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 The Only Planet of Choice - Essential Briefings from Deep Space
14 Jul 2003 @ 15:09, by adi gaia

This is a review of the book from Kindred Spirit magazine, Vol.2, No.11, 1993.

Gateway Books published The Only Planet of Choice, Essential Briefings from Deep Space, in 1993. It makes the startling claim that the human species exists throughout the Universe and that there has been systematic collusion amongst the major world governments in the last 40 years to prevent the evidence of ongoing contacts with extraterrestrial visitors becoming public.

This is the first book to deal with the background and reasons for these cosmic visits. It is made up of hundreds of transcripts transmitted through the channel Phyllis V Schlemmer over a period of more than 20 years from a group of universal beings, known as The Council of Nine. Members of a distinguished international research group who have worked with Phyllis include such famous names as Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, former British racing driver Sir John Whitmore, and British Olympic hurdler David Hemery. Palden Jenkins edited the transcripts from the vast number of tape recordings of the channelled sessions. Here are some excerpts to give you a taste of the book:


Tom: Your Planet Earth is the most beautiful that exists in the Universe. It has a physical variety that no other planet has. It has a varied climate that no other planet has. In all the Universe there is no planet in existence that has the physical characteristics of Planet Earth. It is the rarest of beauties, and it does attract souls which, once they have come, would like to come back again. It is of a different nature from any other planet. It has aspects of all planets: it is like a composite of the Universe, with all the positive and all the negative aspects, and all in between, and this is what attracts souls. It has with it a gravitational pull that is different from other planets, and because of this a soul begins to feel – for the first time - a physicalness. Souls become adapted to their physical bodies, and they forget the freedom and pleasures they have without it. The Earth was created to he a paradise. When a soul achieves harmony it will become a paradise again. This is your planet of balance, for you to learn to balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. Planet Earth is the only one of its kind, the only planet of free choice in the entire Universe, the planet created for the balancing of the spiritual with the physical; in other words, the creating of paradise.


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