UNIVERSAL CIVILIZATION/New Earth Global Village News: *Earth*Star*Ship* Creation Community Life    
 *Earth*Star*Ship* Creation Community Life
29 Dec 2002 @ 14:37, by adi gaia

The *Earth*Star*Ship* Race Universal Life Citizen Ascended Masters of Creation members are now creating Infinite Universal *Earth*Star*Ship* Creation Community Life.

Here is an excerpt which gives a good perspcetive .....

Galactic societies are organic and synergistic. Guided by Heaven, they have the capacity, emanating from a long history of growth and development, to sustain solar systems and galaxies. Fully conscious Beings employ them to boost their talents and solve whatever problems are laid before them. Moreover, galactic social structure can be adapted to the needs of limited conscious Beings. The first step in this process is removal of hierarchical power structures that impede a society's natural expression, creativity and personal sovereignty.

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