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 Full Moon with Arcturus conjunct Sun and Saturn
12 Oct 2011 @ 22:23, by adi gaia

This Full Moon of Libra has Arcturus conjunct both the Sun and Saturn, and is thus a portal for the Ascension Forces of Arcturus and beyond to become established throughout this planetary EarthStar system.

And it is also the beginning of the inflow of the 11-11-11 Planetary Ascension Forces.


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Universal Citizen

Greetings Everybody!

We are in a very potent Full Moon Energy for the next 72 hours. This next two weeks we will experience the Energies for the Most Potential Growth of our Lifetimes.

The Triple portal of 11.11.11 marks the initiation of geometric-crystalline grids receiving Cosmic Pulses forming a new Crystalline Firmament. This is the healing of Mother Gaia of the Great Wars which led to Dissolution. This is when we may clear all our karma from the past and begin New Earth. As the Crystalline Firmament takes hold it will create a Force Field around the Earth which will be in the 5th Dimension at Zero Point.

With the assistance of the Galactics this Force Field will be experienced as two elliptical bands of energy that intersect at 90 degree angles around the Planet. These will be platinum electric and gold magnetic bands which will carry the frequencies to suspend Earth in the 5th Dimension permanently. Being in the Higher Vibration opens potentials we have no seen on Earth in over 65 million years,

We will join together on 11.11.11 as the portal opens to meditate worldwide with millions of people simultaneously for one hour at 11:11 am GMT. We will meditate on Worldwide Peace. The vibration for a Collective Consciousness Shift has never been greater. We have seen the Spheres in the sky line up for Mid East dissolution of Monarchies and now we have taken our Cries for Freedom to Wall Street and all over the United States in the West. We have a worldwide collective asking for Peace and Marching in the Streets.

There has been a tremendous clearing in our personality selfs. It is a wonderful time in the next 30 days to reflect on where you have been and who you have become. As the 11.11.11 portal opens the Universe invites you to begin Your True Mission. We do this by calling in our Higher Gifts and activating them with our Master Teachers.

I am very grateful for all the support I have received and I would like to give back. I am offering Metatron Readings at a very special price. Metatron has asked me to Serve this way because it is very important for the progress of Earth for Everybody to have the answers they need to help them make decisions that will have them on their right Path. Please donate $33 and then email 5 Questions for Metatron. I will return reply the answers to you. I will take time off from other work now to get these done as they come in. Please email me at btrutwin@gmail.com I sincerely hope to help as many as I can move into the Higher Frequencies prepared to Walk their Mission Path.

Continue to Visualize World Peace for the Next 30 days. As We Believe, So It Is.


All My Love,



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