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 The Ultimate Union and Harmonization At Every Level
2 Jun 2003 @ 14:29, by adi gaia

This is the introduction and an excerpt from the latest piece by Wistancia Stone --

Addressing the State of Our Union:

A Reality Transition Lies Ahead

As We Stand on the Precipice of The New Earth

By Wistancia Stone

We are in deep transition mode.

We have entered a New Era in Our Universe

Therefore we can consider that even as we approach The New Earth, it is set within a larger setting of something we can begin to call The New Universe

We are decidedly progressing swiftly towards The New Earth

Faith says we understand the way the Universe works

Understanding at its highest levels results in Harmony

We are meant to come into Harmony with our true selves, our New Earth, and our New Universe as each fulfills itself.

Our Creation has a Oneness that is Fulfilling itself

2003 holds many keys to Harmony and to Fulfillment

The ultimate union and harmonization with our total selves is at hand

The ultimate union and harmonization at every level within planet, solar system, galaxy and universe is at hand

The ultimate union of light and dark, of duality is at hand

The ultimate Union of the Universes is at hand

The ultimate union of Creation fulfilling itself is at hand

One step at a time

The larger Reality serving the smaller and the smaller Reality serving the larger

Blending into a Tapestry that has been a long time coming

2003 heralds in a New Day

It is the Glory of a Morning that is at hand

The Transition of a New Day!

Our planet is continuing to rise in frequency. Consciousness is on the rise in humanity. Humanity is waking up in a myriad of ways. With so much change on the horizon it can be dizzying. Ascension symptoms are explosive. Dimensional overlays becoming common. Clearing happens now at a continual pace. This wind does not die down. It is not still on the outside. Stillness we must find within inside of ourselves. This wind is a Current Event that encompasses more than the Earth. It encompasses Life itself. All are going up in frequency. Planets dance in a solar wind of change. Galaxies gather in higher ascendance. Our Universe has willingly changed in many ways, with leaders changing, with plans changing, with a million different decisions being altered to achieve harmony, fulfillment and ultimate union. When you want life to change, you must change yourself. Time is changing. Space is changing. Matter is changing. Energy is changing. And as I always say, everything is energy. Energy is always changing and energy affects all other energy. Therefore as energy changes everywhere, everything changes. We are caught in the wheel and the wind and the wings of change that is beyond our perception. We need to blow with it. Let go with it. Embrace it like a cloud. Enjoy it. Not try to solidify it. Watch and learn from it. And move with it.

Here's the complete text [link]
We Are In The Shift

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