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13 Dec 2002 @ 11:12, by adi gaia

This is a good explaination of the perfect relationship between Spirit and Creation.

Other topics are mentioned also.

I have edited out a few parts....

For the entire piece, go to [link]

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

5 Cauac, 17 Yaxk'in, 11 Ik December 10, 2002

Greetings! We come with much to tell!
Right now, many wondrous events are in the process of manifesting.

As we explained in our last message, your
world is created from an inter-dimensional Light and fashioned by the Divine Will, according to the divine plan. This has formed spaces in physicality called realities, each quite unique, which typically cluster with similar realities to create different aspects of a single dimension. These dimensions, in turn, are parts of a vast whole that is called the physical universe. Several different such clusters have combined to produce your galaxy. The vibrational signal that fashioned this galactic entity will be located in Mother Earth's core. Thus, your planet is older than your Sun and its many daughters, and than most of the stars upon which you gaze, night after night, in the dark sky. The true story of physicality's origins is totally unlike the interpretations of your scientists or the revelations in your most sacred philosophical texts.


Nowhere were your true history and origins known in full, except in long-lost texts dating from the times of ancient Lemuria and Atlantis.

These texts spoke of your real nature as physical Angels and told of Mother Earth's true significance. They also described the many human and other conscious Beings that formed sentient societies on your world and throughout this solar system.


Never forget that you are divine representatives of Heaven in physicality. You have learned a great deal from the path that you have chosen. Now, you need to know more about your origins and purpose.

During the last days of Atlantis, many parts of her worldwide empire were in total disarray. Their rulers could not predict what was to occur. Those who rebelled against the new order of the last Atlantean kings had been exiled to a southern European country then known as 'Ionia'. Beyond them lay the lands of Egypt, ruled by a succession of Atlanteans. The last, a son of Atlas called Set, was named after the Atlantean term for the 'Ouroboros', the great serpent of Creation. More than 13 millennia ago, this chaotic situation resulted in Atlantis' brutal destruction. It was left to those still traumatized by this unthinkable event to create a new world. The decisive point of this final struggle began in Egypt, where Osiris arrived with Isis and Horus to form a new Lemuria. There, they transmitted the celebrated knowledge and histories of Atlantis to the sacred texts of Egypt. They restored the majestic Lion of Atlantis to its former glories and permitted the stone monuments of Lemuria to tell their true stories once again.

This was a time of fierce and protracted struggle, as the many 'sons of Horus' battled the many 'sons of Set'. Eventually, it led to the great, biblical flood and, with it, to the present domination of the Anunnaki's chosen minions. Yet, Horus had conveyed an important, secret wisdom that, on occasion, has emerged in your history in many different times and places. The rise of the pharaoh, Aknaten, is one of the most famous examples of this; another is the sacred covenant between Abraham and Heaven. From these moments have emerged the sheer devotion and heart logic that are the essence of the human soul. Now, that same energy is again rising to transform your world, in ways not seen since the arrival of Osiris and his entourage in Egypt long ago. You, dear Hearts, have reached the point in your history when the truths of who you really are need to be completely revealed. This is the time when the children of Set are truly challenging you, much as Set tested his brother, Osiris.

The difference, this time, is that Heaven fully supports your enterprise. Although you have been engulfed by the dark, that time, now, is waning. The histories and wisdom that are the legacies of Osiris and his descendants remain in Egypt, but are found, as well, in many other areas of the world. For a very long time, the minions of the dark have persisted in keeping this information from you. Yet, they were warned not to destroy this knowledge, but to either leave it alone or ignore it. This, dear hearts, they have done! The legacy awaits! At this moment, it is well concealed, out of reach to all but a select and loyal few. A small number of scholars, who have hinted at what is really there, are to be commended for their courage and honesty. The existence of many historical anomalies is further proof that your true origins long have been hidden from you. Now, it is time to form an order that has not been seen since the final days of ancient Lemuria.

This history is closely linked to a great technology, which is based upon Spirit and the essence of all things. Matter is merely inter-dimensional Light, and is real only when its true essence is known. Physicality is a special place of grace bestowed upon Heaven by the Creator. Physicality's purpose is to bring to Heaven an understanding of the joy and wonder of Creation. Physicality, thus, is a special state of Heaven. Realities occur in physicality that demonstrate the infinite nature of Creation and, underlying it, the great joy of Heaven. Thus, physicality is blessed in being closely watched over by the infinite Orders, Councils and Administrations of Heaven. Heaven, also, has placed in physicality all of its countless Life-streams. As in Heaven, the foundation of the procession of physicality is Love. That Love is infinite and possesses a power greater than anything that is found in Creation.

The galactic society that is forming around you will manifest in several different stages. In the first, many transitional governments will be brought into existence. This phase will result in the emergence of many nations that, throughout your history, have been subjugated. Soon, a vast number of nations will arise that will freely combine into loose regional confederations. Heaven will bestow upon you a new U N charter that will become the basis for global harmony, founded upon mutual cooperation and respect. The keystone of this new coalition will be individual sovereignty. With it will come full recognition of the Galactic Federation of Light and the wide diversity of sentient life-forms within the Galactic Federation. This unprecedented moment will bring to an end one of your greatest inner fears and usher you into the final stages of your return to full consciousness.

Today, we have discussed some aspects of your history and how that history is about to unfold. Remember that history consists of many separate parts. It is not static, but alive, and readily combines the past, present and future. It is, therefore, as complex and as sentient as you. Be always aware that it, like you, is based in consciousness! We now take our leave! Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the endless Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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