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 The New Earth
9 May 2002 @ 11:49, by adi gaia

From: "Soleira Green"
Sent: Thu, 28 Jun 2001

The New Earth

Hi all

Welcome to the New Earth!  In the past months many, many very interesting changes have been taking place to the point that in the past month paradise as an energy matrix / field for the whole of the Earth is stable and consistently always there.  The changes we and many others have been experiencing include:

*  Feeling detached detached from everything that happens.  In January I asked where had my compassion gone and since then it feels even more so...like looking at the world from detached observer's eyes, smiling wondrously at the magic of how things work themselves out.

*  Experiencing paradise in the very air around you.  The air is pulsating and charged with new vitality.  In the past few days we've even been able to see it dance and sparkle with our physical eyes.

*  Living omni-present...very much in the moment now and now and now.  As I reach into the moment through my high heart area I experience the breath of bliss and peace and wonder.  It's full and rich with gracious, dynamic vitality.

*  Effortless manifestation.  You just barely have the thought and ping...magically the most brilliant opportunity arrives unbeckoned on your doorstep.

* Being able to recognise very clearly when you're in the old reality and when you're in the new.  When I'm in the old, my face gets stern, I press more for things, I have less grace.  As soon as I recognise this, I shift by simply moving to do something that I love and whammo!  I'm back in the delight-filled new reality again.

*  Experiencing physiological changes, like sleeping 10-12 hours per day regularly and having your eyes go furry and funny as they learn to focus on a new omni-dimensional reality. I've even been able for the first time to see the energy field around trees and, as I said above, vitality in the very air around us.

*  Decision making is effortless. If you just wait for the right moment, you KNOW exactly what to do and when to do it.

*  Many, many people are experiencing a summer of delight.  Seems to be a time to really live within and enjoy this paradise, bringing it more and more into our daily lives as an energy field.

*  There's a new life source present for the Earth and for humanity.  This life source is more like nuclear fusion than a fire that burns.  Many people are beginning to find themselves self sourcing all the time from this new life source.

*  There's a new energy of power and leadership present.  The energy has a decidedly feminine lean to it as we move away from the solely masculine approach of the past centuries, but nothing anymore is exclusively either male or female.  This power sources from the same place the life source sources from and it cannot be mis-used. It can only be partnered with for the good of all.  The new leadership is pouring forth from people all around the world who celebrate the greatness of life and who are consciously creating and choosing new ways of living, working and playing every day.

* Our connectivity is profound.  We meet more and more and more people who we know that we know, even if we've never physically met before.  One soulness now has an energy presence which one can move into with ease in real reality.  When we gather with those who have a commitment to share this one soulness experience, it's AWESOME!  We sit together and every truth is true and honoured, every contribution unique and received with delight, every experience of connectedness and of working together is filled with joy and laughter.  We work from the place of pure consciousness and pure creation and the marriage of the two has created a work place of DELIGHT! We believe that many, many people are now gathering in consciousness all around globe to operate as a counsoul for the new Earth. You may be doing this at night as you sleep or in your meditative work, but doing it you are. It's not an exclusive group. Far from it.  It's a self-selective responsibility of delight-filled participation.

*  There's a new inner strength within you.  You might find you're more YOU than ever before, yet you may be less concerned with who you are and why you've come.  In fact in the past month many of us have asked, "where did my drive to change the world go?"  Yet, you still move forward with excitement and enthusiasm towards the new and the newer.  It just has less "it must be"ness to it and a lot more "this is fun"ness to it.  In a time of growing connectedness, of group and global consciousness, we are finding ourselves more and more uniquely expressed.  Yet as we become more of who we are, we find that we get along better with others regardless of their beliefs, faiths, etc.  In our unique expression of ourselves, we find our pure connection with the whole.  You know that you are Source and, in knowing that, you recognise Source readily in others.

* The new Earth itself is a powerful, omni-present being.  It doesn't need to be related to any longer as they poor, troubled planet that we humans have been polluting and destroying.  We are the partners of a strong, new and powerful Earth presence which will be the centre point of creation for new galaxies and cosmoses.  Perhaps we have moved through the eye of the needle, the hole in the photon belt.  Perhaps we have flipped the heart of heart of creation into reality.  Perhaps we have joined up all the dimensions of realities and possibilities and are now standing, facing, breathing the new reality at long last arrived.

*  The gracious and delight-filled living of life has moved beyond creation and the solving of global problems has become a glorious dance of possibility.  We're more than culturally creating, we're globally creating together the new Earth of our dreams.  Together we ARE creating that which alone we could have only dreamed!

Lots of love Soleira Soleira@SOULutions.co.uk [link]

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