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 CREATION - The Path Beyond Technology
28 Dec 2002 @ 14:52, by adi gaia

As we ascend into our increasing powers of creation, we also are becoming independent of the material world and its mechanisms.

The powers of creation which are always latent within us are now begining to create the entire panoply of requirements for the living of life in the physical realm, and to create the new communities of living multidimensional life forms which are the beginings of the new Universal Life Civilization of the Mother Universe.

The Mother Center of the Mother Universe and Her Universal Avatars are now begining to awaken the Ascended Masters of Creation who are the Universal Life *Earth*Star*Ship* Race of
Universal Citizens who will create the new creation universe and its civilizations.

To facilitate ones ascension, it is advisible to ask the Mother Universe to make ones ascension possible now, and to participate in the Universal Life of Creation of the Mother Universe with others.


Spiritual Creation Technology of the Living Light [link]

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