UNIVERSAL CIVILIZATION/New Earth Global Village News: We move through this new doorway we call NEW LIFE.    
 We move through this new doorway we call NEW LIFE.
8 Jan 2008 @ 22:15, by adi gaia

This message from the last 11:11 is being increasing realized as the new reality ~ It expands on this Attaining Symbiosis and Oneness With All Life [link]

Here's another similar one ~

January 1st : 1:1:1: Welcome to the Fifth Dimension...We are One Family, One People, One Planet : OK, so we have spent most of the last cycle working with the Fifth-dimensional energies, and some days we do well and some days we have slipped back into old Third-dimensional patterns. But, from this day, the 1:1:1, we can be certain that we will really need to work with all the Higher Dimensional living skills that we have developed. From now on, the planet will be evolving within her new Fifth Dimensional Matrix, and we will need to be able to live in harmony with this energy signature!

And this new energy signature requires us to be able to move beyond dualistic belief systems and into a perception of Oneness and Unity. We are One Family and One Planet. If I have to look back at my own life, I would say that the biggest change I have seen has been the movement from a perception of huge distances and separate nations, to a perception of One Planet that is in constant connection and movement. At this point, I suppose I do have an unusual job, but like many people, my working day involves speaking to people all around the world using modern technology. I understand at least six languages, and I can interact with people of many different cultures. I am becoming a New Earth citizen of the Planet.


Special Message from Victoria Liljenquist

As we approach 11:11, the energy is building within our Cell Memory. As we prepare our total essence to embrace many magical shifts to unfold around us like the wings of a dove. Just as we left our Creator when we traveled through the birth canal to new beginnings, so shall we move through this new doorway we call NEW LIFE.

Even as we see the remodeling of Mother Earth, we also know that our Divine Self is shifting us into new realms of understanding and remembering who we are. Never before has the journey of this planet been in a process of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS AND LOVE.

Yes, there are those who are still lost and confused, but as we wrap our hearts as one around these souls….they shall awaken when it is their time.

Fear not for Great and Glorious Events are being birthed each moment.

As the Merkabah Vehicles are arriving all around the planet, it is only just a matter of time for those who have eyes to see, souls to feel and know that we are ready for our journey towards our next phase of development as a Galactic Society.

Watch the skies as the wonderment shall appear before you, perhaps you might feel as the wise men did on that special night long ago.

Each day, each breath is a moment to taste the sweetness, reach out for those you can touch, choose what makes your heart sing…for we are all voices of the Infinite CHORUS THAT SHALL HERALD THIS NEW DAY DAWNING.

Traveling on a train…you look back and the past seems so very small. This is how we shall see our World as it has been…and then witness our World as it is initiated into the DivineWorld it shall BECOME.

Spirit is flowing through our veins, beckoning us to let go and ALLOW THIS TRANSFORMATION TO BE POSITIONED NOW.

Blessed are the little children for they have brought forth the keys for the New Earth.

Blessed are the challenged, for they shall be freed to break the chains of the past and move forward into JOY.

Blessed are the weary, for their tears shall be wiped and new beginnings shall embrace them.

Blessed are the sick, for they shall be Healed!

Let us pray for those in the path of fires, waters, and volcanoes, that they shall be lifted and safe….to discover a new path and beginning.

Look Forward ONLY….as yesterday is melting into the fears of Man. See now the Test is to Create with your own thoughts…only that which you desire to bring into fruition.

Express your love, your joy, your truth, and Know the I AM WITHIN is guiding this Symphony of Life.

Please join me on NOVEMBER 11, 2007 at 11 p.m (pacific time) on Coast to Coast Talk Radio for an evening of visions, miracles, and expanded views on film, to Seeing Beyond this Reality, as we Become ONE as the Family of LIGHT.


"Encounters with Angels, UFOs (Merkabahs) and Divine Messages"

On November 11, 2007 at 11 p.m Pacific Time.
(11:11 a very special STAR GATE Portal)
Victoria Liljenquist will be a guest on

Coast to Coast
AM Late Night TALK Radio
Host: Rollye James.

Click on: www.coasttocoastam.com

Radio Affiliates in your Area to listen to the show…
Click here: [link]

Blessings to All,

In gratitude, love and JOY,

Victoria Liljenquist


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