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 Talking to Extraterrestrials
19 Feb 2003 @ 13:08, by adi gaia

Talking to Extraterrestrials,

Communicating with Enlightened Beings,

by Lisette Larkins,

was published in 2002 by Hampton Roads Publishing Company, ISBN number 1-57174-334-0.

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We wish to suggest that there is a new paradigm opening in which many of you will begin to understand that communications between you and others in other realms, dimensions, or physical locations are not limited to channeling disembodied spirits. Extraterrestrial beings are physical beings. We are actively alive right now, but are not standing across from you. Many of you are also growing in your ability to hear us and others like us at different moments of the day and night.

Chapter 2

Who We Are, Why We Are Here

I'll always remember the first time that I saw them. So frightened was I that I began to shiver uncontrollably. My heart had never before caused me to notice it, except for the occasional aftermath of robust Mexican food, but at that moment, my chest had gone wild. My heart was hammering inside of me with rare intensity, like a pacemaker gone bad, warning me that my senses were on overload. Having one's beliefs shattered is never comfortable.

Despite my shock at beholding extraterrestrials before me, I momentarily considered my plight: it was possible that I might drop dead like a stunned parakeet. I was still curious, but deeply scared at the same time, at least initially. My whole physiology responded as my college biology textbook had taught me that it should. I was being readied for fight or flight-until common sense prevailed-yeah right, as if I was gonna go anywhere. There I was in deep space, probably in a black hole somewhere and my autonomic nervous system was readying me for escape. Leaping into the night galaxy from the portal of their craft didn't seem like a viable option. Besides, a greater dilemma presented itself: I couldn't move at all. At least not until I calmed down.

Now I'm no Steven Hawking, so don't ask me where I was. It was very dark and even colder than it was late. There were no clocks or steaming cups of hot chocolate. I'd been plucked from my bed on a warm summer night, and although I'd been wearing a soft cotton nightgown, it was nowhere to be found. My nudity unnerved me at first but in the context of the Milky Way and life beyond Earth, I got over it. After being moved several times, from one craft to another area, I settled in, as would a proper guest come to visit, and eventually we "talked" for a long time, the ETs and I, but not with our mouths. It just goes to show you that what they teach you in high school is so outdated. There I was having a perfectly nice conversation with foreigners, and I never needed to fall back on my foreign language requirement, because telepathy doesn't require knowing either German or Spanish.

There was an emotional transition made somewhere in which my fright left me-as I might imagine that all my friends might be less fearful after reading this story-but there I was as intrigued as you please, gazing in wonder at their strange gray skin. It was like that of a dolphin's, both in color and texture, and perhaps this commonality that they shared with such peaceful creatures of the sea helped me to reconsider them. I was trying to be brave as I sat having my encounter in the nude, and I reasoned that it was not so impolite of them, as they weren't wearing any clothes either. There was no Star Trek suit or special weapons belt, and I surmised that it seemed proper enough, since you wouldn't see a dolphin show up in a Hawaiian shirt and trousers. Except that they were not animals, I knew that. Their language was directed cleanly into my mind and I could "hear" them with precision. And for another thing, in so many ways they seemed very much like you'd imagine any other sentient being. I marveled that I could understand them. Imagine that, I thought, having never taken a workshop on telepathy. I would have made Henry Kissinger proud, the way I stepped up to the plate so quickly, and bantered like a United Nations delegate.

Then the voice of reason-and the entire UFO community-came crashing into my consciousness and I glanced suspiciously around for an operating room or kitchen, wondering if I'd end up either as an experiment or as pot roast. But I soon forgot about modesty and recipes, and before you could say "ET go home," complete understanding burst into my awareness. We are family. I felt it, and I next understood that within the context of a universal neighborhood, I was visiting their home, and it was high time that we began to see more of each other.

This is the juncture where ufologists and others would state that brainwashing had no doubt taken effect. In other words, if fright gives way to an understanding of mutual connectedness, and if thoughts of fear, judgment, and suspicion transform to sublime peace and awe at beholding kinship with another, then I've been messed with. That's okay. Such ufologists might need a workshop of their own in making practical the ideas of spirituality and universal one-ness. I don't know what types of seminars they've been going to lately, but in the personal growth arena in the last thirty years, love, acceptance, and non-judgment are not considered to be states induced by brainwashing. It's suggested that this is the natural state of things. We're only taught by our culture to be aggressive, to hate each other, and to think the worst of others, especially if they're different from us.

Now before you argue that there are similarities between someone who has been kidnapped and brainwashed-like Patty Hearst for example-and me, I might add that no one is convincing me to rob a bank, take up an Uzi, kill anyone, or even spread unkind gossip. So what result has brainwashing induced? A feeling of fellowship and camaraderie? A sense of wonder and connection with other foreign beings from "native" tribes? Then the Red Cross and United Way are brainwashed too, and ought to recognize their naiveté and stop spreading messages of brotherly love right now. Would closer examination reveal that theirs is the kind of message that could really destroy you? Love your brother, help your neighbor, and cease your judgments and feelings of superiority. Boy, that's dangerous!

In short, during that encounter, I felt deeply honored at meeting intelligent beings from far away, and the end result was that I didn't care how different they were from me in appearance or custom. I felt a degree of camaraderie that I hadn't felt in years. It was a unique field trip, not to the backwoods of the Ozarks, or the islands of New Guinea, but to the outback-the way outback-beyond our planet and even further. After my initial surprise wore off, I did eventually get around to asking some pertinent questions.

Who are you? What is your name and where are you from?

Our name, the name of our group, is spelled and sounds much like your word, "sphinx," but this is only one of the words that you might label us with, just as others may refer to you this time around as a woman, mother, experiencer, Caucasian, American, earthling, etc. There is not just one of us here; there is a group of us. Where we are located is outside of your "jurisdiction," as you would say. We live in a place that is neither here nor there, for we jet from one galaxy to another. We communicate with you right now, not from a physical planet. At this moment, we are on a large craft resembling an entire neighborhood in size. And yet, if you are asking us about our original planet, we will tell you that it no longer exists-but then we are speaking of many thousands of years ago. That planet we destroyed, which propelled us to an understanding that we might want to awaken if we wanted to continue and further our species, and so we did. The name of that planet was Pluterous, but it no longer exists.

Pluterous was located outside of your solar system, and we had developed it into a state of technology similar to your own, in which our technological ability far exceeded our spiritual development. Through accidental mutations of certain technology, we literally blew ourselves asunder. At the time, we had the capability to travel inter-galactically, and we did. We have moved from place to place as a group family, and we have lived on other physical planets, including, at times planets in close proximity to your own. Now you understand why we mentor you. You could say that God has sent us to you, like angels in a sense, to watch over you.

We do not carry weaponry. We carry only substantial technological apparatus that enables us to come and go as we please and facilitate all manner of physical healings with certain members of your species.

We first initiated contact with you many years ago. When we say "you," we mean your group there on the planet, and through trial and error somewhat, we have narrowed down our contact to a few hundred thousand of you. There are many other groups who have contact with many others of you. This contact ranges from full face-to-face encounters, such as the type that you experienced, as well as those to whom we come while they are in altered states of consciousness through meditation or during sleep. You personally will know us as we communicate, because you also feel a very strong energy, which seems to settle over you, while you are receiving.

Our world is grossly under-populated from where you stand, and yet we have a comfortable ratio of beings to our resources, even though those resources are on a vast ship. When we dictate like this through you, we do so as a result of eons of intention between your lineage and ours. We don't pretend that you and your kind feel no resistance at all to us, coming through like this. We understand that you may feel some resistance. When we speak to you, we speak of worlds that are far different from yours, worlds that tear asunder your entrenched ideas of how life must be. To be travelers like we are is akin to your older citizens who take to the road with their motor homes in order to explore the vastness of your country; and we too in our maturity, although we are not in the last years of our life, have taken to the "road" in order to meet neighbors such as you and others, to mentor, and to communicate in order that we too may fulfill our highest destiny.

Atlantis, before you, and our planet before us, are histories of what a species can do to itself when left unchecked. Do not assume that Atlantis was a myth, for many of you were there and experienced first hand the diatribes to which a few industries adhered and proclaimed as gospel. If you believe in the concept of a Holy Grail, you are believing in an idea that says there is always hope. Does it seem hopeless to point you in the direction to which we have been pointing you? When we speak of laying down your sword and feeling brotherly love, does this seem unrealistic? We tell you this: the more unrealistic it seems, the closer you are, potentially, to giving it a full examination. The reason for this is that you are running out of different ideas, different avenues, individually and culturally, and this is when one does come upon an enlightened path and step onto that path and find your way home.

When God bestowed upon us the ability to reach other nations in other galaxies, as we are doing here, we rose to the occasion and took our mentorship quite seriously, in that we are overjoyed to communicate with you and also to lend a hand in whatever way we can.

Our Connection to You

It is a naturally occurring phenomenon to reach out and love those who are close to us and with whom we are one. This is the reason behind our contact with you. We cannot experience our oneness without including you. As so little is known about us, we make this contact with you now in this way, so that more of you can hear from us. There is much contact going on with many of you. And yet what is unique in this case is that we would like to disseminate this information more broadly. As you receive invitations from family members and dear friends to break bread together, and to enjoy one another, you have an understanding that your mutual love and compassion brings you together and keeps you together, even though, at times, great distance separates you. There is a connection between us that has been established and get-togethers are a natural part of families, are they not?

We are beginning to suggest to you through the latest communications through others and here, that we are your family. Some of you have a hard time believing this because there has been so much media exposure about how we have bothered you. So in many cases, we come to this experience with your minds already turned against us, but that is okay. As with any prejudice, we are willing to continue to love you despite your preconceived notions about us. We are enlightened and not offended by your lack of wholeness in your perspective. We delight in knowing you and in being able to conduct communications with you. We yearn for the same opportunities that you yearn for. We yearn to have a solid connection in place for our mutual collaboration and communication, just as you seek out those friends and family who bring you to a sense of connection to your lineage.

We have a connection with you. Come picnic with us. Come break bread and we will share our bounty with you-encouragement and an offer of friendship. We have seemed to be such a great mystery and secret to you, and yet these walls between us are crumbling now as the walls between East Germany and West have fallen. There was a time when many of you could not ever imagine such a crumbling of that divided country. But that is only the beginning. We would like to engage with you emotionally, so that you may know who we are and understand that we have no harm in mind for you. We have the highest ideas about our relationship together. Can you allow your mind to rest momentarily, and put aside the cries of warning from others concerned about your safety? Do their cries ring true with your awakened ideas of spirituality and oneness? Are their ideas of mistrust and suspicion consistent with what the masters have taught? When we can all come together and see the Divinity in one another, no matter how imperfect, only then do we approach enlightenment. We do understand that it is merely fear that captures the imagination of our most outspoken critics. It does take bravery to pierce through the veil of prejudice, and this is no exception.

If you are spiritually ready to embrace the idea that we are all one, then come with us as we show you the magic of our universal connection. You will know the tree by its fruit. Respond in this way to one who warns you of your impending victimization by us. Listen to our words and notice that we choose for you your highest path, according to the highest part of you, not another. Does another who sells opinions to you ever ask and invite you to look into your heart and your soul, and to come to your own conclusion about us? This is a wonderful test when you are attempting to determine the type of tree, for you can tell the tree by its fruit. Come and taste of our words. Come and hear our ideas and you may soon discover that your soul remembers us.

Gravitate now toward your yearning for connection with us. Learn of the unthinkable, as deemed by some members of your culture. Limit yourself no longer. Bring yourself to an understanding of what lies beyond your cities. Let myths no longer be perpetuated, and instead believe that we are connected deeply. Was it your thinking that you would grow spiritually and yet continue to feel split off from your universal counterparts? Those of you who are asking about us will find our response.

Clearly there is something going on. As more and more of you see signs of our visitations there, as more of you are awakening to the limitlessness of the universe, you make an invitation possible by this willingness to loosen your limited thinking. Open-mindedness is everything when it comes to experiencing other realms. Would you like to know us? We do not begrudge those of you who warn others about us; as we said, we are not the only ones that others have felt prejudiced against and yet we understand deeply how fear motivates this thinking. When you consider that many of you have had face-to-face encounters and that no harm has befallen you, you begin to understand the expansiveness of true potentiality. If "abductions" are really kidnappings, why are experiencers returned to their homes? Many of your children already know us, but dare say nothing, for they know immediately what response they would be met with; and so they enjoy the camaraderie, but say nothing in order to refrain from risking a fearful adult's reproach.

Listen to the wind in the trees, and you may hear us. Watch the night sky, and you may very well see us. For we come from afar to relate to you on a more and more individual basis as you call these experiences to you. You can count yourself among the many, many of you who know our kind personally.

We Come In Peace

With regard to our choice to not arm ourselves in space, you must first understand, in order to comprehend our position, where we are in our own spiritual evolution and development. We recognize fully that we cause our own experience. If we are enlightened beings and we own wholeheartedly that all of our experience is called to us by us, then for what reason would we arm ourselves? At this juncture we are not conflicted in our creations, that is to say we are not creating at one level and creating something different at another level of consciousness. We are integrated. We are united in thought, word, and deed. We are a unified whole, literally. And so we would no more slay an attacker than we would be an attacker.

This is difficult for you to understand, for you live within an ideology in which you are so used to seeing yourselves at battle with someone else, whether it's your next door neighbor, your mother-in-law, your ex-wife, your ex-countryman-or even us-that you cannot imagine being at war with no one. We are at peace with ourselves and others. We have no reason to cause ourselves to be armed, for we are armed with our own causation. In other words, we take full responsibility for what we are creating and so, should we create adversaries that arrive on our front step, we would first understand that we are in the process of creating that. There would be no surprises. When you are at cause, you manifest from pure intention, and so we have long since lost the desire to protect ourselves from something. There is nothing to protect oneself from. If we were to be confronted with losing our life, we would gladly do so. What is there to fear?

You mean if an adversary approached someone you loved, you would do nothing?

We would do something, but it is not the something that you would do. We would, as would our loved ones, heal the moment as it is occurring. We would send love and resist nothing.

This may be almost impossible for you to understand, and that is okay. But by the same token, we cannot adjust our response to your question simply because you balk at the response. Suppose that there was nothing to protect any more. Suppose you were at peace, and really did see your adversary as part of yourselves, and you took full responsibility for that adversary and that adversary's behavior. It puts your action and response to that other in a whole new light, doesn't it? And so we don't carry weaponry because we no longer utilize those tools. We have outgrown them and the need for them, just as your dentists may outgrow outmoded tools of dentistry and take on more efficient means of producing the same outcome. We have produced the same effect as you have attempted to produce with your instruments, but we do so, by necessity, without weapons.

We instill peace by noticing how our thoughts create peace. We ensure harmony with ourselves and others by noticing that we are fully at cause and through our thoughts, words, and actions, we take responsibility for the peace, or for a state of conflict, that we have created. But then if we should create conflict, we do not then call it bad and attempt to disown it, pretending that we had nothing to do with it. That is insane. If your left hand slaps your right hand and your right hand then demands that the left hand be cut off, how then is the whole affected? Does that not, too, affect the right hand, having then no left? And so your question is understandable, given your present context.

There is nothing to protect, and even if there were, weapons could not protect it. Safety or lack thereof is an illusion. You are all inherently safe. An environment where peace reigns is created by the inhabitants of that environment. If two inhabitants out of a group of one hundred attempt to create peace, but the other ninety-eight are war driven, those two are in a place of deep spiritual challenge, we would agree. Do you think that those two have not called that precise challenge to themselves? Perhaps once they were part of the majority that precipitated hostilities, and so a greater perspective is needed, and they may have called themselves to that minority position in which to always remember how precious peace is.

Having had our experiences with "losing" our planetary home as a result of our own aggressions, we find peacefulness is a coveted state of being. By the way, we travel about not as nomads, but as scholars. We give the example of your senior citizens to show that in one's maturity there can also be a greater sense of awe at one's surroundings, as exhibited by much of your elderly, in which they recognize that perhaps they have fewer years left then have come to pass. And with this same deep appreciation for our galactic surroundings, we have undertaken a scholarly mission. We are not just simply tourists. We are universal anthropologists, and we have a great understanding of civilizations near and far; and so we come to you having this deep understanding of other species and a deep appreciation for where you are in your evolutionary cycle.

You might consider us a group of Margaret Meads extraordinaire. We are not homeless as a matter of victimization; we are actually beyond demanding that one tiny pinprick of a location is our home. We are evolved to the point that we understand that the space in which we stand is our beloved home. Our family is all of our brethren, including you.

When we come to a place where we recognize that there is nothing to protect-there is nothing so sacred that requires destroying another-there is a tremendous freedom in this. Can you imagine all of you simply one day laying down your weapons and taking them up no longer? There is an incredible understanding that says that nothing anymore belongs to you and only you, or is worth protecting. Your safety is guaranteed, for you are one of God's children and owners and inheritors of the universe. And so how can this possibly be taken from you?

Yes, we are adept at making these ideas practical, which is why we are encouraging this communication, so that you can begin to ponder the implications of living in such a way, for it is your next step, believe it or not. Did you think that you would evolve over eons and still be carrying weapons around in space? Are you thinking that we have burglar alarms upon our flying craft? This is our universe as much as it is yours. And if someone would insist on taking our craft from us, before they could take it, we would cause them to have it. For we would simply need to consider how it was that they had been created in our reality. Granted, these are advanced ideas, to your way of thinking, but it is our truth, and we live that truth every day.

We are one group of scholars who travel and study, yet there are many other groups as well who have taken up observation of your species. Most of those groups are benevolent, and we are familiar with many of them, for we have even studied them. We observers could be considered to be a bit crowded, with respect to the attention that is being given to you on your planet. There are many reasons for this, many of them obvious, such as noticing that you are at a critical juncture in your evolution, and it is a marvel to remember that moment in our own histories, in which we too made the conscious choice to evolve or to devolve. And this is a great observation, to also be a part of history on your planet, to help where we can, just as you send groups to the most impoverished areas of your planet, whether to build houses or to provide medical supplies. There is a deep satisfaction in seeing a group of you rise from spiritual poverty, despair, and sickness. And you can understand that, even in your own present state of evolution, this is still an important and revered way for many of you to spend your time and resources-helping those who are less endowed. What makes you think that that quality ceases to exist elsewhere? You are our children of Tijuana. Our efforts are our "Concert for Bangladesh." You are the reason for our airlifting of medical supplies to the outback. It is an honor to serve you in any way that we can.

There are other groups who have different appearances, and many with similar appearances to us, who have as much to do with you as we have. There are some striking similarities. There are far fewer "kidnappers" in the galaxy than you might imagine. When you consider how many of you in your neighborhoods watch over each other's homes, children, pets, and even front lawns, the "deviant" is the rare exception. Most of you on the planet there, the masses of you, would help in any way you could, given the opportunity. And this ratio is duplicated in the universe as a whole. There are very few "deviants," considering the overall population of all that is.

And just as your one assailant causes the majority of the reason for the morning news, when 99.9 percent of the world has undergone a peaceful evening and did not make the news, so it is with your relations with one potential deviant in the universe. That is the story that makes the Hollywood release or the television show. That is an incredible minority of all experiences and all contact. And yet that is what you focus upon. For right now, that is your way of the media, but that will change soon.

And so, yes, there are other groups who are in concert with you and who mentor you as well. We are anthropologists who have dedicated our lives to the studying of species. If we were caused to give up our life, we certainly would for we have no fear of transitioning. Nor should you.

The sun always comes up.

Why We Are Here

When we have contact with you, we do not do so as a result of fear that you might not be around tomorrow. We contact you because you and we are from the same universal family. It is a natural state of affairs for families to know one another, is it not? We have long awaited more and more of your developing awareness, so that you might become aware of us. There is more than one way in which to do this. You may argue that if we would simply bring our ships into your backyard, then you would know us. But awareness means being able to consider more than one avenue of expression regarding communicating with us.

We have come to your people to attempt to provide a format for ongoing discussions in which we can introduce ourselves. When you doubt that we are able to communicate with you like this, you simply hold your old ideas in place, which is fine with us. We have no need for you to evolve more quickly than is comfortable for you. We too had this luxury; we too evolved at our own pace, but it is interesting that so many of you, because you are not ready for contact yourself, then doubt others who are ready, and are indeed having contact. This cultural denial explains why we are not more accessible on a wider scale.

In the "past," we also have had contact with some of your so-called black groups-that name being given to groups associated with your government who do not hold themselves accountable to anyone, and therefore there is no accountability to the people. We see the budding angel behind each seeming sleepwalker, and so we do not assume that certain people are not worthy of our communication. Some are ready for our communications, and yet may not have the consciousness to be motivated by thoughts of healing the planet, for the fear is too extreme. There is a genuine idea amongst them that, should the status quo be shaken, their very lives would be in danger, along with their livelihood. We don't even judge them, as you do, for we see aspects of denial in each of you; some simply have them to a greater degree.

We do not currently have contact with that segment of the population, for we have no need to. We are here on a mentoring mission, and the people involved with your cover-ups, for right now, are opposed to this option. Those beings who do entwine with certain groups of your government also share the same level of consciousness. They have attracted one to the other, but just as your neighbor who robs a bank does not necessarily represent you simply because you live on the same street, other beings do not represent us simply because they live as we do, outside your galaxy.

However, as the masters have asked you to do, approach the bank robber or the "deviant," and send them your blessings and your love. Are they not precisely the ones who need your love and forgiveness? These beings, both human and extraterrestrial, fear lack of identity and seek to connect unconsciously with a species that reminds them of themselves. They connect in this way, although they do so unwittingly and do not recognize that they are asleep. That is the characteristic of sleepwalking. If there were consciousness, one would be awakened.

Our groups here, and there are several of them, wish to communicate that there is no reason to contribute to a further sense of victimization by suggesting that there is anything to fear from any species, anywhere. Simply remind yourself that fear is not who you are, and should you feel fear, acknowledge it and bring yourself to a place where you feel God. Like does attract like, and so if you hold fear and paranoia as your primary thoughts and feelings, you will attract, not repel, a like vibration.

You have not traditionally seen us or considered us to be an enlightened species but that is due to your own limitations. Do you want to individually choose to shift to a greater relationship and a better quality of communications?

Why don't you just involve me in more face-to-face physical encounters like you did years ago?

During this embodiment, you have chosen to be fully immersed within the human visage in order to accomplish your stated life's work. This decision requires you to operate within the illusion of your own realm, in order to call to yourself all the challenges and opportunities of that realm. Too much exposure outside of your illusion would render you less effective in relating fully to that of a human. And this has been your choice this time, to embody, and therefore embrace, all of the challenges and opportunities relative to humanity at this time and in this place.

In addition, it is not easier for you when we come there frequently and speak with you and others face-to-face, for when we do, we are limited by your emotional reaction to our different countenance. And so our communications would be lost for some time, while you process the experience in seeing us before you. Experiencers themselves can attest to this, as can you, for it sometimes takes years to develop the countenance to withstand public pressure about the meaning of one's encounters and to then come to some peaceful resolution about them. This kind of communication allows us to connect without jarring the psychology of the human, although we have in fact jarred the psychology of this human, and you have now healed from that. But even that "trauma" has been part of your chosen past. However, this process, in this way, you have called to yourself, since through this communicating, there is a great deal of physical and spiritual benefit. This benefit is what your soul is seeking, among other things. When we communicate through you, notice the waves of energy that come. These are the electromagnetic frequencies that touch you and help you to touch us.

We can feel you at any moment of the day or night. We know what you think and we know how you feel, and we know what the greatest of your soul's desire is, because all this information is readily available to everyone, everywhere. All we need do is simply pluck it from the universal consciousness, and it is there for the taking. And yet we do not abuse one another with this information. We use it only to "catch up," as you would say, when we have not seen our loved ones for some time; for example, we can simply tap into the universal knowledge, and we know the status of a loved one. But most important, we are connected to you through all of these different ways constantly. If this is not a demonstration of how we are all one, we don't know what is.

When we play the instrument of your physiology by utilizing your energy and frequency, and when you allow us to come through like this, we have set up a grand experience in which we demonstrate that you and we are one. Simply ask any channeler, and they will tell you what a glorious experience it is, because one's Divinity is not easily forgotten. Otherworldly phenomena and related experiences bring the experiencer home over and over, to a place where one remembers that all is possible. Do not mind that it has taken some time, although not too much time, for you to emotionally adjust to this process. You have had to work on issues of confidence, and we understand.

The Real Meaning of Contact

The free flowing of ideas from us to you is the first step in utilizing all that we know, and is how your species can benefit from our relationship and the furthering of our intern relationship; because we don't have any preconceived ideas as to the nature of how you might best utilize the information that we provide. We come to you with an open heart, not with a vested interest in how you must benefit from knowing us. Recognize that it is important to not be insistent that you respond in any particular way, and this alone keeps our relationship clean. We concur with some UFO investigators, in that we do have a vested interest in some areas of your evolution; however, that is a guaranteed outcome. Species evolve after a length of time-and yours will too. It is just a matter of whether you will do so here and now or at some other point in the planet's history. Do you see how we are completely patient? It does not have to be now that you awaken, although we would thoroughly enjoy your awakening, because that would enable us to immediately benefit from the dialogue together; and also there is a richness in the communion of family, but it is not a necessity. Of course we benefit in your evolution, inasmuch as to the degree that you are joyful and at peace, we are joyful for that. We are delighted for you.

When we first came through you as a conduit, we did not know if you would be willing to simply allow the words to come as they do, not knowing where this communication is going; and yet by your willingness to allow these words to come through, we are working with your throat center more and more every day to bring more and more concepts and ideas. Don't be discouraged because the voice of us is not as loud as it would be through a megaphone; you're improving constantly and readying your mind, body, and spirit for a more complex relationship with us. By this we mean that you are preparing yourself even as you prepare others who are reading this. To expand your thinking and include the processing of ideas from beyond-this is an example of how one might evolve simply by being willing to move from the routine and consider new ideas. In your case, by exposing yourself to electromagnetic frequencies, you change your very physiology for the better. Congratulations. It is a challenge and a journey, but one that you will find rewarding on several levels.

As you continue this process, be willing to allow others their response to this. We do not believe that one soul helped is too few, and so be willing to help even one soul and know the magnificence of the universe by inviting her to consider that we exist, and therefore others exist too. As you deepen your ability and understanding of this process, you will deepen and broaden our communications. We emphasize that you will see great rewards with the transformation of your own being, simply as a result of the very process of communicating itself.

Brush away the last remaining cobwebs of your doubt about your own ability and the ability of others to grasp the material in whatever way best suits them and their souls. We are not invested in the outcome, nor should you be. Simply be a vessel for the communication and allow for life to unfold.

Do not be alarmed that we have come to you in a manner that seems to have no investment in the way that your species responds to or accepts us. Our gift is the offering of friendship. Your gift is the freedom to choose any way in which you as a group would like to respond, if at all. Of course your returned love is an added benefit and would be deeply satisfying to us, but it is not a requirement, and there is still great benefit in simply providing this communication as one more option. Through books and discourse, ideas can be presented to you all, and those of you who resonate with it will find it; those of you who cannot or do not resonate, will not find it.

When one day we visit your home for all to see at the dawn of your awakening, you will look back and notice that these and other communications of this type were the predecessor to global contact. When you ask us for that date, we withhold that information by necessity, since it is not set in stone. You, for example, are scheduled to be at work this morning. It is a probable outcome. But should you change your mind at the last minute, you will not arrive there, although you will eventually arrive, but perhaps by the most circuitous route. And again we remind you that in many cases we are landing there, through our demonstration with your crop circles and with contact with other experiencers. We just have not done so publicly, with cameras on us, at least not on a general scale. There have been plenty of sightings of our crafts. What more proof do you need? There are thousands of photographs circulating in books, through clubs, on the Internet. Consider how it is that we are able to readily contact you through these communications. When you suspend your ideas that contact with us must look one particular way, you open yourself up to allowing life to unfold as life would like to, instead of insisting that contact with us initially must look only one way. Be willing to notice that sometimes the process of evolution takes a route that is different from what you might demand or expect, but this does not mean that there is no value, nor does it mean that we will not all get to where we are wanting to go.

Beneath the veil of denial of many of you is a deep soul-longing to embrace us and to remember our connection. Just as the little child begins to crawl and yearns to walk, this yearning is not necessarily conscious. The child is just compelled by the soul's desire, and so it is with you collectively. You may not think that you demonstrate collectively a willingness to adopt a relationship with us, but we know differently. It might be helpful to consider who we are and why we commune as we do, than to dismiss it outright as impossible. Then, the knowing of us would be aligning you closer with the soul's desire.

* * * * * *

Otherworldly beings of the universe are our neighbors, really, although most people don't know them yet. But that's all about to change as our species readies itself to be the New Human who will finally be able to meet more of those who live near us. We will be able to get around the neighborhood more easily on our own steam without the help of NASA, the researchers, our government, or even the airlines.

Instead, we will expand our awareness, which will produce the opportunity to know more beings who exist but whom we have not yet met. This book is the itinerary that will help you navigate your way to their world while you're standing in your own.

But this guide may not be what you expect because these steps will guide you within, which can help you experience a more expanded state of being. From that expanded state, you can come into contact with multidimensional phenomena. You will be asked to learn to change the way that you think, and the way that you view your past, present, and future experiences. You will be asked to expand your world view and to perceive the bigger picture. Recognizing evidence of otherworldly life requires an attitude shift, an adjustment in your ideas, an about-face in your perceptions and assumptions. The reason is that otherworldly contact associated with the higher realms is made possible when you expand your spiritual awareness.

Like most other things of value, to arrive at an expanded state of consciousness will require that you embark on an inner journey, not learn more math or eat grapefruit on Tuesdays. It's not as simplistic as standing on a hilltop with a view of the stars, calling out to extraterrestrials with a megaphone, or zinging them with a satellite dish. But it's not so difficult that no one has met ETs. In fact, millions of experiencers around the world have already had face-to-face meetings with otherworldly beings aboard their crafts and elsewhere, and none of these contactees have needed any technology. I, for one, don't know the difference between a wing nut and a walnut. I'm technologically and scientifically challenged, and I hardly knew a black hole from a gopher hole when I initially had encounter experiences of my own. I didn't have face-to-face contact with extraterrestrials due to my technical prowess. I knew enough to recognize the difference between the inside of my car and the inside of a spacecraft, and I sure as heck knew the difference between a gray extraterrestrial and my great-aunt Yvonne.

This process of opening to contact with those from other realms isn't about technology or ufology. The hard sciences won't get you on board, nor will your clipboard, your pager, your instruments, or your cell phone.

Nope. It's just the regular guy, the girl next door, the long-time "wannabe" who has always dreamed of contact but has never known how to have any. If ever there was an opportunity for the little guy to thumb his nose at the "experts," this is it, because the world's governments have failed at achieving what contactees have already been achieving from the comfort of their own homes and backyards without benefit of any extravagance.

Most of us love the idea of traveling to exotic places and meeting foreign peoples because we yearn to have contact with others who share our planetary home. The differences in all of our lifestyles, appearances, and ethnic propensities are what spark our intrigue. We work hard all year in order to take our annual vacation and travel the globe because we relish the idea of experiencing the diversity of the planet's geography, people, and animals. So imagine your joy at finally discovering that you can actually invite encounters with natives who live off-planet or in other realms. And that contact is glorious, not victimizing. They are healing entities, not victimizing ones. Our innate curiosity about them is fueled by our species' readiness to evolve to our next version of ourselves which will ensure our ability to thrive despite political unrest and environmental degradation. We are being urged onward to our next level of spiritual growth by the ticking of our evolutionary clocks.

Just suppose that now--not next week or in the next decade, but right now--our evolutionary blueprints are primed to take us to the next step. Everything that we have experienced to this point has readied us for it. And that next step involves expanding our spiritual awareness to the degree that allows for us to finally meet up with and actually relate to our neighbors off the planet.

It is a challenging path upon which the soul embarks in order to start us on that journey of waking up to who we are as universal humans. We will rarely have the benefit of our soul to help us if its voice is drowned by a barrage of media and cultural noise. If we want to open to contact, we will need to be brave and embrace a perspective shift in practical terms, although at first I thought that to be an oxymoron.

If you're mired in the illusion of our culture, where spiritual values are virtually silenced, opening to this type of paranormal phenomenon can be challenging at best and downright traumatizing at worst. If you adhere to the dogma of the culture that prefers us to feel disempowered, competitive, and fearful, your life experiences--and your paranormal experiences as well--will take on a quality that matches your state of being.

Instead, if you find the character strength to refuse to buy into the fear paradigm, your whole world, and the whole planet that will become sponsored by you, will change for the better. Perhaps the subject of UFO phenomena, more than any other, is prone to the proclivities that are sponsored by fear and judgment.

Calling on Extraterrestrials ~ Chapter 1

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