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 The Freedom of Choice
19 Nov 2003 @ 10:22, by adi gaia

The Freedom of Choice - book

I wish you a good read of this extremely good book coming from a scientist speaking our way, the way of the higher civilizations of the Galactic Confederation of the Free Worlds.

It is unusual to read a scientist speaking of unconditional of love and free will, but one can understand how he has achieved such a wisdom if reading about his passions, which include meditation. In the book he explains the importance of alternating meditation with concentration (the rest of the intellect and the use of it) as a meaning of improving one's intellect reaches (intuitions), and he clearly is an example of such wise balance, in having very good intuitions and then to be able to explain them so logically.

Maybe a star people?


"Dr Tom Chalko holds Master degree in engineering and a Ph.D. in physics (laser holography).

His professional interests span from lasers and vibration engineering to physics of consciousness. His passions include meditation, exploring limits of human perception, awareness and self healing, playing classical guitar and conducting controversial seminars."

Excerpts from the book "The Freedom of Choice"

"Scientists on Earth are constantly amazed by the complexity

and Beauty of processes they can observe far away in Deep

Space. Increasing number of scientists admit that from

observing processes in Deep Space – they have increasingly

more questions than answers.

Why? Because they TOTALLY ignore the fact, that the

Universe is being created Consciously, Intelligently, by

Design and with Purpose."


"We think that we are "advanced" or "civilized" – but it is not

true at all. On Earth we are right at the very bottom of

conscious evolution [1], following the most primitive instincts

and ignorant doctrines rather than intellect. Tragically, most

people on Earth don’t even have enough integrity to admit it."


Designing for LOVE

Can you force anyone to love you?

Can you demand being loved?

Would you really love someone if there are "conditions"


What happens to true Love in these situations?

The moment we try to force anyone to love us, or impose any

conditions, the Higher feeling that we call Love – simply stops

existing. It is instantly replaced by feelings of bitterness,

disappointment and even deceit, as soon as any conditions are


This is a very "delicate situation" – to say the least.

From the above, it is clear that:

In order to experience True Love - the autonomy of

individual intellects cannot be in any way compromised.

Individual intellects have to CHOOSE themselves to give their

Highest feelings to other individual intellects by their OWN

Free Will.

Hence, we can define the autonomy of the "individual

intellects" as a necessary condition in "Designing for Love".

Without the autonomy of "individual intellects" – no

possibility of Love exists.

An essential part of this individual autonomy is the

unconstrained Freedom of Choice, or Free Will.

Should there be any limits to such an autonomy of the

"individual intellect"? If there is any limit whatsoever in The

Design – as soon as it is discovered by the "individual

intellect" – it would induce very unpleasant feelings of

disappointment and deceit.


In the Design for Love, autonomy of the individual intellect

should be unlimited.

Consequences of Autonomy

Since "individual intellects" must have unlimited autonomy,

there is no guarantee that they will choose to Love you once

they become autonomous.

Since their autonomy must be unlimited and cannot be

interfered with – individual intellects may choose whatever

other activity or feeling they imagine.

It is important to note, that their choices will be limited only

by their OWN intellect. (Remember the story of the dog?)

What can be done to inspire these "individual autonomous

intellects", so they CHOOSE the path of Love by their OWN

Free Will?

This is a very delicate situation indeed, because such an

inspiration must in no way interfere with ANY aspect of the

autonomy of the individual intellect.

At this point we should remind ourselves one of our earlier

conclusions, that Higher Feelings such as Love are only

possible if intellect is sufficiently well developed.

The more developed the individual Intellect is – the Higher

Feelings it can experience.

Hence – Creating conditions for the DEVELOPMENT of

autonomous individual intellect is another necessary

condition for experiencing Higher Feelings.

Not only is the development of intellect the most logical

choice, and a very pleasant activity for intellect itself, but it is

the essential condition for creating, developing and

experiencing Higher Feelings, including Love.

Should this "development of individual intellect" be limited in

any way?

Would you impose a limit on the intelligence that your own

children can achieve?

Again, if there is any limit whatsoever in the Design – as soon

as it is discovered by the "individual intellect" – it will cause

extremely unpleasant feelings of disappointment and deceit.

Any chance of achieving Higher Feelings would be completely


Hence - There CANNOT be any limit in the development of

the individual intellect.

So, truly High Feelings can only be expected from those

"individual intellects" who choose to develop themselves

sufficiently AND choose to Love the Designer by their Free


But even if the autonomy and development opportunities for

"individual intellects" are both unlimited – there is still no

guarantee that they choose the Path of Love. In case they do

not – there is no point in Designing them to start with. What

for? To disturb The Great Intellect? Would you design a

System that would greatly disturb your Intellect?

Worship and Fear

Would you like your children to worship you? [17]

Would you like your children to worship your pictures, your

statues, building altars for you, rather than recognizing who

you really are and appreciating what you are doing?

Would such a worship satisfy you? WHY NOT?

Please think very carefully WHY such an activity appears to

be a pure nonsense. Try to find a logical REASON for it to

appear as nonsense. Examine your feelings.

How would you FEEL if your children decided to worship

your statues and praying to your pictures? Would you feel

satisfied? Why not? Would your intellect and intelligence be


Wouldn’t you feel deeply disappointed that your children

cannot come up with anything more intelligent?

Worshipping is clearly disappointing, unpleasant and even

annoying for anyone intelligent enough to comprehend all

associated feelings. And that of course includes The Great


We have to conclude, that

Worshipping anyone or anything doesn’t make any sense

whatsoever. Worship of any kind is the evidence of a complete


Of course, you knew it to start with – did you not?

Incidentally, isn’t it the very essence of the First and most

important "commandment"4 in the Bible? [4] Do you see how

perverted it has become today? Do you see how neglecting this

single logical advice created conditions for primitive cults and

dangerous idolatry?

So WHY do so many people on Earth engage in all sorts of


Worshipping can occur only when we suppress and actively

sabotage the individual intellect. One of the most effective

ways of suppressing and sabotaging intellect is inducing

FEAR. Anyone who is truly scared has great difficulties to

think logically – is that not so?

Isn’t it a coincidence that people who engage in worshipping

are also deeply scared?

Isn’t it a coincidence that promoting FEAR is a key method to

maintain and control a flock of worshippers?

But fear is a conscious feeling of the Individual Intellect, that

is experienced Individually. We can consciously experience

fear ONLY if we ALLOW it ourselves.

If someone tried to scare you saying that "God will punish you

if you don’t do this-and-that" – would you feel scared? Notice,

that you would feel scared ONLY if you BELIEVED the

possibility YOURSELF and ONLY if your intellect was

incapable of imagining other possibilities and solutions.

Would you feel scared if you KNEW that the person had no

idea whatsoever about the subject matter?

In summary, conscious FEAR is a result of the Individual

Intellect choosing to limit ITSELF.

Is there ANYTHING in the Universe at all that we should be

afraid of?

Do you remember The Purpose? Do you remember WHO you

are and WHAT is your potential? What do you think?

The only limit we may ever experience in the Universe – is

the one that we impose ourselves.

So What ?

So, what should we do? How should we live?

I cannot tell you.

In fact - NO ONE in the Universe can.

Even The Great Intellect Itself cannot make ANY choices for


Making choices for anyone else doesn’t make ANY sense


Every Individual Intellect, including YOU has been

SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to have complete autonomy and

Unconstrained Freedom of Choice.

So, do not let anyone command your life...

Unlimited autonomy and Freedom of Choice has been given to

us for a REASON. Do you remember what it was?

We have clearly seen that

without the autonomy of "individual intellects" and their

Freedom of Choice – no possibility of Love exists.

Hence, autonomy of the individual intellect shouldn’t be in

any way compromised. As far as you are concerned, YOU

have to LEARN to make your OWN choice in any situation –

this is the way your individual intellect develops itself.

So, the choice of how to live life is TRULY YOURS.

From this point of view it is clear, that telling anyone exactly

how to live life is simply impossible. However, it is quite wise

to develop general principles for people to consider. The other

good way is to become a living example for others.

Let us start from defining actions that, according to The

Purpose of the Universe, should be clearly avoided.

For example, if you consciously choose to live in harmony

with The Purpose, you shouldn’t compromise anyone’s

Freedom of Choice in ANY way. We can summarize it in the

following "advice" for your consideration:

Exercising your own Freedom of Choice in a way that

limits anyone else’s Freedom of Choice is a direct crime

against The Purpose of the Universe. [1]

Why? Because limiting Freedom of Choice immediately

cripples or eliminates Higher Feelings.

Also, if we consciously choose to live in harmony with The

Purpose, we shouldn’t compromise development of anyone’s

Individual Intellect in ANY way.

Suppressing the Development of anyone’s Individual

Intellect in ANY way is a direct violation of The Purpose of

the Universe.

This is equally serious, because it directly sabotages The



Filtering information

Our intellect is continuously bombarded with a phenomenal

amount of information. Everyone tries to attract our attention

and their motives are not always clear.

For most of us the amount of information is simply

unbearable. People just ignore the most of it, or choose to

"believe" someone who filters this information and gives them

a 5 minute "summary".

Is there any better way? Can we develop our OWN filter, so

we can always distinguish a "diamond", even in a huge pile of

crap? How to find out what is true and what is important?

Knowing and understanding The Purpose of the Universe –

even if is initially limited - enables us to design a very

powerful "filter" for "incoming" information.

All you need is to ask yourself only ONE question:

"Does it contravene The Purpose?"

to "filter away" misinformation, deceit, propaganda,

demagogy etc. instantly. If you do not have The Purpose

clearly in your mind, you may expand your test into two

equivalent questions:

Does it suppress development of Individual Intellects?

Does it compromise the Freedom of Choice of anyone?

With amazing regularity and precision, you will be able to

distinguish dangerous doctrine from an interesting scientific

theory - instantly. Try it out. You’ll be amazed how simple

and effective such a "filter" is. Every time.


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