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 Atomic Light Chemistry
1 Oct 2002 @ 11:00, by adi gaia

The creative centers in the human structure are about to unveil the building blocks of perfected light. This we call Alchemy, Atomic Light Chemistry. All source creation is built from the center point out of cellular freedom, and back within. There is the breath of Unity, Light and Freedom making its way into the Generation of earth ones coming into an understanding of leadership. The gifts in this seminar are an unlocking within the mind and brain how to train the vehicle of expression from physical density into light particles of God-Source. Many beings on the earth will carry the abilities within their own pure channel to assist the earth plane vessels move back into pure light Atoms. Many people will cleanse through the cellular level before taking this day of energy work, which stays in the 7th dimension, and so it holds a very high vibration. Anyone called to this type of body perfection is welcome.

This is an announcement of an upcoming workshop in Hong Kong by Lisa Smith who channels Sananda. www.warriorsofpeace.com

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