears--cutting from that fabric a piece of space and time."

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 We Were ARE Not Afraid3 comments
picture 12 Jul 2005 @ 11:48
Whilst there are those who serve to damage our world there are many more who are now standing up to counted. I heard about this site this morning and decided to take a look. As you can see the site managers’ state that 4-milloion people have stopped by to take a look. Many hundreds have also posted their message to the world stating they are not and will not be forced to hide in fear because of mindless terrorists.

Tomorrow I will also post my pledge – please come join me in getting the message out for all who wish to see. Blessings Nemue
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 People Do Make a Difference1 comment
picture 12 Dec 2004 @ 04:20
I wrote recently about the potential risk to our culture and the impact of political correctness. My attention was drawn to the lack of celebration of our Christian heritage and the impact of the moral minority in sanitising our demonstration of who and what we are. Merry Christmas replaced by Seasons Greetings for fear of offending. The complete lack of outward show, no decoration (or limited decoration) and often NO outward show at all.

I am pleased to say that people power won the day in a small way clearly showing that we could all celebrate each other’s differences and enjoy the experience of doing so. In Sydney, hundreds of people wrote to the papers, rang radio stations and emailed people voicing their concern. I was one of those people. It wasn’t just Christians who wrote and rang but Muslims, Jews and the like. Their voice was united and those of different religious beliefs stated we love Christmas and we want to celebrate with you, we are not offended.

In fact in one of our larger shopping centres where a sizeable Lebanese Muslim community shops many, many small Muslim children had their photos taken with Santa Claus. I have never seen my suburb so colourful before. Many houses festooned with lights and messages of goodwill. Merry Christmas emblazoned for all to see. There are still some who resist but change is happening and whilst this year things started a little late, next year will be even better. That said, the ‘wake-up’ call did prompt many to act so the Christmas message is alive.

So you see, people can make a difference. It is just a matter of tolerance, goodwill and the joy of sharing. Whilst in the4 scheme of world events this is a little win, it is a win nevertheless so remember - speak up for what you believe in, you can make a difference. Do not allow those with a mission to divide to win the day. We don’t need wars to change things only those willing to speak out in peace. How is that for a wonderful Christmas Message?

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 Peace Begins.4 comments
picture 7 Nov 2004 @ 01:42

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 Belief0 comments
17 Sep 2004 @ 03:19
I heard this story this morning. It was stated that the story is true but regardless if it is or not, it is still inspiring.......

A priest who had been called to the home of a woman who had been advised that she had 3 months to live told this story. The woman in question wanted to talk with the priest about her last wishes and in particular her funeral. They discussed what music she wanted and why, who she wanted to speak, where she was to be buried and that she wanted an open coffin so that her fiends and family could say their last good-byes.

The discussion finished on a happy note despite the news and the priest got up to leave. Just as the priest reached the door the woman said, ‘Sorry there is one thing I meant to mention. I want you to place a fork in my hand.” The priest, as you would expect was intrigued by this request and her asked the woman why she would want a fork in her hand. She said, “Whenever we have our regular church get togethers and dinners the ladies always whisper keep your fork, when they are clearing the dinner plates from the tables. When they say that I know there is a lovely surprise coming and that I have something wonderful to look forward to. It might be a deep-dish apple pie or wonderful chocolate layer cake but I am never disappointed so when my family and friends pass by my coffin to say their goodbyes to me I want them to know that I have something wonderful ahead of me and they will as well. The fork symbolises that for me.”

The message for me is to look for the signs and the symbols.

 The Most Beautiful Flower0 comments
picture 15 Aug 2004 @ 23:50
I am not sure who wrote this, only that is was posted today on another forum and it really touched my heart. It made me stop and think of how often we only 'see' what is on the surface, we rarely go beneath the outer layer. We judge beauty by the image we have in our mind of what is perfect, failing see what was, what remains and that even when things start to wither and fade, the beauty that remains is just as strong, just as powerful – just different that is all......  More >

27 Jun 2004 @ 16:42
As we continue to search for answers perhaps we should reflect on the following - Simple Solution...

Process philosophy--matrix for the Gaia Hypothesis--holds that what constitutes our universe is not an assortment of lifeless particles but an ensemble of interrelated and dynamic happenings. And each of these events--from the energy that maintains a simple chemical bond to the complex flow of information through a termite mound or coral reef--is in constant change and interaction with all the others.  More >

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