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 Lessons - Taking Time for Me2 comments
picture15 Jun 2008 @ 05:40
It has been many months since I posted here. Time away to not only help me manage an extremely busy career, but to provide support to my husband who has not been well but more importantly time for me to step back and reflect on what is happening around me.

Lessons I have learnt during this time of reflection.

1. I can not change others or even hope that they will change and open their eyes to what is happening in this world, their world and my world. I can only change my immediate environment

2. We attract what we give out and we find strength that we didn’t know we had when times are tough. Yes, I know we know this but how often do we get to test it. This is a blessing, treasure the moments

3. I can not fight every cause and in my getting angry and frustrated with the injustice I see, it will not fix the situation. Each of us have lessons to learn in this life and I can not take on the lesson of someone else

4. For those of us in business we have to have the courage to speak out and to try and influence the decisions for the greater good. This is tough but we can influence change, I have witnessed that myself

5. Inner happiness and peace is our personal responsibility and I can not expect others to take on this responsibility for me. Only I can find my path

Nothing earth shattering in any of this. I knew this already but how easy is it for us to lose focus and be diverted from our true path. I am much calmer now and certainly more focused and accepting. It is good sometimes to take time for us and to get off the merry-go-round of life.

Blessings on and all

Nemue  More >

 Truth - Yes or No? 7 comments
8 Oct 2006 @ 07:11
Could this happen in America or any other western country?

What do you think?

A Warning For America From South Africa

Date: Thursday 05 October 2006 12:37 pm
From: G Holman

I urge you to read this article. Our freedoms are at stake and we are asleep.

A MUST READ......the invasion has already begun, and even though most Americans can see it, they still sit and do nothing or say, "It won’t happen to me or won't happen here." That is what every country has said before it happened there.!! Folks, this is a well-planned and finely orchestrated scenario and will happen unless we rise up in arms. Most of our leaders are part of it. January 2005  More >

 Steve Irwin & Peter Brock Farewell 4 comments
picture10 Sep 2006 @ 00:39
In one week we have lost two of our treasured sons – Steve Irwin & Peter Brock. To say Australians are stunned would be an understatement. There is a pervading feeling of gloom and loss. The outpouring of emotion is intense. We just cannot believe this has happened.

How poignant that both of these men died as a result of tragic accidents and both doing what they loved the best. Steve diving stuck down by one of the gentlest of creatures a Stingray. Peter behind the wheel of a high-powered racing car participating in a Targa rally in Western Australia.

Losing one icon is hard enough but two in one week almost unbearable. What is has done however is forced reflection and that in itself is a good thing.

Steve Irwin was only 44 years of age. He was the quintessential Aussie larrikin. I am ashamed to admit, that there were times when I felt intense embarrassment when I read of or witnessed Steve’s antics. In 2003 when the US President visited Australia, Steve was invited to attend a function in Canberra (our capital) to meet the President. Everyone turned up in black tie, as the event would demand, except Steve. Steve turned up in his customary khaki shorts and shirt. Many of us, myself included who like to feel we have a certain level of style almost died of shame. On reflection however who was the one with all of the style, it was Steve. He was being who he was. I have also been overwhelmed to learn of the impact that this ‘little Aussie larrikin’ had on some many people across the world. His impact on children is remarkable and his legacy will live on through the children he has motivated to learn about and to love nature. Steve loved his country, he loved is wife and his children, his family and the he loved wildlife. He influenced millions and was loved by as many. I am sorry Steve that I didn’t recognise your gift before it was too late but your legacy will live on.

Peter Brock (61) our greatest touring car champion and my hero. I spent many a Sunday watching Brock race. He was not only a great driver but also a truly great human being. His contribution on was many levels vast on only with regards the car racing community but also with regards to the various charities that he supported. He was generous of spirit. Peter although not as well know world-wide as Steve was none the less known widely within the car racing community. He also a wonderful ambassador for the country he loved dearly.

Rest in peace both of you. You will be greatly missed but you will never be forgotten. We will move on from our grief and our shock and I pray that the legacy you have left will be a constant reminder to us all – be generous of spirit, love with a passion, care about our world and our community and do this in the spirit of peace and harmony.  More >

 Fairness and Justice 0 comments
11 Jun 2006 @ 08:05
We should be asking for open disclosure or at least a retrial for Martin Byrant.

We are bombarded by the media with stories of injustice, of people held without trial. There is one story however that attracts no coverage at all from the mainstream media and this is evermore curious. This isn’t a recent story. In fact this is the story of a man who has been in jail now for just a little over 10-years for supposedly killing (no lets use the most graphic word – slaughtering) 30-people and injuring many others, on Sunday April 28, 1996 in Port Arthur In Tasmania - Australia.

This one single act propelled the perpetrator of the crime, Martin Byrant, onto the global serial killer list as the second most lethal gunman of all time.

So why is this story worthy of a revisit? Firstly Martin Byrant whilst having languished is jail for just over ten years never went to trial. Apart from two witnesses not one person that was present at Port Arthur on that fateful day picked Martin Byrant out as the gunman. In fact Byrant was never put into a line-up. Of the two witnesses who did single out Byrant they identified him weeks after the event. During this period Bryant’s picture was plastered across every broadsheet and across every media outlet in this country. Locals who knew Byrant and who were at Port Arthur on that fateful day stated that Byrant wasn’t the gunman. Byrant was picked out on a loose description based on the colour of his hair. Witnesses also stated the gunman was in his late teens early 20’s with pockmarked skin. Martin Byrant was in his late 20’s with very smooth skin.

The mystery deepens. Many of the people who were murdered on April 28 were killed by a single shot to the head. Byrant whilst an amateur gunman wasn’t a professional marksman. Any amount of evidence points to a professional and highly trained marksman carrying out the shootings.

Martin Byrant had an IQ of 66. Experts have stated that Byrant had neither the intellect nor capability of planning and carrying out the massacre and particularly he was not capable of shooting with the level of accuracy that was evident. Witnesses stated that the gunman shot with the gun resting on his right hip. Martin Byrant is left-handed.

Byrant stated that he was not guilty and then mysteriously changed his statement to guilty. He was never placed before a jury because the powers that be stated that as Byrant had pleaded guilty there was no benefit to be gained in holding a trail. The justification? Given the gravity of the crime and the impact on both the injured and the family of those who lost their lives on that fateful day a trail would serve no real purpose. What a trail would have done however was expose the injustice of taking a man of low intellect, who based on any amount of (suspect) evidence would indicate was incapable of carrying our such an atrocity and incarcerating this man for 10-years without trail. This event is one of the most audacious travesties of justice ever carried out in this country. Martin Byrant should be entitled to have his case reopen and to be placed before a jury where all of the evidence can be examined.

Please read the attached, it provides a number of clues as to why Martin Byrant was used as a scapegoat.




 What role will you play???1 comment
19 Mar 2006 @ 02:42
Do you know why you are here on earth? This is a question that many ask either themselves or others so I thought I would ask you.

What role will you or are you playing? Will you be part of the solution, part of the problem or a silent bystander?

Our world is undergoing a significant change. Regardless of your belief in the New World Order, the coming of our alien family to save us, destruction of mother earth due to climate change, the coming of Planet X, WW111 etc etc etc we are undergoing change. What role you will play?

Do you believe you are here on this earth to help save the planet and to assist in moving us to the age of enlightenment?

Are you here to thwart change – that is part of the controlling forces? Or conversely you don't believe that we are being controlled by other forces/factions

Or, are you one of the millions who will stand by and do nothing just accept your fate?  More >

 A New Year's Wish0 comments
picture 27 Dec 2005 @ 06:18
2005 has been a year of significant global turmoil. Many of the people of the earth are suffering as a result of wars, famine, droughts, natural disasters (leaving people without shelter), government actions (particularly in African countries), to name but some of the challenges faced in 2005.

My wish for 2006 is to start to see the change that we have spoken about for many years becoming a reality. For those who have had to endure hurt and suffering may they find peace and healing. For those of us who have been fortunate in our lives may we find compassion and the ability and want to share and help the less fortunate. For those who enjoy enormous wealth may you find it in your hearts to give more than you have in the past?

For you my NCN friends may 2006 be a year of peace and happiness, good health and calmness.

From one of our spiritual places in Oz – Happy New Year

 Devaluing of our Culture6 comments
picture 28 Nov 2004 @ 01:56
We are a few weeks away from Christmas and for most us who live in so called Christian Societies it is a time of celebration. For many the religious message is not always strong but we all enjoy the giving of presents, the decorations, the sharing with family and friends and the celebration of the closing of one year and coming of the New Year.  More >

 Progress is VERY Slow1 comment
picture 12 Oct 2004 @ 00:41
I came across this quote today from a push email. I wonder why we have stumbled on our path as this was 40-years ago? Regardless the message is a good one to keep in mind when we as individuals are struggling to stay true to ourselves.

"Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually
changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly
building new structures."

-John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) United Nations address,
Sept 1961  More >

 The Impact of Globalization2 comments
picture 9 Aug 2004 @ 19:48
The balance between business recovery and personal lives!!

As a leader in business today we are often forced to make choices that have a significant impact on the lives of people we work with. Today was one such day for me. Today we announced that a significant number of people from two countries would be losing their jobs over the next 15-months and that we would be re-establishing out base in Asia. As a regional operation this makes ideal sense from a geographic standpoint as well as good commercial sense as we will reduce costs.  More >

 A Time To Reflect1 comment
22 Apr 2004 @ 21:50
This Sunday we celebrate ANZAC Day in Australia and I am feeling somewhat reflective. ANZAC stands or the Australian & New Zealand Army Corp and the original ANZAC’s were the brave men who represented their countries on the battle fields during the 1st world war.  More >

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