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23 Sep 2002 @ 10:31, by adi gaia

Full Moon Fall Equinox

This is a new project of mine....

Here is the Introduction....

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The science of the subtle forces of matter - -

Matter appears whenever the forces of creation are applied to bring into being a material state of creation. The material state of creation consists of the elements of the periodic table which are electro-magnetic and etheric.

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) developed an elaborate set of equations describing both the electro-magnetic and the etheric properties of matter. The scientific establishment has reduced the use of these equations to the few which describe the physical electro-magnetic properties, due to their ignorance of the etheric forces of matter.(1)

The etheric forces of matter are those forces beyond the third dimension which are now sometimes refered to as 'hyper-dimensional' forces.

The etheric forces are somewhat measurable by some of the available instruments.(2) And all properties of creation are accessible to and understandable by consciousness.(3)

Electromagnetheria includes both the analysis and the application of the subtle forces of matter.

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Summary of where I am going with this article....

For more than thirty years, there have been studies of some elements in their super-state, or coherent state, of existance. Super-fluids, super-conductors, and laser light are examples.

In the last ten years or so, there has been research on the monatomic state of some elements, also called the m-state, and ORMES. This is the ascended state of matter.

There has also been considerable investigation of various means of producing ORMUS [link]

Both the 'White Powder of Gold' and ORMUS were used extensively by the Egyptians and other ancient spiritually advanced peoples.

I am studying the effects of this state of matter on biological organisms, especially on the human organism and its consciousness.


* * *
1. R. Hoagland
2. Tainio Technology & Technique, Inc. [link]
3. Such as remote viewing, state-specific knowledge, samyama, etc.

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