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 The Tenth Pachacuti Prophecy
24 Aug 2004 @ 18:14, by adi gaia

The Prophecy

The next (tenth) Pachacuti, according to the Q'ero, has already begun. The word pacha in the language of the Inka means "Earth" or "time." Cuti means "to turn upside-down."
The upheaval and chaos characteristic of this period will last until the year 2012.

During this time the world will be turned right side up again. The ways of the Earth peoples will return. Like the Hopi, the Qero were given signs that would announce the coming of the Pachacuti. These signs led them to first come down from the mountain tops to reveal the rites of passage for slipping through time.

The prophecies speak of a time of upheaval and great opportunity in the next decade, a time when the fabric of the past will be torn, when we will be challenged to live love, heal, and even die differently.

Like the Hopi, the Lakota, and Maya, the Inka believe that the end of the decade may bring with it the end of the world as we know it, and the possibility of a millennium of gold. Although the prophecies mention the possibility of annihilation, they actually promise the dawn of a millennium of peace after this period of turmoil. They promise the emergence of a new human.

Even more important for the shamans, the prophecies speak of a tear in the fabric of time itself. They present an opportunity for us to begin defining ourselves not only in terms of who we have been in the past, but who we will become ten thousand years from now.


The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor

"During the ninth Pachacuti, that started around 500 years ago, the eagle peoples will dominate the Earth. The people of the eagle are those of us of the material world, of the mind and intellect, the modern technological world.

"At the beginning of the tenth Pachacuti, the people of the eagle will have reached a zenith in creating technologies. They will have material wealth beyond imagination. With that will come a spiritual impoverishment that puts their very survival at risk. The people of the condor live through the heart and the senses. They will have a profound and developed relationship with the natural world, with spirits. They will be flooded with spiritual power, but will be materially impoverished to their peril. They are especially impoverished in their dealings with the eagle people."

According to the prophecy, "At the beginning of the tenth Pachacuti, the eagle and condor will remember that they come from one place. They will fly together in the same sky, wing to wing. In other words, mind and heart will rejoin. Intellect and senses will reconnect. The world will come into balance in a miraculous way, but not before Pachamama herself will humble all creatures to remember their rightful role in relation to her." The Great Mother, according to the prophecy, will tremble and shake, create great climate change, floods. Continues Twist, "The people of the Amazon see in their dream that they will prevail, yet they realize they must play their role, they must participate completely in producing the outcome. We each need what the other has."


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