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 The New Unity Has Arrived
26 Apr 2004 @ 14:23, by adi gaia

The New Unity Has Arrived
April 24, 2004


The Spring Equinox brought in an energy with the most powerful punch I have yet to experience, and with good reason. GREAT change and a lot of New were its earmark. Creating great stress within many, some of us felt we were reaching a breaking point. As this feeling of stress continues, it serves a divine purpose. We are being ushered into a state of surrender, giving up and letting go. These energies need to be this intense in order to create a specific vortex within us. We are being asked to co-create with source, to surrender and let go in order to embody this New way of the higher realms. As we realize that we cannot do everything ourselves, that we are not completely in charge, that everything is not our responsibility, and quit trying to make everything happen ourselves, we then get out of the way and let source do all of the work. As enough of us reach this state of high stress and frustration and finally give up and let go, we will then “flip” into the higher realms as a whole.

We have also now entered into Unity consciousness. As we can no longer do everything ourselves, and as we surrender to source as the “work horse”, we will soon be coming together to assist each other as well. We will all be there for each other, sharing our own unique gifts and talents to support each of us experiencing the ascension process, and then, as we move forward, continuing this on for all those who will follow. As I have mentioned many times in the past year, communities will soon be forming which will embody complete unity and support, as well as an arena for us to share our unique gifts, talents and passions. In the meantime, this New unity energy will leave no man, woman or child alone or unattended. That was the Old paradigm. Viewing things from this New energy of the higher realms, it seems unbelievable that we have lived in such separation from each other and from source for so long…..

This latest arriving energy needed to be this intense for the changes to be felt so that things would have to be manifested into form. This “punch” had to be noticeable or we would all continue on complaining without making changes. This week we began a sort of “upswing” in our lives with things beginning to look up and change. This is the beginning of the integration of the New changes.


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