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 A Unified Message from Gaia & the Arcturians
31 Oct 2005 @ 18:32, by adi gaia

A Unified Message from Gaia & the Arcturians ====================================

Dear Ones,

We ARE the Arcturians in union with our beloved Gaia. And, I AM Gaia, here with the marvelous Arcturians.

Please hear our unified voice, for we have joined our Essence, Gaia and the Arcturians, so that Earth and all planetary inhabitants shall pass through the Arcturian Corridor on our return Home to our true SELF.

A Unified Message from Gaia & the Arcturians ====================================

Dear Ones,

We ARE the Arcturians in union with our beloved Gaia. And, I AM Gaia, here with the marvelous Arcturians.

Please hear our unified voice, for we have joined our Essence, Gaia and the Arcturians, so that Earth and all planetary inhabitants shall pass through the Arcturian Corridor on our return Home to our true SELF.


As you may remember, the Arcturian Corridor is the portal between the third/fourth dimension and the higher worlds. In preparation for our final journey out of the third/fourth dimension, through the Corridor and into our true vibrations, I, Gaia, have joined my Essence with the Arcturians. This means that ALL of my inhabitants have also joined their Essences with the Arcturian Group Mind.

As you know all too well, the majority of my humans have not yet consciously awakened to their higher dimensional SELF. Because of this, humanity's Collective Consciousness is still holding onto the 3D Matrix. Therefore, the reality around you is still bound to the patterns of illusion. However, these illusions are beginning to falter, which causes great fear for the "un-awakening ones," as they can no longer feel secure in their old, 3D reality.

The "un-awakened ones" consciously cling to the past, as their illusions tell them that it was a safer time. Because of this, their fear forces them to live in the reality which is ending rather than embrace the reality which is becoming. Do not allow the fear of those around you to cause you to doubt the loving SELF you have discovered within you. You have downloaded and integrated the fifth/sixth dimensional Light into your consciousness. As a result, you are beginning to perceive the new reality which is dawning. I urge you all to KNOW that the inner messages you have received, as well as your yearning to change, are because of your higher state of consciousness.

I regret that this transition is so demanding for my Awakening Ones. It was not according to the Divine Plan for our return to SELF to be so difficult, but the 3D Game was more challenging than any of us could have foreseen. However, in this "Game" the few have always lead the many into new realities, so the final chapter is not that different from the previous ones. Forge ahead, my courageous new leaders for the Arcturians and I, are always with you. The Arcturians would now like to tell you about the reverse filter.


We are the Arcturians speaking to you through Gaia's and our combined Essence. We find that when a Being, be it a person, a society, a planet, a solar system or a galaxy is ready to pass through our Corridor into the fifth dimension and beyond, it is best that they join their Essence with ours. In that manner, we are in constant communication with those who are "Ascending Home."

We wish now to tell you about the reverse filter. For all of your third dimensional incarnations, the consciousness of your earth vessel was calibrated to what we call the "reverse filter." This filter acted to "filter out" the fourth dimension and above. Hence you could only perceive the third dimension and below. In order for you Multidimensional SELF to "log onto" the 3D Game you had to put your consciousness through this reverse filter.

As a process of recalibrating your earth vessel to accept and integrate the Higher Light again, we shall assist you in changing the filter in each of your chakras, so that you may filter-in the fifth dimension and beyond. You integrated the Higher Light into your consciousness while you were in the Violet Temple in the Pleiades; now you will integrate that Light into your physical body.


To log onto this Game you had to "hit the I Accept button" that said: "You are now endeavoring to partake in the 3D Game of Separation and Limitation. Hence, you will experience a gradual separation from the fourth dimension and beyond. You will also experience an increasing sense of separation from your Higher SELF, as well as from ALL the higher vibrational realities. You have chosen to enter this `experiment' because you believe, and/or hope, that this LIMITATION in consciousness will spur you on to enhanced evolution."

When you first entered your virtual earth vessel on this 3D Gameboard, a reverse filter had to be placed in your consciousness. This filter automatically kept out the sixth dimensional blueprint of your true SELF, your seventh dimensional Oversoul and the higher dimensional aspects of your SELF beyond the seventh dimension.

As time progressed, "time" being a phenomena specific to this game and unknown in your natural state, the fifth dimension was filtered- out of your consciousness and hence your perception of reality. After the loss of the Lemurian 5D force and the Atlantian 4D force, you also became "unconscious" of the fourth dimension as well.

Of course, there always were the very "unusual" ones with "second sight" who were still able to perceive the fourth dimension. Many of you, the members of the Planetary Ascension Team, were among that small group. You could just not bear to enter the 3D without any relief from the grinding limitations of the third dimension. However, filtering out the fourth dimension and above became a primary rule of the third dimension, especially during the Dark Ages, and in breaking that rule many of you were punished greatly. Therefore, most of you decided to voluntarily limit your perceptions to protect yourself and your family.

Far back in "time," when you first entered the 3D Game, you thought the Game would be a good experience, and in the end, perhaps it was. However, since you had never experienced individuality, you had no idea how lonely it would be. Also, in order to create a reality which resonates only to the 3D and below, the matrix for that reality had to be extremely polarized. In other words, the polarities of good/bad, light/dark, male/female were strictly divided.


Since your true SELF sprang from Unity with the Unconditional Love of the Flow, you had never experienced evil, hate, darkness or prejudice and had no concept of how damaging they could be to your Essence. You were like an innocent child going to a terrifying horror movie, and due to your innocence and purity the images of the horror film tainted your consciousness and your perception of reality.

Even though a gradual decline in resonance was planned over the millennia, the 3Dexperience was still quite overwhelming. Hence, most of you decided that remembering your true SELF was too painful and you chose to forget. That is, until NOW. The long-awaited time of the "Return to SELF" is this very moment. Unfortunately, the habit of 3D life weighs heavily on you.

Consequently, awakening to your forgotten Truth is extremely difficult, and living that Truth in your daily life is even more taxing. Furthermore, the majority of people are still "unconscious" of their true SELF and still deeply entrenched in "winning" or "losing" the Game. The problem is, when you win, from the perspective of your Soul/SELF, you appear to be losing, from the perspective of your ego/self. All the "toys," accolades, and accomplishments that your ego worked SO HARD to achieve, mean little to your Soul. Since your Soul only wants you to connect with it, it may dare you to release your old attachments in order to turn your attention inward.


The "signal" of light that you are receiving from your Sun has progress from 3D narrow-band to multidimensional broadband, much as your dial-up internet access has expanded to broadband and soon, to satellite access. This is happening because your Solar System is entering the Photon Belt, and the Central Sun knows that Gaia can now accept a higher frequency of light. Yes, Gaia "logged-onto" the 3D Game as well.

In reality, each of you is actually components of Gaia. All the inhabitants of planet Earth are of the same Oversoul, which is a component of your Oversoul's Oversoul, the Galaxy. Every 12,000 years, when Gaia enters the Photon Belt, there is an opportunity for Her inhabitants to ascend, to "log off" the 3D Game and go Home to their Higher SELF. However, this entry into the Golden Age of Aquarius is different, as the entire Planet is "logging out" of the 3D Game and Ascending Home to SELF.

As Gaia and her inhabitants enter the Photon Belt, the Higher Frequency Light of the Photon Belt bombards your old-fashioned filter and causes it to break down. More and more, the higher frequencies are leaking through your old 3D filter and entering your consciousness. This phenomenon causes great fear for those who are uneducated as to what is actually happening. Therefore, we the Arcturians are calling to all our channels to please spread the word.

Allow us to divert a moment to explain what "our channels" means so that you don't think that it is some special person. "Our channels" simply means those of you who can hear our call and have gained enough trust in your SELF that you can trust our message to be the Truth. We continue with our communication.

The upgrade in Light, which can most easily be received in the protection of the Violet Fire in the Temple in Alycone, can only be integrated after you have recalibrated first, the filter of your consciousness, then, the filter for your earth vessel. Your old brainwave filter could only consciously receive, integrate and use Beta Brainwaves. Hence, when you were in Alpha, Theta or Delta brainwaves, you were "unconscious" of your external reality. There were those of you who could consciously receive Alpha Brainwaves, IF you were willing to do some "processing."

When you only used the limited frequencies of the third dimension and below, you only needed to access about 10-15% of your earth vessel's brain and about 10% of your DNA. The rest of your brain and DNA was considered "junk" by your 3D-bound scientific community. We wish to tell you that Source would NOT create anything that operates at a 10- 15% efficiency rate. However, while you were functioning in ONLY Beta Brainwaves, you were using only 10% of your DNA and 10 to15% of your brain. Fortunately, with your gradual entry into the Photon Belt, this limitation is coming to an end.


As always, the first ones to evolve/awaken have the most difficult time in upgrading their perceptual system. It is much like walking out of a dark cave that you have lived in for many generations. Generation after generation has never left this cave and, in fact, believes that it is impossible to do so.

Therefore, when some young "upstart" says, "I am going to go outside the cave."

The "mature ones," say, "That is impossible!" In fact, they will probably become quite angry.

"How dare you think that you can leave this cave? This cave has served us well for as long as anyone can remember."

"But I can remember being outside the cave," says the young one.

"You must have dreamed it. No one can leave this cave," the mature ones shout in fury. "Now go to your room. We will not have this discussion again!"

The young one then walks away in confusion thinking, "Why are they so angry?"

"Because," whispers the very voice that told the young one to leave the cave, "They are afraid."

"But what could they be afraid of?" asks the young one.

"The mature ones are afraid to be embarrassed by discovering that they have been wrong. What if they have lived in this dark cave for generations, when all along they could have stepped out into the Light? If you are right, if you really can leave the cave, then the mature ones will be proven wrong. Then they will no longer be the Leaders. In truth, you will be the leader because you will have shown the way into the Light."

"I don't care about being a Leader," says the young one.

"I am just tired of always being in the dark."

You, the awakening ones, no matter what your chronological age, are the "young ones." You are young because you are "young" to the new Self that you are becoming. And, yes, you are all tired of "being in the dark." Furthermore, you are tired of being in Beta Wave Consciousness. Do you remember the first time you saw the classic American movie, The Wizard of Oz? When Dorothy first stepped out of her old farmhouse, she left her black and white reality and stepped into the multi-colored world of Oz. However, all that Dorothy wanted was to go "home" to her black and white reality.

It turned out that it was all a dream, a mere figment of Dorothy's imagination, as the "mature ones" of that era where far from ready to leave their cave. Your planet was far from the Photon Belt then, and your Collective Consciousness was deeply embedded in fear, war, and lies.

In spite of this, your reality has changed greatly in that short period of "time." Now, many of you are wondering, "What if it isn't just my imagination? What if it isn't a dream and, instead, it is a reality? What if there IS a way out of the black and white so- polarized-that-the-colors-"in-between"-cannot-be-seen reality? What if I dared to step out of the cave and into the Light?"

Yes, the "mature ones" will indeed be angry. They will be angry because they are afraid, so afraid that they will try to frighten you as well. If you are right, then they are wrong. They do not want to be wrong because that could make them lose their "Power Over" others. Fortunately, those of you who are longing to leave the cave have no desire to have "Power Over" others. You only want to find your "Power Within." Therefore, you are not afraid of being wrong, and do not need to be right. You just want to be happy!

You are SO tired of being in the Beta Wave world of 100% outside focus. You have discovered a new reality that can only be accessed from inside yourself. In fact, you feel deeply fatigued as "time" marches on in your 3D Beta Wave world. Each minute takes an hour when you are trapped in traffic, a boring meeting or while performing a mundane task. You are extremely tired of limiting your belief in your SELF and feeling separate from the Light that you KNOW awaits you just outside the cave.

However, as soon as you shift into Alpha Wave Consciousness, you begin to feel connected to-- to what-- you may not yet be sure. You are thinking that perhaps, and you think this might be true, you will feel connected to your SELF, the SELF that got lost somewhere between your birth and your present situation. But in that moment, the moment when you are YOU, time disappears. Hours go by in what would have been a "Beta minute."

Suddenly, the world is bigger, brighter, more colorful, more fun, and more alive. Why? Because in that moment you have stepped out of the dark cave of illusion and into the Light of your true, Multidimensional SELF. The Multidimensional SELF that you have Always been, but forgot. NOW, it is "time" to REMEMBER.

After you have recalibrated each chakra to change your filter to "filter-in" the higher frequencies of Light, we shall return to you to assist you in releasing the polarities of illusion so that you can better BECOME ONE with your SELF. We are grateful for your participation in this process, and we want to commend you for the great contribution that you are EACH giving to Gaia and ALL of Her inhabitants.

We thank you, and Gaia thanks you, The Arcturians in union with Gaia

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