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We are again entering the annual time of alignment of the Earth-Sun-Galactic Core which is the primary opening of this portal to the Inter-Galactic Civilizations and Their inputs to this Solar System/*Earth*Star*Ship* Civilization. This year it is also the Full Moon conjuct Saturn making a triangle with Uranus, and the exact trine of Jupiter with Pluto, making this an exceedingly powerful opening for the establishment of Intergalactic Civilization forces here on this planet *Earth*Star*Ship*.

Below I've posted three items which give some of the upcoming developments in the evolution of this new creation *Earth*Star*Ship* Universal Life Civilization.

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation January 11, 2000 (8 Cib, 9 Chen, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We arrive before you with some fascinating data. We are currently transforming your reality into something really quite beautiful. It is being formed from two sources. The first part, the etheric, was completed long ago. The second part, your willingness to openly accept and condone this transformation, is still a work in progress. It is for this reason that we have long told you that you are the major focus of our efforts. Your consciousness shift is totally inevitable. Those aspects needed for it are in play. All we need do is to watch, wait and know that it will truly occur as planned. Your many elements are shifting or falling, as if each one were part of a well-orchestrated game of dominoes. Yet, there is something that we wish to impart to you. The right timing can happen either sooner or later in our prescribed cycle. This is one decision that is being left to you. It is our intention to have it happen as soon as possible. Dear Ones, bear in mind what your secret worldly rulers, your cabals, already understand. You may delay the inevitable only for a little while, but you cannot stop it.

Many of your more informed scientists realize that the number of anomalies discovered by your astrophysicists is increasing. In deep galactic space, forces bordering between realities are merging in larger and larger numbers. In your galaxy, physicality is changing. It is transmuting into another image. This new image is being driven by your potential. It is your potential to forge a most wondrous reality. It will be the fulcrum for unifying and producing a new reality. This new reality will give Light bodies to many Reptoids, Dinoids and Insectoids who currently do not possess them. It will bring in such an immensity of Light! This Light can form a whole new definition for all of physicality. This is the most momentous event to have occurred in physicality in the last few tens of billions of your years. This coming event is one that has caught everyone's attention. Your assigned task is something that proves celestial prophecy and gives credence to all the good and the bad that has ever been done, is being done or will be done. It is that significant. This moment is truly a watershed in the unfolding of this Creation.

As you begin to see the validity of these facts, your place in this process can begin to sink into your consciousness. You have come to this point in your time with a definite purpose in mind. Its significance has created some hesitancy in you. Still, you can feel the importance of what you are doing. It is this dichotomy that is keeping you from grabbing on to the brass ring that hangs before you. You seem to want some time to study it and its myriad implications. We have anticipated this process. The divine plan has been quite detailed in its enumeration of your many reactions to what we have already accomplished. We know that you are almost to the point where you can accept what is happening to you. Meanwhile, you will slowly twist about, or simply attempt to adjust to what you need to do. Then, you will suddenly jump into action and finish it off in no time at all. This movement from denial to acceptance is what this stage of your process is all about. Many of you have already taken what we say as a given. Yet, most of you remain adrift in some degree of denial.

Our purpose remains to guide you and to supervise those procedures that are bringing you to the very verge of full consciousness. This task is quite complex. Yet, we know what its eventual outcome will be. You need to see that you do, indeed, have an important role to play in this drama. You have been both the subject being worked upon, and one of the workers applying the right force to our actions. This paradox is one that you have established with glee and have milked to the fullest for many millennia. Although it may sound strange, it is something whose significance has recently been reordered. You have begun to end this paradox and to accept your destiny. You are commencing to create organizations and perform functions that are the very foundation of your new reality. This action is growing stronger everyday. It is allowing your great potential to emerge and your new reality to become more real to you. It is permitting you to acknowledge what we have done to assure you your inevitable success.

Just as the nature of deep galactic space is changing, so, too, the nature of your heart is changing. Its Love and its compassion are daily increasing. You are moving into a section of your transition when many strange dichotomies that concern the heart are constantly appearing. These events are merely tests and challenges given to demonstrate the very nature of what is happening to you. At the same time, certain things are occurring that can devastate the heart and bring you into contact with some very strong emotions. One of the items most interesting to us is the opening up of your heart chakra, allowing it to come in touch with the new energy centers of your integrating physical and spiritual bodies. Many of your generational and similarly ancient thought-forms are being transformed by these actions. They have created many seeming bronchial-like influenzas, as well as many other health crises for you.

This procedure is also starting to make more of you reach an awakened state and become more able to cope with what is happening to you. We are quite pleased that this information about your ever-growing consciousness is becoming more widely known. It is proof that what we are doing is right, proper and divine. In addition, you have come under the wise and boundless protection of Lord Surea. This action alone has assured you your success. The great energies of A-E-O-N have become your own. This sacred energy has greatly accelerated your divine right timings and made your tasks much easier to perform. Yet, there is still the need for you to perform them. We call upon you to seize the day. Come forward and carry out your sacred mission. Do those things that permit you to feel that you have played your part in a most amazing time.

Not only is your body shifting, but also your reality. Everything surrounding you is changing in one way or the other. Nothing is remaining constant. It is only your conscious mind that is continuing to feed you this nonsense! You are truly the center of attention. It is your society, and you, that need to understand the nature of what is happening. You are the blockage point. Yet, you have the feeling that you are not. It is this point that you need to understand and simply to let go of. Do those things that bring you joy and also bring you a sense of inner accomplishment. Here, do not let the conscious mind interfere. It will do all that it can to tantalize you and, ultimately, to confuse you. Employ your discernment. Learn to recognize what is truth and what is really false. Be able to decide this, and use it to do what is joyful and what is right.

When you can do this, you will feel a deep sense of growing self-worth. This comes not from your self-gratifying personality center, located within your conscious mind, but from your heart and your Soul. This process brings you in contact with your inner guidance and your true purpose. It opens up the immensity of who you really are. It permits you to grow in ways that you may still not think possible. You have many great gifts to give your society, your fellows, and yourselves. Would now not be a good time to start? Look at what your guidance is telling you. Listen to its whisperings and by so doing, turn them into a true conversation between you and your True Self. This potential is continually surrounding you. It is just waiting, dear Ones, for you to get its message and then take the appropriate action.

Today, we discussed the changes that both surround you, and are within you. They are part of a vast process that is forging a magnificent new reality. As we have suggested, we ask that you look inside. Start that meaningful dialogue with your True Self. Find the quiet time that can really help you to transform your reality. We now take our leave. We bless you and ask that you use your great potential to create a new reality. Know, dear Ones, that the power and Supply of Heaven assists you in all that you do! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

10 Ahau, 8 Mac, 9 Eb

Greetings!! Once again, we arrive. Around your beautiful world sits our large and magnificent fleet. At the appointed time, it is ready to massively greet you and to celebrate the beginnings of your new reality. Our primary mission will be to teach you about your amazing abilities and help you to establish a galactic human society. Over the past few years, our fleet has grown in its diversity. We have chosen representatives of over 10,000 star-nations as part of our vast fleet but, initially, only residents selected from 450 humanoid star-nations will greet you. From these same star-nations came the colonists who founded Lemuria over 900,000 solar years ago. We are using these personnel as a symbol. It is a ritual showing that the threads broken long ago by war and circumstance have been restored. As part of our first contact mission, we will be conducting many solemn rituals. We intend to re-consecrate energies misplaced by the Atlantean 'situation'. You are to be welcomed as full members of the Galactic Federation of Light and to receive the many honors due you.

To pave the way for your future galactic governance, we have begun discussions with Beings on your world. Dear hearts, we firmly intend to move you into a full knowledge of your responsibilities and your commitments to the Light. At the moment, this process may seem difficult to you. However, we strongly believe that the transition will not be as complex as you may imagine. Bear in mind that you are, actually, physical Angels existing temporarily in a state of amnesia. You require only the proper levels of remembrance to embrace who you really are. This done, you will be ready to assure your destiny and how best to get there. Our task is simply to set the stage. This dressed set will serve you well. To get you there, we have compiled vast dossiers and trained a great number of personnel in their use. After the festivities of your first contact are completed, we intend to descend upon you like a swarm of bees. Using our wonderful education technologies, you will be given the data that you need to rapidly break out of your present amnesiac state.

We have also set up the means by which to transfer an enormous quantity of our technology. Such devices will allow you to establish a network that can clean up your present environment in the 'twinkling of an eye'. Further, we can use these devices to quickly transport you to your new subterranean residences. We have already prepared several of these special communities all over your world. Once you have been fully evacuated, we will be able to vaporize your cities very quickly. After that, Mother Earth's surface is to be completely returned to her former pristine condition. Only specially constructed ritual temples will remain upon her surface. Your new environment will be a vast holographic wonder. It will retain the cycles of day and night that you require. Moreover, each residence will be constructed to your most opulent specifications and you will be able to recreate it as you wish. You will still be able to ski the highest mountain and swim in the ocean or your favorite lake or stream. You will still be able to enjoy parties or gatherings in as lavish or as economical a setting as you may desire.

With this technology, you can very quickly construct buildings of any size. You will have access to devices that use photons and matter to instantly provide you food, clothes and entertainment. The key to this environment lies in three important concepts - personal sovereignty, freedom and abundance. You, dear Hearts, are to live in a world without 'want'. With this world, however, comes increased personal responsibility. Galactic society's compassion knows no bounds. Further, there is a great need to fulfill the individual potential of every Being. In this society, you will understand who you are - your numerous talents and abilities - and know intuitively how the talents of others can help you to fulfill this destiny. Such a society quickly becomes non-competitive and highly cooperative. It easily recognizes your many accomplishments and provides you with the forms of recognition and honor that you truly deserve.

The society we have just described to you is your coming galactic society. Its technology is truly amazing. However, dear Hearts, you now possess similar devices that your world's governments or their secret rulers have either suppressed or hidden. This technology has many of the capabilities at which we have hinted. It has not been revealed for a number of reasons, all of which ultimately revolve around the enormous power and money accumulated by a very select few. One of our greatest joys has been to watch how this immeasurable influence and wealth is about to be transferred. This coming change ushers in the bright world of your destiny. We thank and deeply honor the special, enlightened Beings who now live upon your world, and their many powerful allies who have permitted the next phase in your march toward destiny to occur.

As you review what lies ahead, understand that your future lives are to be spent in an environment that is fully conscious and very different from your own. The connections you lost in incarnating into this beautiful place are about to be restored. The resources you possess will enable you to discover and then realize your potential. This is the gift of first contact. It is also the gift that you are bestowing upon yourselves. Forces and events designed to produce this wondrous result are now in motion, and are soon to occur. We ask you to remain patient and focused. Remember that it often appears darkest before the dawn. The dawn of which we speak is the bright new world that is preparing itself for you. To manifest, it needs only a few more elements to fall properly into place. Then, joyously, it will make itself known to you.

As we prepare for the final events before first contact, we ask you to realize the complexity of arranging the events to come. We have had to notify many powerful groups and important institutions of our intentions. The Spiritual Hierarchy has also had to institute a process of change that has lasted for many millennia and continues to this day. Underlying it all are the decrees of the divine plan, aided by the commands of Lord Surea and Lady Assyria. A-E-O-N, the grand Beings of Light who have come to fulfill their part in ensuring you your destiny, have also been of great assistance. This destiny will alter physicality. It is also the last major step in fulfilling the prophesied outcome of this part of physical Creation.

Heaven assures that you will develop into fully conscious Beings. Your secret rulers' many well-planned efforts are destined to fail. Only in this glorious moment can you begin to comprehend all that has been done to ensure your swift success. This odd process led us into a first contact with you that we have found both unique and highly enlightening. It demonstrates the wondrous possibilities of physicality and the miracles that Spirit bestows upon us each day. Rejoice in these things and know in your hearts that the world of which we have spoken is not very far from being manifested. In this world, you will finally be free and truly alive to all of your possibilities and to the glee of fulfilling your glorious destiny! It is this that underlies our first contact. Therein exist your freedom and your prosperity. Again, know that they are very close to being manifested!

In this message, we have discussed your coming first contact, whose implications excite us incalculably! Know, dear Hearts, that your very long journey is nearing a crucial point. In it, there lies the key to your destiny - full consciousness and your true freedom! Rejoice and know that important events are very close to unfolding. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all! Know that the never-ending Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


* * * * * * * * * *


MESSAGES FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL * LM-12-2002 Transmitted through Ronna Herman


Greetings, beloved masters, imagine, if you will, that we are sitting together, you and I, in a wondrous place of tranquil beauty where love and joy reign supreme. You eagerly tell us of your concerns and you speak of the joys, miracles, and successes you are experiencing. We offer support and

encouragement, and sometimes, even suggestions and insight into the various problems and situations in your lives. We have often done this in the past; you have just forgotten. The veils are thinning and the dimensions are intertwining and merging more fully during these times of great change. We had many joyful experiences together before you incarnated on planet Earth, and you also visit and commune with us during your nightly sojourns into the realms of Light. In the past, you were taught that you were not worthy to communicate directly with God, the angelic beings, saints, or the ascended masters, that you must have an intermediary or representative to intercede for you. We tell you, emphatically, this is not true. You have a direct line of communication to the higher realms and Beings of Light at all levels,

including our Father/Mother God. Please accept this as your truth, and the sooner you begin to take back your power by re-establishing a direct relationship with us, the sooner the miracles will begin to manifest in your life, and it will be proven to you that you have the ability to use tele-thought or your telepathic abilities to directly communicate with us.

Your prayers and thought forms of love, compassion, and gratitude filter

up/out through your Higher Self to your I AM Presence and eventually to the God Mind of this universe. You are a Divine Spark of the Creator and as such, you have never been cut off, and never will be cut off from that Source. You do not have to ask anyone else to speak to us for you, to give us a message from you, or to send an entreaty on your behalf. And so, beloveds, we ask you, come sit with us often; share with us your doubts,

accomplishments, and visions. Allow us to take an active part of your daily lives, and to overlight you with our wisdom and radiance. It brings us great joy to do so.

During your sojourns between lives in the physical, how do you think you

spend your time? You are even more conscious and aware than you are now, in fact, much more so because the veil of forgetfulness is lifted, and you remember who you really are. You not only have access to the wisdom you have garnered down through the many ages, but you have access to the full spectrum of your cocreator attributes and abilities. As you progress back up the ladder of God-awareness, you visit and participate in many important and interesting activities, not only learning and evolving, but also serving and participating in the plans for the emerging Age on planet Earth. Yes, after you reach a certain level (which many of you reading this message have), you have a voice in the short and long-term plans for your home planet. For you see, you are the ones who have experienced life to the fullest measure on Earth; we have not, therefore, we turn to you for your wisdom and suggestions as to the best way to proceed to assure the highest outcome and offer the greatest potential for humanity as a whole to evolve. Have we not told you that you are cocreators? Which means that every voice is heard, the wisdom and energetic patterns weighed, and then fed into what you might call a cosmic computer. We are speaking only of your planet and solar system at this time, but the same Divine schematic is followed at a galactic, universal, and Omniversal level.

Sometime in the far distant future, there are those among you—the daring, brave, faithful ones—who will have earned the right or become qualified to overlight a planet or the sun of a solar system, just as Helios and Vesta did when your galaxy was formed. We have told you that the Creator’s plan is moving forward toward the formation of a new golden galaxy, and much of our work and planning is focused on that project. That is not to say that we are not deeply involved in the state of your planet and the evolution/ascension that is now taking place within your solar system. You and your Earth are an integral part of the grand plan, for as we have told you, the Earth is considered to be the jewel of this universe, and we must assure that your spiral or advancement into the higher dimensions and closer to your sun is assured.

Now, there is great concern amongst many dear souls when we say that the

Inbreath of Creation has begun and your planet is spiraling into a new orbit around your sun (which is part of the Inbreath process), and so we would

like to put your minds at ease and explain the process and what really happens. Around each sun, central sun, and the Great Central Suns, all the way back to the Prime Creator, are what might be called electronic belts or incrementally diminished rings around those Suns (these could be called the causal bodies or auras of these Suns) and that is where we all go when we merge with the vaster levels of Creator-consciousness. There are spheres and great temples of Light and learning in these vast and wondrous rings of Creator, and you go to the appropriate levels fully conscious of who you are and what you have experienced (except you will have forgotten/transmuted all the pain, suffering, failures, and fear of the past; all that will remain is the joyous adventures, the wisdom gained while in the physical expression, and the wondrous things you helped create).

You are now integrating more and more of your vaster self, your Soul Self, Higher Self, and different levels of your I AM Presence (Christed-self), and you are gaining more consciousness of Self, not losing your identity or who you really are. It is the same process, no matter how high you evolve on the ladder of ascension. From the moment you were given the gift of individualized consciousness by the Supreme Creator, you became a unique, separate facet/Spark of the Creator—ever connected, but also a free-will

agent/cocreator by Divine mandate.

One of the ways we have endeavored to speed up the process of reunification between us is through the gift of the crystalline Pyramids of Light/Power in the fifth dimension. When you go into your pyramid, it is as if you close out the distortions of third/fourth-dimensional collective consciousness. You find yourselves in an environment of pure Love/Light energy, where you also have available to you unlimited amounts of primal life force substance, or unmanifested potential. No matter the situation, or what it is you desire to manifest in your world of physical reality, you have the ability to draw forth the energies and Divine Blueprint which contains the solution or the materials/wisdom to assist you in bringing your desires to fruition.

We have addressed the conflicting topics of free-will versus pre-destination before, but we feel it is time to refresh your mind and give clarity regarding these two popular concepts. As we have told you, there is no conflict, for both are true. Firstly, you came forth from the perfection of the Supreme Creator and there you are destined to return. You have devolved and diminished your Light down throughout the multi-dimensions and the many aeons of time until you now find yourselves at the furthermost point of your journey. The journey home has begun, and this is where your free will comes into play. You can take the low road, the middle road, or the high road. You may make the journey last a very long time, or you may choose slow but steady progress, or you may traverse the many levels of God-expression as quickly as is possible, but all of you will return to perfection, eventually. However, we must tell you that the rules have changed somewhat in order to nudge humanity onward and upward. Those choosing the low road will find the way more difficult to traverse, with more obstacles (opportunities) placed before them, in hopes that they will choose a "lighter," swifter path. Those on the middle path will also find more challenges and "nudges of awakening," in an effort to show them that the old ways no longer work, and that the narrow, swifter path toward en-lighten-ment offers many rewards and ultimately is the easier path, after all.

We have told you that the Supreme Creator is no longer just the Observer, but is now taking an active part in the grand march of evolution. The Creator is gradually sending down through the dimensions more and more of the pure Essence of Its Being, until there will come a time in the far distant future when the Creator will encompass all the perfected facets of Creation. That is one of the miracles of these times: humanity has been given a Divine Dispensation which no longer requires that you balance/harmonize 100% of the negative energy that you have created (karma), but only 51%. When you have done so, you move into a state of grace, and

thereafter, you are assisted in moving through the remaining 49% very quickly, as you gain the wisdom from your experiences instead of wading through the lessons of cause and effect situations. Now the perfection that we speak of is not the ultimate perfection of the Creator—that is not attainable and is not expected. It is when you move into a state of harmlessness, and begin to radiate only one percent or more positive Love/Light energy.

Your world is swiftly moving through phase after phase, the end of a yearly phase of time, and changing/evolving cycles within your solar system, galaxy, and cosmically. We have told you that the world as you once knew it no longer exists, as gradually, old sub-levels of the third/fourth dimension are being lifted and cleared. We have told you that for many of you, your earthly contract is completed, and it is time to write a new one. We urge you, not to go forward into the unknown without a clearly defined plan. These times are difficult enough for you as things are, without a clear vision and understanding of where you are going, and how you plan to get to your destination. Imagine (and it is so), that you are being given a specified amount of pure Cosmic Life Force Energy (unmanifested potential from the Creator Source), to use in any way you wish over this coming year of your time. How do you plan to use this gift? Will you use it to mold/develop your deepest heart’s desire—all those things you have yearned for, for such a long time? Or, will you give your power away to others and allow them to use your allotment of energy to fulfill their needs and desires? Or, will you dilute and squander your allotment by not being willing to take action and follow through with your plans, or by distorting them with your doubts and fears?

Another wonder of these times is that when you use your gift allotment for the highest good of all, more is automatically allotted to you. You will

have a never-ending supply of Creator-energy at your disposal, and as you perfect your cocreative talents, you will be able to manifest greater and greater things for the glory of All.

Beloveds, please make a promise to yourselves, that from this day forward, you will take advantage of the gifts of Creation that are being offered you. No longer do you need to live in lack and fear, without joy, love, peace, and harmony in your lives. When you send forth your prayers of supplication, asking... no, begging for our help and assistance, we tell you, beloveds, it is already yours, all you must do is reach out and grasp what is your Divine Birthright.

SELF-EMPOWERMENT begins when you decide to actively take control of your

life, which means you come to the awareness that you are responsible for

your thoughts, feelings, and actions—no exceptions. You begin to take back your power when you are daring enough to initiate the process of releasing/changing that which brings you pain, makes you sad, or in any way diminishes who you are. Your desire must be strong enough to release or change that which does not serve your highest good (which, in the long run, will also be the greatest good for others as well), and to accept gracefully the challenges and opportunities that are placed before you for your growth, understanding, and enhancement. EMPOWERMENT/ MASTERY/ASCENSION IS ACHIEVED ONE STEP AT A TIME.

Remember, we have told you many times that you are cocreators, which means that you must take an active part in creating that which you desire. We are doing our part; are you willing to do yours? Come sit with us, we will show you the way and also the grand possibilities that await you. Beloved friends and companions, I am with you now and always. I AM Archangel Michael.

**Transmitted through Ronna Herman *STAR*QUEST* 6005 Clear Creek Drive, Reno, NV 89502 USA **

Phone/Fax: 775 856-3654 * Email: RonnaStar@earthlink.net * Web site: RonnaStar.com



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